Chasing Hope

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Have you ever wondered why bad things happen in life you wish you can control it. I wonder that all the time you never know how strong you are until being stronger is the only choice you have to uncover the truth about your father went he went missing will you fine out what happen will you like what you discover

Action / Romance
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My name is Roxy Taylor I'm 18 years old, I'm getting out of the prison today I've been locked up since I was 16 year old in 2 different places detention centre when i turn 18 i got transferred into a adult prison why you might ask well My father disappear when I was 8 years old without a trace, police say he ran away with a second life or he could have been murdered. In 10 years we still don't have the answers i was wanting now I've turn into a stronger women. I had to my mother turned into a different person full of hate towards me after dad left anyway. The reason I went away well I got caught selling drugs and arm robbery my life went reckless after meeting the wrong people since those days are now over

well lets see where the answers take me Im only going to push myself to find the truth and I wont stop at anything until I find what I'm looking for.

I need to know what happen to my father he was my everything.

So starting from tomorrow I'm going to start Chasing Hope that he is alive the reasons why deep down.

I still think he is alive as there was no body ever found of my father so in that way to me is hope.

Chapter 1 Coming home

Today is the day I finish my short sentence in prison walking out of the gate feeling excited to see my friends. I'm going to start a new chapter of my life but this chapter might not end up happy dreams but a nightmare i dont know where this search going to take me.

Waiting for a taxi to pick me up to take me to a place was a happy home loving memories of my father but all of a sudden it changed it to my nightmares when the taxi arrived, i got in and headed to my mothers to pick up my things looking at the window seem like I see the world different I can feel my heart start to race pulling up to my old home hopefully she isn't in there.

Taxi driver said 12 dollars please I replied ok, I reached into my bag gather the last bit of money I had until I can get a job.

I hop out of the taxi walked towards the door knocked and knocked but no answer. I grabbed the spare key from under the rock, entered the house to see a women standing there to realise it was my mother, Penny in clothes that looked like a stripper would wear she looked at me with the most disgusted look. I said hello mother, Penny replied what the fuck are you doing here, I dont want you here! Roxy replied only came to pick up my stuff then you won't have to see me again you really think I wanted to see you.

Penny replies well hurry up get out of my house I have my boyfriend coming dont need him to see you. Roxy laughs at her and says replacing dad are we not like you really cared? My mother replied get the fuck out you dont know anything. I'm going to head up to my room, i slowly walked away looking around realising all the family photos gone not one memory of the happy family we used to be, not one thing of my dads stuff i walked in to my room everything packed up looking at which stuff to take then I notice a box with my father name on it. I walk over to it open it up and there was a book I never seen i was guessing its dads school year book looking through it, found photos of my dad and a male Im guessing it's his best friend of some sort look at the bottom of the photo see my dads name and Paul miller I was considering in searching the net for that name but I figured it was time to leave. Later on i took my handbag, clothes and my dad's box to head to my best friends house which they already set up a room for me Im so happy to leave this place.

Walk down stairs and passed that so called mother of mine, walked out the door got the phone out of my bag and called the taxi, hoping my bank cards still worked. Arrived to my besties house walked in to two happy faces, time to get ready bitches we are going out tonight. Roxy stands there then laughs at them Rose and Amy both run towards her give her a big hug Amy says to Roxy I brought you a smoking out fit for tonight, she replied cant wait to try it on well I'm just going to unpack my stuff Rose I will show you to your room Amy I will make us some food before we get ready to hit the clubs.

This room is amazing Rose thank you, Rose replies its ok really, we are just happy your back with us, Roxy says me too. Rose replies well I will leave you to unpack your thing and the bathroom is just through that door

Thanks Rose, I start to unpack everything, I pull out my dad's book looking at the photo decided to search up Paul miller hoping he might have some answers for me as I was searching when I came across a address for him it was a 40 min walk from here if Im going to find what happened with my dad I am going to have to finish getting my licence and get a car.

Better get my butt out of the room and see what my girls are doing walking out I can hear them giggling I see them at the table with some drinks and food, I sat down and we talked about all kinds of things thats been happening in their lives. Rose just started working at a new night club called the devil's mask, I'm guessing that's where we are going tonight ..

