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Lilliana has a blood of a fighter, nobody knows except Anton. Living in a peaceful life, she was taught to protect herself. Yet the day comes where she needs to face the 'Boss', the killer of her biological family, the killer of the family that adapt her. Will she succeed on her revenge? Or will she be killed like her love ones?

Action / Adventure
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“Let us go now!” a woman in dirty white dress shouted, the guy in black mask scoffed before lowering down

“Listen woman, if you wanna live together with your husband and child…” he looks at the little girl shivering

“…better shut the fuck up. Do you understand?” he asked while pointing the edge of the gun to the child. The woman widened her eyes, scared that the guy will shoot her precious child

“Please… don’t hurt her. Let her go please, she doesn’t have anything to do with this” she pleaded but the guy didn’t care and went back to smoking

Soon they heard a gunshot, the woman shrieked while hugging her child who’s now crying. A man full of blood went out, “What happened Boss?” they asked

“He kept on talking, explaining non-sense things. I got annoyed and of course I got bored so… I put him at peace” he said with a smile. The woman cried harder knowing that her husband was already dead

The so-called ‘Boss’ got irritated that he shoots the woman straight to the head, “Mommy!” the young girl cried

He would have shot the young girl when, luckily, someone called at his phone, he snatched his phone from his pocket and answered the call, “What Honey?” he asked sweetly while glaring at the young girl, who is now weeping

“What? You’re pregnant? J.J will now be an older brother? I’m coming!” the ‘Boss’ forgot about the young lad and ran to the exit

Now, the people left behind didn’t know what to do to the girl, “What now?” one person asked

They decided to let one guy kill her, they call him Anton. Everyone left but him.

“Please…” the girl pleaded while shaking her head, “Please I beg you. Don’t kill me”

One thing the gang didn’t know about Anton, he is a soft-hearted killer, he kills other monsters even if that makes him one too. But not innocent young lad, so he strangled his hair with frustration before shooting at the other direction. To pretend that he killed her before untying her. “Hide at that box” he pointed to one of the hidden boxes

“And don’t come out unless I come back and call your name” the young girl nodded before hiding

The guy started rubbing his clothes with blood that comes from the dead mother, before slowly walking to the exit

“Sir Anton!” the girl shouted, Anton abruptly looked at her and shushed her

“My name is Lilliana” Anton nodded before walking away

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