Death Bed

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Chapter 13: The First Intercourse

It was a rushed day for Andrey. He needed to deal with some superfluous stuff. The four hours meeting went smoothly. After the meeting, he had dinner with the big boss in their private restaurant. It was 8.10 p.m, they were over after that he had to be at the park hotel. An egoistic, self cantered guy like Andrey would not care about condoms and all, also does not care about others’ feelings or images. He only cared about his goal and his success. By the time he arrived, it was already 8.30 p.m. He didn’t have any desire to wast any time soon ordered Emi to strip as he entered the room. On the other hand, Emi was trying so hard to look brave in front of the man. She was showered, standing in front of the god looking devil guy, waiting for the commend. “Come closer.” Emi couldn’t avoid the gaze and as ordered she walked towards the man.

“Sign the papers.” As he handed the papers to Emi and pulled out a cigarette from his rich cigarette box, lightened it up, and started smoking. Emi took those papers and went through it before signing it. Andrew was observing Emi, A naked woman standing in front of him with a serious look on her face while reading the agreement carefully. Generally, people jump at him in this kind of situation, they do not even bother to look at anything else but him. In this case, everything was happing differently. Andrey wasn’t pleased with that. He got angry and fawned at Emi “ Are you done. We are running out of time.” Emi startled by Andrey’s voice as she hurriedly signed the paper and handed over to him. While smoking Andrey sat on the bed and stated “I am not up yet, you know what to do.” Without further any question Emi stands on her knees in between Andrey’s huge legs. She slowly untied his rob. What she saw after that made her gulp her saliva in fear as she thought about how she was supposed to put that huge thing into her mouth. Emi was figuring out how big it will be when it gets hard. She was completely lost in her thoughts when a deep voice brought her back into action. “How long are you going to admire it, get to the work already.” Hearing it Emi grabbed his pride with her cold hand and slowly put it into her mouth. It was just the tip of his penis but already her mouth was full. She started to blow him slowly. She had no idea if she is doing it right, her small mouth cannot take the whole thing as she was already out of breath from just the tip only. It was the worst blow Andrey ever received in his life. Normally Andrey like wild experienced women. Till now, he played with loads of various ladies from the various national and every one of them is notable in the public arena. Every one of them is hot, provocative, and rich. Some of them are actresses, models, pop stars, businesswomen, and more. it was the first time for him to engage himself in a sexual relationship with an ordinary individual. On top of that, the person is naive about sex, small like a hamster which is not his test. Looking down at Emi, who was struggling to give a blow using sharp teeth. Andrey roughly pulled her hair back which made Emi cry out of pain. “ You are the worst”. Andrey stated then he put his two fingers from his left hand in her mouth while smoking with the other hand “don’t use your teeth, use your tough then slowly take it inside” as he explained while putting his finger deep inside her throat. Emi followed the instruction but couldn’t breathe as she closed her eyes while holding his wrist with her two little hands. This view turned Andrey on. He never thought that looking at a hamster could be this arousing. He pulled out his finger coated with Emi’s saliva that made Emi fall on the ground While coughing. As she was catching her breath, Andrey put his cigar on the side table on an astray, pulled Emi up by her arm, and threw her on the bed. He stripped her rob, making her fully necked. “ can’t be...” Emi was about to say something but couldn’t as her mouth was shut by Andrey’s mouth. He violently shoved his tough inside her mouth while his middle finger of his left hand went in Emi’s vagina. All of a sudden he shoved it inside which made Emi groaned in pain as she grabbed Andrey’s right arm which was on the bed supporting Andrey’s body. Emi tried to separate herself but failed. She hit Andrey’s shoulder several times, successfully made Andrey separated himself from her. He gazed at her with annoyance. While catching her breath Emi again, tried to say something “ you.. can’t...” but failed as she was flipped over by Andrey. Andrey does not like interrupted as he grabbed her hair with his right hand and shoved her head on the bed while his left hand around her loin. He then shoved his large tower inside her with one go. This sudden pain and struggle to breathe made her tears fallout from her eyes. She grabbed the bed shit tightly and tried not to make any sound while Andrey having his pleasure time. Andrey stopped thrusting and bend over onto her and whispered into Emi’s ear. “Don’t hold back. Let your voice out.” Andry’s voice made Emi shudder. His voice was shockingly exciting which made Emi arouse, although she was frightened yet this time she was unable to control her voice any longer and panted with a sweet groan. She made a decent attempt yet couldn’t halt her moan. When she began groaning in torment and delight Andrey’s gotten more excited and his cock got bigger. “noh...nah..too..Ahnnn..big...can’t....ngggh...take..” her struggling to talk while moaning sweetly made Andrey hear her moan more, louder. He thrust inside her harder, as hard as his thrust went, her moan become louder. “” as Emi tried to spoke but couldn’t complete her sentence.” Andrey continuously thrust inside her, each time he thrust, she groaned with pleasure.

The whole room filled with their moans while the intercourse witnessed none but the silent night. Soon louder groaned came out of Andrey as he bends over onto Emi holding her tightly from the back, his breath was heavy near Emi’s ear, looking at Emi’s bright red aroused face, Andrey rapidly trusted Emi as he came inside her. They both were out of breath as their mouth was so close that they can feel each other breath. Emi closed her eyes as soon as she thought that it’s over, Andrey turned her on her back. This made Emi facing at Andrey. Andrey pulled his humongous manhood out of Emi which caught her with loud gasped. She thought it was over but she was wrong as she felt that his tower is getting harder. She looked at Andrey who is already ready to go for a second round. “no’t...anymore....need rest..” as she repeatedly requested with her shaky voice. Her red arousal face shocked with tears, Appling eyes made Andrey bend on to her to suck her breast as he completely ignored her request. Her red nipples already popped out and hard, looked appetizing. Andrey licked and sucked her nipples while rubbing his dick on her vagina. Within a few seconds, he put his rod inside her as she chuckled a heavy breath. Soon her tears ran out of her eyes as she moaned “ahh!...ahh...please...can’t...noo...mghh..stop....” holding her waist firmly with his two hands he trusted inside her thoroughly, he holds on to Emi as his motion got frequently and hard. He held Emi tightly as he placed his teeth mark on her neck, groaned hard while he came inside her. Emi already passed out of exertion. Andrey pulled himself out of Emi while catching his breath, he straight went to the bathroom. He showered with cold water, get dressed then bought tow bondless of thousand dollars note and threw at unconscious Emi who was soundly asleep on the bed. Then he threw a small pouch out of his jack pocket and straight out of the door while looking at his phone.

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