Gang Love

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Hope Littlemore. lives among a gang. She has lived there he entire life. Now she is writing everything for her father, whom doesn't know she exsits and whom she wishes will find this telling of events. A story of love, passion, scarafice, gang life, and so much more.

Action / Romance
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Dear Dairy,
Hello, my name is Hope. Hope Littlemorph. My mother bought me this journal. She said it was a journal, but it seems like its going to be more of a dairy now than a journal. I need help, great help, its hard to explain but lets start with this. Writing is my outlet, has become my outlet. Reading is my excape. I guess you should know more about me. So whats the first question dairy. Wait a minute. This is not a diary to be hidden this is the documentry of my life. And I want to write this to my dad. My dad that I never met. So lets start with questions you'll ask me right?
I guess that means we should start now. So, dad, what's your first question...
Why don't you know me? Oh that's an easy one. My mother left you. She never told you her real name or her real life. You fell in love with her. A deep passionate love. And she loved you back. She truely did, I promise you that. But she had to go back to her real life. Her life of trouble and danger. She didn't want to bring you in it. She didn't know she was pregnate of me when she left. If she had known she would have left me with you. She said I'd have had a better life with you dad. But she couldn't give me to you after she found out she was pregnate of me because her boss made her keep me or else he would have killed her, me, her family, your family.... and you. Though, she always tells me how much she regrets you not knowing who I am. But that won't change anything.
So what's your next question...
What is my mother stuck in? What am I stuck in? Well those are harder to answer. If anyone finds out that I told you, we would all be in big trouble. Though you have the right to know dad. Its hard to explain. But this, this is my life. I can't say how it started, but I can show you how it goes.
My name is Hope Littlemorph. And this is my life....

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