Death Bed

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CHAPTER 14: Amazed

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Emi woke up with an enormous agony on her back. Sun was splendid, sparkling everywhere on the room like an impression of thousands of mirrors, yet Emi with a dim hover under her eyes like an air pocket fish, all puffed out, those two anxiously needed to be protected. Hip damages, eye acrid of crying, body with dim chomps, and hicks all over. The perspective on the external world was as hypnotizing as fantasies. She was gazing at that astound with a blank articulation. Reasonable as Chrystal like the first drop of downpour in a desert. Any individual who loves to draw would be honored for catching the occasion. A white striped body sitting on a bed in a silent room where the sun loves to come and its delicate beams on the white exposed brushed body, the harsh soft weepy Asian eyes is respecting the excellence of the rest of the world. Sooner the esteem took off when the model of the painter found a pouch next to her. She took it, opened it, the morning after pill and money were all for her. She sang and tried to stand up to the bathroom. Her unstable slacks, shaking body was declining her to walk. In one way or another, she figured out how to arrive at the washroom. A hot shower was the main thing she took. It was unwinding to the point that she could feel each drop of it which was relieving her spirit. Following ten entire minutes, she came out dressed, took the pouch put it into her bag, and head out from that hotel. The first thing she did was gone to the bank.

Meanwhile, Andrey headed to his morning meetings that went for a couple of hours. Emi received a massage from the same number that she saved as pathetic bustard. Judging by her expression no one will say that it was a pleasing massage. She was in her classroom attaining a lecture. What can she does, overlook the massage rub and not let it bother her or deny it since it was out of the agreement. Neither of that can be done. Hence, she must reach the place she was ordered to.

9.00 P.m Emi was in a restoration waiting for her business partner rather than her rapist. Andray came at 9.30, late.

“Apart from you being late, what business do you have with me to come to a place like this” Emi glared at him. She hasn’t eaten anything yet waiting in a restaurant where smalls of food making go fanatic. As usual, Andrey ignored her and ordered a waiter for food. Emi knew that she can’t expect anything from a self cantered, egoistic, ill-mannered monster so she stayed quiet.

“Tomorrow you are going to meet the author and also will meet the owner of that cartoon group. I will send you the address. Any question?” Andrey declared.

“Haven’t you read the contract properly? I mentioned that ‘I need a day gap between our intercourses.’ ’That implies I would prefer not to see your fucking face for one entire day. Hope you understand Mr. Brown. Any question?” Emi angrily declared back.

These women amazed Andrey over and over again. With a smirk on his face, Andrey said “you are brave enough to abuse me in front of me and inquiry me as well. As for your answer, you never maintained that you don’t want to see my face. Also, you are the very first individual in my life to state that onto my face. You do astonish me, Ms. Sato... Anything else you want to say or ask.” Andrey asked.

“Indeed, I would like to state a ton of things, however,won’t,” Emi said.

“Go on, I am listening.” Andrey declared.

“I will when the time comes. Don’t rush yourself Mr. Brown or you will fall.” Emi smirked confidentially.

" “I will fall” you wish! We will see that...Who will fall?“Andrey taunted her back.

As they were taking the atmosphere wasn’t pleasant at all, the waiter delivered their food anxiously. He was more nervous because of their expression and other customers. Some of them were fantasying Andray while some of them feared him, considered him being a perilous man; some went envious by Andrey’s look which is generally men in the room. Everything was about Andrey while Emi seems as though an insect groveling at him. Emi was indeed angry, still, it’s funny to watch her angry which was quite enjoyable and Andrey was enjoying it full of it.

“If there nothing else to say then you shall eat,” Andrey said.

“There is no requirement for food. I would better get moving.” As she completed her sentence her stomach double-cross her and developed stronger grown that the other person sitting would hear it. She went completely red in a flash. It is offending after what she said previously and now she has gotten all red like a cherry. She was reddening clearly to the point that everybody including Andrey would notice that.

Andrey playfully said, ” Finish the food before you go.”

“I said I don’t need it. I will get going.” Emi somehow managed to come back to normal and said that while glaring at Andrey. No one declaims Andrey’s offer on the off chance that they given by him yet this lady is an exemption which was harming Andrey’s self-image. Although it doesn’t trouble him to an extreme yet this time he was irritated.

“You don’t get Ms. Sato I am not being courteous or asking you anything. Finish the food before you go.” Andrey glared with his sharp eyes which made Emi frightened as well as those individuals who were looking at them.

But Emi won’t surrender. She was scared but stood up to get out of the restaurant but halt as Andrey said with his deep, heavy voice “I don’t want to kill you.” Emi looked at him and sat down immediately like some external force made her do so.

Andrey proceeded with his alarming look and profound voice “I never murdered anyone while having intercourse, you look delicate and week thusly, you will eat.”

Emi was scared but still managed to ask with her shaking voice. “Wh..why?...why do you care.”

“You are misconception hamster. I just considering my sexual coexistence and you are a decent pawn to me for sometimes...”

" Of course...It is .” Emi said with her insecure eyes. What else is there to think about, stupid Emi. Emi thought in her mind. Without any question, she started to eat the food on the table.

“I will pay the bill if you want anything else, do order.” Andrey stood up, walk towards the counter. When he began to walk, a man came hurrying to him enquiring as to whether he could do any assistance. The two of them talked a little before Andrey awaked out of the restaurant. Everyone in the room gazing at them when the man come racing to Andrey strolled towards Emi and asked “Ma’am do you need anything else.” Emi genteelly looked at the person “Thank you, but there is already enough.” “Please tell me if you need anything. I am the manager here so please feel free to order.” When he said manager Emi including everyone in the room went enormous eye.” Thank you will do. “Emi said with a grin which was forceful as she has no intention to be there and as well she was hungry and the food was delicious. Without thinking anything she began to eat. It does bother Emi but all she can do is nothing but eat.

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