Death Bed

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Chapter 2: The past history

One of the top positioned mafia boss in New York City was Gelen Hill. Hearing his name can give anybody shudders to their core. He was exceptionally popular in both this present reality and the underground world. His pack was called squirrel gang. He was also known as squirrel executioner. Individuals heard the report from someplace that he removes any individual who comes in his way and once they face their destiny, he cut their body piece by piece with his sharp blade and feed them to those squirrels to cover up his deed. No one believed those rumors cause squirrels are omnivores. Others thought that there has some internal story behind this since none of his deeds has been discovered yet. It has been a secret for everybody which is yet unsolved.

In the year of 1998, Mr. Hill discovered Andrey at the age of three. While his parents were begging for their lives, little Andrey forcefully battled against them. He was furious and igniting with rage rather being frightened. Mr. Hill took him under his consideration and train him to be an expert killer. At the age of nineteen, Andrey had killed over thirty individuals. He can murder anyone with anything even with his bare hands or with a single pencil. Over a while, Andrey gains his pride, regard, and addition a significant spot in the underground world. Anyone with any age knew about him. He was one of the strongest and most powerful ones to accomplish the place at a very young age and mesmerized the entire existence of the mafia world. Also, in reality, he was a profoundly positioned criminal, went to prison twice. His character is as terrifying as his look. He is 6.8 foot (208cm) tall which is quite high from average. He has one of a kind eyeshade of hazel white and when he communicates any specific feeling it’s transformed into the hazel dark. His greek nose and sharp facial jawline can cut individuals deep down inside. His brown hair and masculine body, with a Russian look all over, can make anyone fantasized in their dream. But the reality is little different, once he blows up he lost his conscious and become an executing machine that everyone frightened the most even high experts in this human world. He is also an agreement executioner even FBI hair him to catch some wanted psychopath, terrorist, mass executioner, or some mental patient who likes to smell fresh blood from the freshly dead body. The world calls him Brown. Andrey Brown, his complete name. Calling him Brown puts greater gravity on his character and it likewise sounds cool simply like Jams Bond (fictional character).

It’s been a long time since the ruler and head of the squirrel gang Mr. Gelen Hill passed away at the age of sixty-six in 2007. He had a heart attack while traveling to Hong Kong. In this new present period of mankind, the squirrel group is yet one of the top driving mafia packs in this world. The first child of the mafia gang is Peter Hill, who is now in position and ruling the black market longer than 10 years. He is much the same as his dad’s amazing, solid, daring, reasonable, and attractive. His blue eyes, dark hair, and his entire appearance make him recognize by anyone in the room. He is 35 years of age and his right-hand man is, in all honesty, Andrey. Mr. Peter Hill one of the richest men on the planet. Time has changed however he despite everything conveys his dad’s and Andrey had a gigantic impact on it. Mr. Hill has a six years younger sibling, Mark Hill, who is absolutely opposite and odd one. Mark is an author. It was sudden and shaken to everybody. Mark was young and easily falls sick. Mr. Gelen Hill never pressurized him and let him did anything he desired. In that case the older son, Peter was his only hope for his pack. The two siblings are two opposite polls and can’t get along with one another. Mr. Gelen Hill gave his property equally to his two sons. Peter was disappointed with his dad’s decision and was planning to remove his brother from the plate. Mr. Gelen Hill knew his senior child and realized he was intending to kill his brother and he will proceed once he is gone. Assuming the danger he asked Andrey to secure Mark. Andrey and Mark was the closest companion from adolescence even though they experienced childhood in two unique universes. Mark was two years more seasoned then Andrey and as he has a truly week body, Andrey needed to ensure him by being his guardian, and once becoming aware of Peter’s filthy arrangement, he formally chose to turn into Mark’s protector and right hand of the posse chief simultaneously. Along these lines, he could protect mark form peter’s nasty greed as well as keep an eye over every stapes that peter intends to make.

After having a conversation with the doctor regarding Rax’s health condition, he went directly to Mark’s place. Meanwhile, Mark was preparing for his fan fair ceremony. His book is the bestselling book of all time.

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