Death Bed

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Chapter 12: The Contract

He stood up from the bed and walked towards her. His hunting expression and colossal body made Emi’s eyes mournful.

" I am here to make a contract.” Then he went to the little coffee table which is the main table in that small room. He sat down and put a few papers on the table and gazed at her. By that gaze, Emi understood what he wanted to say. Without asking anything Emi went to the coffee table and sat opposite him.

“So you went to the police station?” the immediate inquiry made Emi gasped with shock and dread. It will be pointless to lie as she suspected of the statement of the police inspectors earlier. She knew that the man posses power but she had no idea that he posses this much power. Emi was undoubtedly terrified yet attempted to be strong as she answered the question by asking a question. “” hearing this Andrey’s gaze got colder and intense. His look was extraordinary to such an extent that made a chill through Emi’s body. Her eyes naturally peered down as she responded to his inquiry “ye...yea..yes ...I went.. to the..... po..police station.” An enormous quietness made Emi restless so she gathered some courage and slowly looked up to see Andrey. when her eyes mate with Andrey, the cold look like he will murder her any moment, made Emi nervous and teary, She quickly looked down. Her imagination went wild that maybe this is the last few seconds of her life before death. She shut her eyes firmly pressing her hand scarcely as she trusted that demise will dominate. Maybe a slug shot or maybe a blade will cut her body part by part. As her creative mind went insane yet returned as she heard a weak giggle originating from someplace. She opened her eyes and quickly looked at Andrey. His cold laugh that made her shivered as she stares at him with a fearful, teary confusion . “you are the first person to tell me the truth in one go. If you lied you would be dead by now .” After hearing this some way or another Emi felt little simplicity however it didn’t keep going long.

" Condition 1: you open your mouth about last night event or upcoming events to anyone, you will be executed at once. Condition 2: You will let me fuck you anytime, anywhere without asking any question. Every time I fuck you, I pay you. No responsibility will be taken towards any kind of emotional attachment. Condition 3: you will join a cartoon group and will be fulfilling their wishes. I will let you meet the main person in the group.

You will get to meet and hang out with that Author. This is what is written on the papers, sign it.” Andrey ordered. After hearing this Emi was stunned. This is so unreasonable, She is the enduring one, She is the one who is suffering, she is the one injustice happing then how could be she is the person who is being ordered by some evil person. Thinking this drove her angry, mad. Even though she was scared of the person but still she couldn’t take it any longer. ” If you are making a contract, wouldn’t you say it ought to be equivalent and reasonable? An uneven contract isn’t a contract at all Mr. Brown.” As she said this, she trembled nonstop but manage to spoke up. ” So what condition is it?” Andray Asked Emi with a bitter look on his face. He hates demanding and greedy women but it is business now.

“Condition 1: You cannot fuck me anytime, anywhere. you can only do that in a certain place like home or hotel, motel. It can be three days a week not regular. Condition 2: 50 thousand dollars each time you lay down with me. Condition 3: you will treat me pleasantly not strongly, sophisticatedly not impolitely. My body won’t have the option to take your unpleasant behavior. You need to be more careful while having sex. It’s not like I want to sleep with you but if I say no, would you listen to me? Or you would probably kill me this instinct.” Emi stated.

" Very well. It will be four days a week, not three days. Tomorrow at 8.00 P.M.I will send you the location. The modified contract will be ready by then. ” After saying this Andrey stood up and left. Emi was sweating tremendously as she was in the middle of a desert. As soon as Andrey left she breath out a weighty sing. She felt a little unwind and shut her knees close to her chest and embraced her legs firmly while putting her head on her knees out a heavy sing. Soon a man with a black shirt wearing a dark glass came into the room that made Emi frightened. She pushed herself away from the table. The man paused for a few seconds after watching Emi’s dramatic reaction yet proceed. He took the papers from the table, looked at Emi, bow, and left without saying anything. Emi was scared for the moment but it vanished as she realizes that the man was there only for the papers. She quickly stood up and closed the door in hurry.

