Through Hell Together

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Who would have thought that two opposites were so perfect for each other? In fact, they're not perfect at all, but when an incident involving the two molds them to each other, they can't help but look to each other for help, support, and love. Jordan got into trouble in her last city in order to survive. Messing with the wrong people forced her hand, and she ran with some very valuable artifacts. Now she has a target on her back; one that is not easily removed. Adrian comes from a troubled family hanging together by threads. They love each other, yet one man successfully ruined them all beyond repair, and Adrian feels like he is drowning in responsibilities. He is in dire need of a saviour, and what form could that come in if not one just as broken as him? With Jordan and Adrian both being hunted by the organisation, what will it take to bring them both down? Relationships can be built on the wrong foundations, and when Jordan and Adrian start to doubt each other, there's not many options left for them to choose.

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1


I’m going to be late. Again.

I looked at the clock. 7:15. I had 30 minutes to get ready and get to school. Looks like it’s time for a new record, boys. It wouldn’t be too bad if my best friend Carter wasn’t coming to pick me up in 20. And if I didn’t procrastinate in everything I do.

I rolled out of bed onto the floor with a thump, too lazy to use my legs. I groaned, pushing myself up on my arms and crawled towards my ensuite, using the door to pull myself up.

I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face, before applying some mascara and concealer to make me look less like a zombie and more like a living person. I was dabbing some concealer underneath my eyes when the door on the other side of the bathroom swung open to reveal Leo in all his naked glory. Well, almost naked. Boxer briefs still revealed too much of my brother that I did not want or need to see.

“Dude, put some clothes on!” I yelled, shoving his chest and slamming his door in his face. I hear grumbling from the other side of the door and a thump of his fist hitting it lightly.

“Love you too” I muttered. Dealing with a younger brother this early in the morning never led to good things. Unfortunately, it was fairly inevitable, with his room being on the other of the ensuite, meaning it links our rooms and we shared the bathroom.

I finally finished up in the bathroom, letting Leo have his turn, whilst trudging over to my wardrobe. I glanced over my shoulder at the clock. 7:25. Great, I had 20 minutes to find some suitable clothes for the first day at college and hunt down some food in the kitchen.

I chucked on some black jeans and a worn football t-shirt from an old game and did a once over in the mirror stuck on the inside of the door of my wardrobe. Vaguely satisfied with my appearance, I grabbed my phone and ran down the stairs into the kitchen, rushing past my brother eating his cereal at the island in the middle of the room. Thank god I had a shower last night or I definitely wouldn’t have time to eat.

I opened the fridge and peered inside, looking for a carton of milk in the door to make some cereal.

That little-

“Leo did you use all the milk?” I said with my eyes closed, hoping for the opposite of the answer I was given.

“Yup.” he said, popping the p.

I groaned out loud, slamming the fridge door closed.

“Don’t make that noise Jor people might get the wrong idea.” he suggested. I snapped my head around to face him, taking in the mischievous look in his eye.

“Well you would know with the number of girls you’ve brought home.” I snapped back, determined to not let him win.

“Touché. You don’t even know the half of it.” he said grinning. I rolled my eyes and popped some bread in the toaster, checking the clock to see how much time I had before Carter turned up. Damn. She was supposed to be here any minute.

“Please rein in your inner fuckboy now that I’m here. I really don’t need to hear that.”

“No promises.” Leo winked mischievously, and I just cringed at the thought of listening to my brother do that. Ew.

My toast popped up just as a horn beeped outside, announcing Carter’s arrival. I grabbed my toast out the toaster, cursing under my breath when it burned my hand. I quickly shoved it in my mouth, remembering I still needed to grab my bag from the bottom of the stairs. I shoved my Jordans onto my feet and ran out the door, pulling open the car door and slamming it shut after myself.

Huh. Jordans. Jordan. I named myself after a shoe.

“It’s about time woman.” Carter piped up from beside me, and I knew she was smirking.

“Oh shut up. When am I ever early?” I said through the toast in my mouth, fully expecting her to understand what I was saying, regardless.

“I never expected early but on time would be nice every once in a while.” She stated, refusing to start the car.

“Dream on,” I muttered, rolling my eyes and taking a bite out of my toast. “And drive for god’s sake it’s you who’s making us late now!”

“Jesus, calm your tits.” She muttered, putting the car in gear and racing off down the road to try and reduce the amount of time we’d be late by.

“Being late to your first lecture isn’t a good idea, is it?” I stated after finishing my toast, wiping the crumbs off my tee onto the floor of the car.

