Death Bed

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Chapter 15: Favorit Person

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The Pearl Hotel. One of the expensive hotels in this country. Emi has massaged to be there at 6.00 P.m. She got ready wore a white shirt with a blue cardigan and black-suited pants which were quite professional. A white pair of snicker, hair combed properly with an ash color handbag on her left side. A little bit of face powder and a lip gloss was all for her makeup. She was looking like the 21st century’s Morden doll. She did her college in the morning, after meeting her favorite author she would go to her part-time job. It is what she thought. She was right on time; she got an inside inquiry from the receptionist. He showed her the way immediately without asking any questions. A huge hall, empty tables were all set up and in the middle of them, a dazzling man in a grey suit was sitting facing at the outside window. His eyes were so magical that anyone could get hypnotized by them. Every blink, anywhere he looks at, made sparkly. It was like a magical mirror that reflects, made the hall brighter.

“Ma’am, are you ok?” asked the receptionist.

“ye..yes, I am ok.” Answered Emi.

There was only one person who was sitting there. The person is none other than the alpha Andrey Brown. She slowly walked towards him with a questionable look on her face. They’re supposed to be two more people but. As she was in her thoughts a deep voice shook her.

“Are you mesmerized by my handsomeness? Hamster!”

’Of course. In your Dreams.” Emi replied.

“I thought I would meet my favorite person. Was I fooled by a Fox! ” Emi smirked while sitting on the chair.

“I suppose I do not look like a fox. You should work on that and your favorite person will be here soon. Hamster!” Andrey declared with a smirk on his face.

Within a few minutes they arrived and Emi’s long waiting has finally disappeared.

“Hello sir, good evening.” Emi bow to both of the newly arriving guests.


“Hello, Miss Sato. How have you been doing.” Asked Mr. Hill.

“I am doing good sir. How are you?” Answered Emi.

“Ohh! Please don’t be so formal and please do not call me sir.” Hill suggested.

“ah..o..k..ok. then should I call you the white dragon?” Emi laughed a little bit.

“ha ha ha... of course, why not. You read the book very well.” Mr. Hill answered.

They were in their world when Andrey shook his thought to interrupt.

“May I introduce the person sitting beside Mr. Hill...” Andrey wasn’t finished at all but interpreted by the person.

“Hello! I am Rax, I have never seen a Japanese person in my life. I am glad that you came to meet me. I would like to add you to our animation chat group. We all are very excited to meet you.. will you kindly give me your contact info....” Rax said excitedly with one go.

“Wait wait, slow down, will you.” Mr.Hill said.

“I am sorry....” Rax apologized.

“No no..... it is ok! I will give you my contact info” as soon as Emi finished her line Rax handed over his phone to her she dialed her number and gave it back to him. Within a few seconds, she was added to a chat group called Eat Anime.

It was quite a good time they both were chatty and Emi loved to chat with them but on the other hand, Andrey was there sitting silently and listening to their conversation rather than staring at Emi the whole time without any facial expression.

“I need to tell you this. This supposed to be secreted but I have decided to tell you” said Mark.

“What is it.” Emi excitedly asked while eating.

“Well, I am writing the next volume of the dragon king book.”

Emi was so excited that she couldn’t resist herself and shouted “Really!” everyone went silent by Emi’s excitement. Indeed they were mesmerized by seeing the girl’s laughing face. It was as beautiful as a portrait carefully painted by some artist with love who wants people to adore his painting.

“Yes.. indeed” Mark declared.

“I will be waiting.” Emi

happily said.

“Oh! i haven’t noticed the time it is already 8.30. I need to get going.” Mark said

Immediately stood up in hurry asked Rax to come along with him.

“yes, it is late. We should get going” said Emi.

“No need, spend some time with Andrey,” Mark said.

“No, we will also get going.” Said Andrey.

Ok then let’s head out. Those two went in their car while Andrey and Emi with Andrey’s car.

“Where are you talking to me. I want to go home.” Emi fawned.

“As you wish,” Andrey said calmly.

They reached her house but Andrey parked the car and got out with Emi. Emi got suspicious and asked. “Where are you going?”

“To your apartment. I hope you remembered that you already took a day off.” Andrey glared at her.

For some reason, Emi had a hunch that Andrey was angry for some reason as he did not talk with anyone except eating and listening so she was scared to say anything and now his expression is saying if you refuse, I might kill you. Emi without saying anything started walking slowly towards her apartment.

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