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Natalie after graduating from high school leaves her hometown and works as a choreographer. She gets famous in the city and beyond its boundaries. Beside having a lot of fans, she also has a psychofan. Because of the past events she doesn't trust police at all. Her busy boyfriend Ethan isn't much of a help and not wanting to involve other friends in her problems she decides to deal with it on her own. Suddenly, she meets James, a guy she thought she would never see again. However he reveals his true identity and promises to help the girl therefore he doesn't tell her everything. Natalie doesn't want to trust the guy but as her situation gets more and more complicated she accepts the offer. Who is Natalie's stalker? Is there the only one person that wants her to suffer? What is James' secret? Will Natalie fully trust James? Or maybe she'll fall for his trueself...

Action / Romance
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Natalie’s Diary


Dear Diary,

Something at least shocking happened today. I was late. But it’s nothing new but when I sat down next to Felix Kate quickly turned around to me. With her eyes she told me that something strange happened. She wrote me a note and there was written ‘I saw James. He’s in school.’ I thought it was just her joke but then when there was a lunch break I saw him. He was talking to some boys. They’re older them me. I think these were Tyler’s and Ethan’s classmates but I’m not sure. Maybe they are in another class. Never mind.

Anyway I was sure he is older than me I mean more than only a year. Beside I have seen him almost a month ago. Where has he been all those time? We exchanged glances. He winked at me. It had to be me because there was no one behind me or in front of me. He was looking right at me and I was speechless. However I thought he would be more of a player but I had a feeling that he tried to keep a low profile what made me really confused.

I don’t understand why he suddenly appeared in my school. But Tyler and Ethan are furious. I mean they might not like him but being furious is too much. I was surprised indeed and I still am. I felt strange when he winked at me but he actually didn’t do anything. But I should keep an eye on him. Maybe he will help me find out the truth somehow. I mean I think I know the truth but I need a proof. If I want to confront them and tell Kate about it I have to find the proof first. So they won’t be able to get away.

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