Survival of the Skulk Foxes

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Hunter suddently stop at the middle of the road. Saw the pair of light streech near Hunter. A man got out, it was a deep voice man... He pulled out the rifle aim between the eye of Hunter. Hunter was about to run but too late... The deep voice man pulled the trigger and BAM...

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Chapter 1: Legend of Black Foxes

In the past 1000 years, Two foxes were Called The Black Foxes. They both were female and male. They have the same crystal but different colors and power on the forehead. They all can go in the Human body, Only to the Kind to different creatures and nature. Once they are in, they never can come out of the human body, They're called Feliu. Once the Human has Feliu, will have the Crystal on its forehead, Only can talk to the Animals and become friends. Ability to shift Foxes and have 4 power, Fire, Strength, Teleportation, and shift into black Fox. Also, the ability to sings any song. They were powerful Foxes, Defeated Arkansas, and lock them in the Ancient Hole, which was deep enough for the Arkansa cannot to escape. Arkansas was the Hydra and uses to rule the people and creatures Until all Black Foxes showed up to save the people and Creatures, Fought against Evil. After defeating the Arkansa, the Black Foxes insulated and waited for the chosen one to indicate, Because of this... they all know Ancient Hole isn't going to hold them that long. As The Black foxes insulated and search or waited and for hundreds of years, All the species have forgotten the tale of the Black Foxes. The Black Foxes grew old and Older Until they sense that one of the foxes was the Chosen One... the Chosen One was Here.

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