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Mission Denied

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"Who are you?" He asked pointing a gun at my face with shaky hands. "Natalie" I said innocently. "Stop! Stop! You are lying! I know you are" he exclaimed. "Then why the fuck are you asking?" I groaned. Even though he had the upper hand I was still calm. With a gun pointed on my face. Hands and legs tired with ropes I should be terrified but I was perfectly calm. I knew he wouldn't shoot me because somehow I trusted him plus he didn't carry the face of a killer, I did. **** G201 was the toughest nut to crack, if you could catch her. Maybe it was because she was raised in a place which raised assassins, killers, thieves call it what you like but it wasn't pretty. When the place she grew up (Dark Providers) in gets bombed she is forced to continue her work and go on an undercover mission. Which unfolds alot to her like the fact that the place she works for (Dark Providers) may not have been as honest as she thought and her incapablity to love might be false...

Action / Humor
Noley Smith
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I quickly dodged the fist coming my way but unfortunately I couldn't dodge the next one. I stumbled back a little as I felt a little light headed.

Then I quickly shook it off and stared at the guard. He was twice my size and twice my height but I could take him. I swung a fist of my own directly at him.

He stumbled a few steps and smiled, a minute later I wiped that smile off his face by swinging another punch and he finally passed out.

I knew it was now or never. I only had a few minutes before this place is filled with guards.

Grabbing the bag filled with diamonds I climbed up the long rope, I got in with, accessing the roof.

"Sergeant? I am in need of departure" I said into the wrist watch which also worked as a phone.

"Tools is on his way" Sergeant answered.

I nodded even though he couldn't see. As I waited I heard a alarm go off.


More than thirty guards approached me. Which meant more than thirty guns aimed at me. I was standing at the brink of the 300 meter long building.

"Jump!" Sergeant's voice boomed from my watch.

Jump? That meant instant death!

Before I could think I jumped off the building with the bag of diamonds in hands expecting death but as I was falling a ladder came close and I grabbed it.

I climbed up and tossed the bag in the helicopter as I got in.

"Gie" Tools greeted.

He was the only one that called me Gie, scratch that, he was only who had the guts to call me Gie.

"Tools" I greeted back, sitting on the passenger sit.

Tools was two years older than me which meant he was nineteen and I was...well you do the math. He was a dark skinned guy with short curly hair and brown eyes with a body built to kill. Muscled but not too much.

"When he said you were going to jump I thought he was joking" Tools said shaking his head.

"Sergeant never jokes" I told him.

In fact I think there is no word such as joke in his vocabulary. That's the thing about Sergeant he doesn't expect you to think he'd do that for you.

"Yeah...was it a tough one?" Tools asks.

"Nah, just the usual... imagine this billionaire guy had only one guard to guard his diamonds, idiot" I scoffed taking off my mask.

"Well these guys don't expect us to rob them so..." Tools started but I waved a hand at him telling him to stop.

He was always defending the victims of our scams or assassinations.

"What's our next mission?" I ask.

"I don't know" he shrugged putting the helicopter on auto pilot.

"G201 and Tools, Mission well done" The Sergeant voice boomed on the plane.

"Thank you, sir" me and Tools said in unison.

"Don't come back to the base" Sergeant said.


"What was that, sir?" We ask in unison.

"Don't come to the base, there has been an explosion...someone plainted a bomb might be a mole we are still investigating...I'll need my best agents on the move" he said.

"So we'll be investigating the explosion?" I ask.

"No, you'll go on an undercover mission...right now as I speak other agents and projects are heading north to the main base, I should inform you that five thousand agents died" Sergeant said.

Which means there are only a hundred agents who survived.

"So what's our mission?" Tools asked.

"Not our mission but yours...you'll work solo"

Solo? But every mission I did was with Tools.

"Both your missions are in the states so you are not heading far...G201?"

"Yes sir?" I reply.

"You will be posing as a highschool student"


"Yes, it is secondary school, G201, this mission I am not certain how long it will take it's a special mission"

"What's the mission?" I ask.

"As I said you will be posing as a highschool student, a foreign exchanged student from South Africa, your name will be Natalie"

"Since you are the only agent that learnt fifteen languages including Afrikaans, you'll be perfect, your mission is to find out what happened to J400 and J401"

J400 and J401 were twins who suspiciously disappeared during a mission...rumours say they joined the good guys others say they died. One thing was certain they didn't come back.

"Okay" I nod.

"I know I don't have to say this but don't stand out and don't rise suspicion. Your basic needs will be sent to the location you'll be staying in" he finished.

"Okay" I said.

It was alot to take in but nothing I couldn't handle. I didn't feel any emotion towards the death of the thousands of agents that died maybe it's because of my incapablity to have compassion but the only person I really got close to was Tools.

"What about the diamonds?" I ask.

"Our man will take them as soon as you land and you both will depart" he said.

"Yes sir" Tools and I said.

"You both can't contact each other or us...if we need you we'll contact you, Tools I'll tell you your mission later, Land the helicopter" Sergeant said.

Tools was quick to do as ordered. We sat in silence as Tools flied the helicopter. When we got to the spot where Sergeant told us to land on there were ten men waiting for us. One took my hand and led me to a black car.

"Bye Gie!" Tools said as we departed.

"Bye Tools" I said to my partner, the person I grew close to.

Then I stepped into the car to my new mission or should I say my new home until further notice?

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