“Well, unless you want to be at the top of the professor’s naughty list, then no it isn’t.” Carter replied, letting me know of the tight-knit bond the professors had at this university. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s because they have a therapy group every week.

No one wants to be on the professor’s hit list. Basically, anyone who gets in trouble in the first week of school gets added, with the occasional re-offender getting added throughout the year. Luckily, this is my first year here, although I’m going straight into my second year, so none of the professors know me.

“Good point.” I agreed, “let’s not do a repeat of high school. I don’t need that hell of a September again.”

Carter and I went to high school together and were hell for the teachers. We were never deliberately rude or misbehaving towards the teachers, we just ignored most of the rules.

All the teachers had been on some kind of high alert around me and Carter, and if we were even a few seconds after the bell we would be given a detention slip. It was brutal – more for me than Carter – as she has a better awareness of the time than I do. And she’s less lazy. Yeah, that’s probably the better reason.

We had a reputation, to say the least. For me both inside and out.

“So, what am I calling you this time?” She asks cheekily.

“Jordan.” I replied, rolling my eyes.

“Ooh, going for a boys name this time?” She glanced my way.

“It creates more confusion and stupid mistakes. No-one looks for a girl named Jordan.”

“Good point. I liked that one you had last year. What was it, Reena?”

“Ronda.” I corrected.

“Ronda!” She snapped her fingers. “That was a funny one. You look nothing like a Ronda.” She let out a laugh as I shook my head at her.

The rest of the journey was filled with a comfortable silence as I stared out the window, watching the colourful houses blur together, losing myself in my mind. My friends say it’s a skill to be able to filter out everything around me, and to be honest it can come in handy whenever I’m bored, but I can also come across as rude sometimes when I get lost in my head, and ending up having to apologize when they shake me out of it.

We pulled into the campus parking lot, groups of people hanging around or rushing to lecture halls. Carter pulled into the last parking spot right in front of the doors, giving us precious extra seconds to reach our lecture halls. I shot out of the car, grabbing my backpack and starting towards the front doors, leaving Carter behind. I walked briskly through the hallway, pushing people who blocked the corridor.

“Stupid idiots blocking the way.” I muttered under my breath, growling at the fucktards who got in my way. I shake my head, trying to get my thoughts under control. This is what happens when I don’t have my coffee in the morning. Vang says I get stroppy and refuse to talk to anyone unless it’s within an argument at least until lunch, but lately I’ve been trying to reduce my caffeine addiction. I hate being so reliant on something; to have to depend on it to function.

I reached the right room and shoved off the couple making out in front of the door.

“Go make out over there.” I utter, shoving them further down the hallway and turning back to open my locker.

“Bitch.” I hear from behind me, and I turn on my heel only to be faced with Layla, the campus whore, or so I’ve heard. “Don’t shove me.” Layla spits and I roll my eyes at her attempt to intimidate me. I turn back around to my locker, dismissing her, and leave her fuming next to her boy toy. She stomps off in a huff, which significantly improves my mood, leaving a satisfied smirk on my face.

I don’t judge Layla for sleeping with lots of men. I couldn’t care less what she does in her spare time. It’s her attitude to life and the way she treats other people that makes me dislike her. I’d hate her, but that requires effort and I don’t care about her that much.

The smirk falls off my face like water down a window though, when I see the professor already in the lecture hall. I mutter a string of curses under my breath and push the door open.

Heads swivel to see me walk down the steps, and I curse again under my breath. I look up quickly to scan for a free seat, ignoring the annoyed look on my professor’s face. At least he hadn’t started yet.

I spot the only free seat right in the aisle next to a man with black hair. Walking briskly towards the seat, I plonk myself down in order to get as many pairs of eyes off me. I could feel eyes next to me though, and I turned to face a pair of clear dark blue eyes.

“Who are you?” I was taken aback by his harshness but didn’t let it show as I placed a small smile of my lips.

“I’m Jordan. I’m new this year.”

“You a transfer?”

“Yeah, from Boston.” he just raised his eyebrows at me before turning back to the front. Well he wasn’t very talkative. Just how I like it.

The rest of the lecture passed slowly, with silence from the boy sat next to me. I was taking Art History classes, but being in my line of work the information wasn’t exactly new.

After two long hours of sitting in the same position taking minimal notes just to look like I was doing something, we were dismissed, and I walked briskly in the direction of where Carter said her class was.

I spotted her walking out of a door ahead, and I jogged to catch up with her.

“Hey Jor, you wanna grab some lunch?”

“God yes I’m starving.”

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