The Blood queen

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Victoria Marshall She was the cutest girl you will ever know she lived with her loving mother ,the greatest big brother and the sweetest little brother but there's one problem she's the daughter of the ninth feared gang leader in the world. in her 15th birthday everything took huge turn. she became the most feared gang leader in the world or in other words she became the don of the mafia world. she became heartless doesn't give a fuck she kills with cold blood without regret and she kills by her own way when Isaac Xavier Black the leader of the scorpions who is dangerous, sexy and heartless when it comes to his family and his business decided to go back to America to be shocked by the news. He will look for the girl who took his place to get it back by any way but he doesn't know that some of his gang members are in the same collage as her and she is the hottest girl in the world. How will the list of the ten most feared gangs be ranked? Alot of enemies and hard life in front of a broken girl the most important thing in the story is to expect the unexpected ⚠️warning ⚠️🔞 abuse, raping, violence, strong language and sexual behaviours smut 😉😂

Action / Romance
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Thank you

Thank you so much for giving my story a chance.I hope you will like it

Please tell my your opinions about it and if you have any ideas or suggestions tell me

My English isn’t my first language so excuse the shit that might happen

This story is not edited yet so don't comment about the grammar mistakes because I freaking know there are grammar mistakes and I already said I will fix them so shut up about it

And if you don't like me already or you didn't like the story pls take your shit and move on to another book and thank you very much

I'm not rude....right?
Even if I am can you see me giving a fuck?
No because you can't see me 🙂




and I'm sure all of you will ignore this and will continue anyway like me.

So good luck and please put your seatbelt on because we going on a very dangerous rollercoaster.

Have fun.

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