Death Bed

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Chapter 10: Information stolen

“How was your night?” Rax asked while Andrey went into the room, Rax has been released from the clinic for last 1 weak. Rax lives with Andrey. With a huge grin on his face, Andrey said, “I offered her and she accepted it. I brought her number as promised.”

Andrey then went to the restroom, freshened up, prepare for his day. He needed to attain a business meeting with a reputed organization than meet the big boss, the head of squirrel pack for some urgent business, after that he wanted to meet Mark as he was unable to mate him the previous night. Talking about the previous night, Andrey appeared to be quite ordinary yet hide about the incident from Rax as well as Mark, he suspected that they would ridicule him and that would harm his pride. “Rax! finish your breakfast, I am heading out.” Andrey informed. “ You are living already, you just came,” Rax said.

Rax was resting on a couch in the living room. The condo was extravagant which was 3bhk, 2 restrooms, 1 kitchen, and one dining lobby connected with the living region. It has an indoor pool and has a balcony.

Andrey headed out for his meeting. The conference was an achievement. He was in his office room when the entryway split opened, An attractive but not all that taller than Andrey yet has that gravity to bring somebody down on their knees, the big boss, peter Hill appeared to meet Andrey.

“How was the meeting?” peter asked as he took the record file from Andrey’s work area.

“It was successful. So, what you expected to discuss.”Andrey inquired.

“ Find the rat who sold to ‘Goo gang’ about our latest project,” Peter ordered.

“How it happened ?” Andrey asked,” Right now that rat has escaped but according to the source that he is just a delivery guy, the original culprit is anonymous, and that culprit had hacked our server and Stoll our information.” Peter informed. “ I see, so my job is to discover those rats,” Andrey asked. “Indeed! you are correct.” after saying that peter left in hurry. Andrey called one of his followers to locate a hacker from Russia. After finishing his work he drove to mark’s place.

“Welcome, Welcome! So give me the news. She rejected you right!” Mark asked enthusiastically.

“In your fantasies. I had an extraordinary night, also got her number for Rax however haven’t given it to him, I can give it to you if you want to!” Andrey grinned. “Of course! Why not.” Mark answered. Andray doubts that women, so he wanted to clarify the last night’s incident with her by negotiating with money. Once it is taken care of, he can give the number to them but until then they have to wait a little longer. “No! What is so hurry. I will give it to you when I fell like it, you have to take responsibility for ridiculing me, Mark!” Andrey Smirked. “Fine, I will be waiting by then Mr.Brown!” Mark laughed. After visiting Mark he drove directly to Emi’s loft.

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