So Amy any new guys in your life no point asking rose as we all laugh, shut up you bitch Rose replied hey there nothing wrong with that I feel the same way just have fun said Roxy, hey are we still talking about me Amy yelled, sorry Amy replied Roxy. well if you must know there's a guy I've been seeing but nothing serious at the moment. What's he like asks Roxy, Amy replies he is hot, dreamy also he is a doctor and he knows how to please women that's for sure. Ok okay too much information, I'm trying to eat my food not choke on it says Roxy.

How was it going back to your mothers house today said Amy, I just say it was fine we had a few words then I left I couldnt tell them I found a book and I'm going to go soon to look for him I was just not ready to tell them yet as this moment because I only got a name which could be a dead end I didn't need them to worry about me

alright girls time to get ready for girls night, Hopefully I can bring a man home. Amy laughed yeah 2 years is a long time for not getting anything replies Amy. Believe me I know says Roxy, Rose yells I got shower first Amy says of course we going to pick out our outfits out after showers.

sometime later girls went to get ready I pick out black knee-high boots black leather dress showing off my body in it, hair and make up next Rose yells out taxi will be here in 10 mins so hurry up! We yell out almost done.. 10 minutes later we walk out to get down to taxi and headed to devils masks cant wait too see what night brings us as we arrived we got in through the VIP line we head in to get some shots so girls what are we drinking, whiskey neat for me I guess thats what we all drinking tonight we not those girls that like the fancy drinks says Roxy. Rose jumps up and said she had to go to the bathroom Amy says I will come with you, are you coming Roxy? Roxy replies I'm good here if I'm not here when you get back I'm on the dance floor as the girls left, I felt like someone was watching me I looked around I see this hot tattooed guy but he looked like a guy out of a magazine, dark tan skin with honey ice blue eyes, you could see danger in them, I gazed down his body you can see he works out omg I need to stop staring at him but I couldn't take my eyes off him then I realised he was still staring at me. I gave him a wink then finished my drink and headed to the dance floor moving my body to the beat of the music then I felt someone behind me then hands on my hips at this point, I didn't care who it was, I started dirty dancing grinding up against this person when i finally turned around I realised it was the sexy tattoo god.

I look at him and say hi Im Roxy, he smiled and says I'm Kyle I smile, we continue to dance and the way he slides his hands up my body moving with the music I can feel his finger tips grip on my waist, I swung my arm over the back of his neck then slowly he places a kiss on my neck I let out a moan biting my lips there was something about him probably just the alcohol thinking this shit I giggle to my self Kyle had this puzzle look on his face Amy finally came over and said I'm just letting you know the guy I'm seeing is here so I'm heading off but Rose is at the bar talking to some guy so you ok with that, I will see you when you get home or not she gave me a wink I laughed tell Rose if she leaves to let me know ok.

Amy walks off, Kyle says you want to get a drink I replied sure plus I need to check on Rose he says ok we walk off the dance floor and walk up to the bar there was rose with another guy Roxy this is Andrew says Rose I replied hi, Kyle asks what are you drinking I reply saying whiskey neat looking shocked at my reply thats my kind of women where you been all my life shockingly says Kyle, I replied in prison he never replied..Rose started laughing, looks at me and says that would be the first guy that you have made quiet I looked at Kyle he just gave me a little smile Rose whispered in my ear I'm heading off soon are you going to come home with me I look at Kyle and look back at Amy, whispered to her, I'm going to see where this goes, Amy winks and says I'm going to head off walking away with Andrew but then Andrew yells dont do anything I wouldnt do, I yelled back there's not much in that list.

So Kyle how old are you asks Roxy, Kyle replies Im 24 what about you she says Im 18 he replies you just got out of jail how long you been in there? Roxy well I was 16 but can we talk about something else we will probably never see each other again after tonight, he said your probably right do you want another drink or would you like to get out of here with me I got a room down the road if you want to come back or I can call you a taxi to take you home its up too you I dont mind at all so what do you say? I'm standing here thinking should I go with him of course Im going to go well Kyle that all depends are you a good kisser, Kyle had a grin on his face slam me against the brick wall kissed me hard like his life depended on sliding his tongue into my mouth tasting the whiskey and smoke he's sending me nuts then he reached down sliding his hands down and he gripped on to my ass lifted me up and whisper do you approve or do I need to do more to you to show you, my cheeks went a pink shade I reply well you better take me to your room.

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