Death Bed

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Chapter 11: File A Case

“Emi! Emi wake up! Emi! What happened to you? Emi!” Aoife shook Emi who was lying on the untidy floor. “How did you came in?” Emi asked as she saw a Ghost. “You give me your extra key, did you forget? But what happened? why your room is such a mess.”Aoife asked confusingly . “oh! It’s nothing.” as she took a look at the window, It was next morning, the previous night she passed out on her bedroom floor. “ It is now 9.00 A.M I am going to college yet was stressed as you chose not to get my call or answer back my massages so I came to visit you ”. Aoife said. “Oh! I am alright, just tired a bit. I am taking the day off, you go ahead, see you this weakened.” Emi answered. “Are you sure! you are alright!” Aoife asked. “Seriously! Yes, I am ok, now go or you will be late.” Emi grin as the two of them stood up, Aoife left and Emi went to the washroom. She was unconscious for like 24 hours and haven’t had any food for 48 hours so now she is starving. She went to the kitchen and made some scrambled eggs, she checked out the room around, it was messy, recalling those incidents did not make her terrified this time. Rather she thought of going to the police and record a rape charge on her. She chose not to inform Aoife as she without a doubt would inform her dad. Her dad is a public figure and in one way or another if this news goes to media he and his position will suffer. So she decided to deal with the circumstance without anyone else, After eating she tidied up the room, called her part-time workplace, apologizes, and requested that she needed two days to leave as she was feeling sick. Her manager was sufficiently kind enough to comprehend and didn’t fair her. It was afternoon, the sun did not appear at all, it was cold. Her face and nose went red as she stepped out of her apartment building, headed to the police headquarters.

“Excuse me! Excuse me, sir! I need to file an assault charge on me!” Emi stood up while the officer was caught up with conversing with his colleague. They alert themselves as they heard the news. “sit down here ma’am .” the officer asked. He then required a woman officer. When she showed up she began questing Emi.

“What’s your name?” “Emi Sato .”

“Age?” “20.”

“Where do you live?” “China town..... close to Park hotel.”

“Are you alone?”


“Can you tell me what happened?” “He kidnapped me, two days ago and took me to a hotel.......”She couldn’t express a word any longer as her eyes went watery.

“Alright ma’am, would you give us some details about that person.” “yes! Yes, he is tall and seemed rich too. He was Mr. Hi...” she stopped as she thought that it has nothing to do with Mr. Hill. If the police find out about Mr. Hill, his life will be destroyed.

“Sorry, ma’am! what did you say, we couldn’t hear you.” Lady officer inquired. Emi thought something carefully and said, “He said that everyone Calles him, Mr. Brown.” Hearing this statement both officers looked at each other curiously.

“Would you be able to give us more details, like features and all....” The man officer inquired. “He was tall and he had a white terrifying eyes. I don’t know but I think the hotel name was squirrel..... something.” Emi needed to state more however stopped as she saw the two officers looking at her with an unnerving dreadful look on their faces. The man officer said. “ We will search for it till then return home.” Emi was surprised by the officer’s sentence. It resembled that they knew something however one way or another they were terrified of it. “What! you won’t test me? You can do a DNA test. I know that person’s face so I can tell you by one look.”

“ma’am, we will investigate first as of now we might want to go into more and afterward let you know, till then please return home.” The officer said. The woman officer didn’t say anything as she was stunned. At that point, both officers got up and indicated Emi to leave. With full disappointment she went outside yet stopped as the woman officer said “ Don’t tell about the incident to anyone.” she paused then spoke again “ let... let us go thought it, first.” She attempted to put a grin all over however couldn’t. Emi didn’t say anything and left. She purchased some dumplings on her way back to home, she purchased extra as she needed to eat it tomorrow too with fried eggs that she made. She was so disappointed and needed to cry however hold it, She arrived at her loft and went inside. She turned the light on yet frizz to death when saw that Andrey was sitting on her bed, gazing while at the same time grinning at her. The full packet of dumpling dropped on the floor as her legs gave out, she collapsed immediately.

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