After getting out of Emi’s place Andrey gets inside his car. The man with a dark glass looked at Andrey. One cannot see his eyes at all with the glass on. “get the papers.” Andrey ordered with his usual typical profound. Without wasting any time the man went inside Emi’s apartment and came out with the papers. He handed the papers over to Andrey. Andrey signaled to drive. Soon he drove to his boss’s next destination. Andrey took out his phone from the pocket and dialed someone. As the other person picks up the call, Andrey asked “news..” The other individual from the other side of the call “yes sir. I discovered the information. I will email it to you now.”

A “hmm” was all from Andrey and then he cut the call. Within a few seconds, a massaged came in his email. He opened his tab and started reading the information. It has Emi’s picture on it. Her past, present, and everything. Andrey smirked while reading the information. “Drive to the office,” Andrey ordered the man. “Yes, boss” The next turn he made to the office.

That night Emi couldn’t sleep because of her anxiety. Lots of questions were roaming in her head. She didn’t know where her future is going. Is it the right decision? Or she is being trapped in a loop? She Couldn’t eat properly even though the dumplings went all cold but still nothing was left to eat so she has to eat those cold dumplings and also she did not want to waste the food and the money.

The next morning she decided to go to college. She couldn’t afford to be absent for another day. Her body still aches from the previous activity but still, she had no choice. In the middle of the class, she got a massage. She looked at the phone where an address was sent to her. She got anxious and started sweating, it was the known address and its location is a hotel. It is called the Park hotel. Emi knows it is the hotel where she got raped. She immediately ran out of the class straight to the restroom. Her anxiety and fear were on the top that she ends up vomiting in one of the cubical. She knew it is the only option left for her. Even though she does not want to sleep with that bastard but she needed the money for paying her debts. After a few minutes later she comes herself down and made a perfect plan to take revenge. This is the last year of her collages and she doesn’t want to flunk out of it so she has to bear with this shitty situation a little longer than it will be revenge time. She went home straight. She opened her computer and start coding and after a few minutes “walla! I got you.” she smirked. It is the perfect plan to take revenge and now she got a weak point of her enemy, there will be no one to stop her. She exhales a heavy breath and went to take a nap as she is exhausted, tired, and lack of energy due to not sleep last night.

It was already 7.30 p.m when Emi opened her eyes . she looked at her phone and leap out of the bed. She hurried, grabbed her bag, closed the door, and ran towards the bus stop. It was 7.45 p.m when she arrived at her destination but before went inside she went to a convenient store and bought some condoms and birth control pills in case. She went inside the hotel and asked the receptionist that she had an appointment with Mr. Brown. The receptionist was already informed about Emi. After asking the name the women receptionist gave her a dirty sharp look and asked to follow her. She took her to the top floor where not anybody can come without permission. It is an extremely personal condo only used by Andrey. She went inside the condo. It was indeed rich and lavish which is not surprising. The receptionist asked her to wait inside. She sat on the sofa in the living room. While she was observing the richness of the apartment, Andrey came inside with his exceptional aura.

“Strip.” It was the first thing he said. “What!” Emi asked Shockley. The man with dark black sunglasses came inside and give a few papers to Andrey. He bowed to Andrey and left when Andrey signaled him to leave. “Sign the papers then we can begin the business.” Andrey ordered Emi. “Let me use the bathroom first,” Emi asked. Andrey smirked and singled the way to the bathroom. It took Emi half an hour to calm herself down while she was under a cold shower. She was continuously uttering “it’s ok, it’s ok, It’s ok”. She never slept with anyone in her life, rather than the previous terrifying night, it will be her first time being intimate with a person properly. She came out wearing only a bathrobe which was see-through. She saw that Andrey is already on his rob, which is like a normal white rob, sitting on the bed with the papers in his hand. When their eyes mate Andrey said “Come closer. Don’t forget we made a deal and you willingly Signed the contract.” Andrey’s cold eyes gazed at Emi like he is starving for months and now a delicious prey has walked right into his bed. On the other hand, Emi is fully naked, wearing just a sea through rob. She does not know what to feel, shy! embraced! anger! or maybe pity! she doesn’t feel anything anymore cause she already decided to walk on the dark path and she is fully aware of the danger. She was mentally prepared for the worst. Getting raped was just a small part of it, all she has to do is to stay Alive and take Revenge.

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