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This is a story of a top-ranked Mafia gang. Mafia leader Andrey is known as Mr. Brown and also called The Killing Machine. Anyone who dares to cross their line shall be eliminated. There is no way of going back and anyone who desires to come out of this darkness, won't be able to survive till the end. Faith hits hard on Andrey when he falls in love with a mysterious girl called Emi but a mere love rejection can't bother him to make pleasurable moments. "you dare to shout and I shall show you how that shout turns into a moan." Andrey's deep voice whispered in her ear. With an instance shiver, she handed herself over and took him in her mouth. Despite getting sold out and backstab, he battles with everything for his love and freedom. A war between life and death turned the world upside down and left everybody in shock. Are Andrey and Emi will get together at the end or will they end up like others, dead. warning: This novel contains violence, sexual abuse, brutal rape, killing, murder, forced love. If you are ok with maintained tags then you may proceed with the novel. CREATORS NOTE: Story updates every Monday and Friday. Please share your opinion in the comment box and enjoy the reading. Thank You.

Action / Thriller
Zuko li
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Chapter 1: New York City

New York, the most famous city in the United States. The Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean at its center, Manhattan. A thickly populated region that is among the universes significant heart of business, money related, and social focus where individuals come to satisfy their fantasies. The fantasies that make individuals remain alive and ready to go an outrageous degree of work yet, unexpectedly they often end up into some huge path. They arrive at the smell of cash, extravagance made the corporate world lovely. When anyone out of the line they are all their own and only those will endure who can wipe out.

“Passing that stays with you until the day you bite the dust. The more you live the nearest to your demise. Continue playing find the victim until it discovers you”.

Those words demonstrate passing, which states death is close. Everything was peaceful in his mind and he was unable to comprehend why those tells were coming in his dream until he heard a voice.

“Run Rax run”

His eyes won’t open however he could hear the voice unmistakably. His leg is broken and his hands have no strength, his white shirt has transformed into the red. While gathering some strength he barely opens his eyes. A dark foot was coming towards him. Within a small amount of time, everything around him went blank and he lost his conscious.

Next time he opened his eyes he was in the Hospital. It took him a couple of moments to perceive the truth. He was worried, not for him but for the voice. The voice was from his closest companion, Haru, it’s been 3 days from that incident .he was saved by his brother Andrey. His flourishing concerns heart transformed into tears after he heard the news from a medical attendant.

The fight was for freedom. Haru was a college fellow and 3 years older than Rax. He was murdered cause he claimed to leave the gang and start a new civilized life. Rax was there with him although he was admonished to remain away from any shady business. Andrey is a right-hand man of a mafia head. Rax knew Andrey was aware of the consequences to desert life and start another yet as is commonly said that there is no returning and the best way to return is death.

When he figured out how to quiet himself down and offer a reprieve to those red fluffy mournful eyes, at that point his brother entered the chamber.

Seeing Rax sitting on his bed his brimming face with stress evaporate and he returned to typical, dull.

“Today is a good day.” Andrey express.

Rax asked eagerly while nodding -” how did you know, I was there?”

“your phone...GPS tracker.” Andrey answered calmly.

The awkward silence was so loud that one could hear their thoughts. At last, the uncomfortable situation broke down by Andrey-“take some rest. We will talk once you discharge.”

After saying, he walked out of the chamber like a passing storm.

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