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'Mello' is 22 years young man who chooses to take over the leadership of mafia named "Tiger head" to take revenge on "Dragon wings" who killed his big brother... In this process, he fell in love with an art student named 'Geo' Geo is an orphan, who is fond of arts. he is a kinda nerd but a handsome one. He never really cares about anything except studies. He got enrolled in a famous university with his ranks. He studies theirs with his scholarships. Everything was going in a planned way until he met Mello, A gangster Let's see...How Geo falls in love with Mello... let's read the story of A handsome nerd and A Mafia leader.

Action / Romance
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Mello as mafia leader

"Hello???" Mello picked up the call

"h..h..ello" the other person shutters in fear.

"what is it?" Mello asked in annoyance

"Tale...Tale got shot by ' Dragon wings' members " the other person said sadly out of fear.

"what? what happened to my brother" Mello asked worriedly

"I am sorry Mello, We failed to save him. he was dead " the other person said through the phone.

"WTF. I don't believe it. Don't play around with me. I don't believe it. No one can kill him. He promised me to take care of me. Where is my brother?...." Mello tried not to believe him but unexpectedly tears started coming out his eyes...his heart is sobbing

"I am sorry! we are sorry, we tried hard to save him...Iam sorry " the other person said by crying...

It was the first time Mello cried in his life.

Mello Rage, 22 years young man. He is the only little brother of Tale Rage. They are not biological brothers. Tale adopted him when he was 10 years old. Mello is the only family of Tale.

"Tale Rage " 38 years old. he is the leader of a powerful mafia " Tiger Head". He saved Mello from a car accident and adopted him as he got to know that he was an orphan.

Tale loves his little brother so much. Mello is the only person he cares most about. He had a very good relationship with his brother. These 12 years with his little brother were the happiest days of his life. But he also has so many responsibilities as a mafia leader. he runs one of the most powerful mafias. So, it's common to have enemies. but, he never involves his little brother in this mafia fights. If some serious fights hold in Mafia .he sends his little brother to the underground to keep him safe. But Mello doesn't like that. Mello is as strong as a tale. He can also fight against mafia but tale cares him, he doesn't allow him to fight even though he is more than enough to fight with the mafia.

Recently, he is having serious problems with the other mafia named " Dragon wings". so, as usual, he sent his brother to the underground House. Mello hates when his brother does this...Anyway, he knows that he will be out when everything clears and he will have a little fight with his brother for sending him to the underground...This is what happens every time

But, This time something happened that he never expected. His big brother died in that fight.

Mello took care of the funeral. people of 'Tiger head' are still sad about the death of their leader. It's been 1 week already.

Mello called everyone for a meeting. Everyone attended. They are sitting in a large hall with Mello standing in front of them on a height...

"so, I decided to take over my brother place"

it is the first sentence he spoke after his brother's death.

"but mello....." said one of the members who worked with his brother.

"I know. My brother doesn't want me to involve in the mafia. But I can't deny the fact that my brother is killed by "Dragon wings". I have to show them the result of killing my brother. That's my decision. I gonna kill them all" Mello shouted in anger. His face turned red due to anger. Hot blood traveling through his nerves which makes his nerves visible.

No one dares to speak out against his orders now. He looks scary now. It's like, he never gonna quit the decision of killing the people who killed his brother.

"I am with you " a young man stood up from the group and walked to Mello.

"I am zack, son of John " he shaked hands with Mello

John is the only person that tale believes so much. Everyone in" Tiger head" knows that John the most trusted person of Tale. John also died in the, His son zack wants to take his revenge for killing his father.

Mello and zack decided to plan further...

Finally, Everyone decided to be with them...

* Tiger head is back*

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