Death Bed

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Chapter 3: The hamster and her friend

Lights, cameras, celebrities, the gorgeous evening, and those exclusive people brought the city into a happy mood. Indeed the ceremony was successful. On the way to the parking garage marked crashed with a young lady, technically the young lady stumbled over while rushing towards Mark. With no time she stood on her feet and began apologizing,

“I am sorry Mr. Author. I missed the chance to meet you at the ceremony so I was in hurry. You see, I had a dance performance so somehow I ended up being late.”

Andrey was observing the girl, particularly her mischievous behavior. The long red-haired girl was quite tall, with a pair of blue eyes was indeed delightful. Her pink frock was precisely signifying that she is a dancer.

“Do you need water?” interrupted by Mark.

“What?” she startled.

“I asked do you need water? You seem out of breath.”

“No sir, I am all right but thanks anyway. I am here for my friend, she is right behind me.” Then she turned around and saw noon, right away she turn back and began where she left off. ” She will come soon, I mean she is a slow runner after all... By the way, I am Aoife Collins. You can call me Coll or Appy or....”

At this point, Andrey was out of his patient and raised his voice.

“Excuse me, ma’am, we are running out of time. You can meet Mr. Hill at his next fan fair ceremony.”

“Sorry, Mr. Author but I am here for my friend, she couldn’t attain the ceremony because of me. If you could spear some time for us...she is a huge fan of yours....she is a slow runner so if you could wait a bit please....”

" It’s Mark. Mark Hill.” Mark interrupted.

" Oh! Sorry, Mr. Hill, so I was saying my friend....”

She was stubbornly refusing to let them pass away. Frustrated Andrew was about to push her aside however stooped by somebody.

Andrey turns his head and notices a close around 5 feet hamster looking girl was holding his wrist firmly with her two tiny hands. Her big black eyes sharply gazing at him although her short hair was covering half of her eyes. An oversized red hoody and black Jens along with a pair of white sneakers made her look different from her friend. Her small face, sharp nose, and silky black hair resemble a doll. As soon as they contact eyes her rosy pink leaps started moving.

" Being a man that was very discourteous towards a woman. I hope you are aware of the fact that an attempt to lift your hand on a blameless woman can place your master in a difficult situation.” immediately realizing his wrist she turns toward Mark.

“I am extremely sorry sir for wasting your time, for any further inconvenience we will be leaving.” Then she holds her companion’s hand and pulled her away from them and about to leave but hold back by Mark’s apology.

“Sorry miss. We didn’t intend to hurt your friend.”

“I understand sir. No need to worry, we won’t complain.” Then she gave a sharp look to Andrey. Andrey was stunned and couldn’t utter a word. Nobody in his entire life has spoken to him like that until now.

“Is there anything I could help you with.” Mark offered.

“Yes!yes!” Aoife jumped out of excitement.

“An autograph will do I guess! You see my friend is a fan of yours......”

“I suppose you like talking.” Mark gently grinned.

“I am sorry,” Aoife murmured.

“No, don’t be. It’s all right. May I ask your friend’s name.”

“It’s Emi Sato.” Emi herself answered.

“You have a pretty name. Perhaps are you Japanese.” Mark inquired.

“Yes, sir I am,” Emi replied.

While having a conversation Aoife handed the book over to Mark. He signed alone with a note on the front page of the book.

" Here you go Emi.” he gave the book back to Emi.

" It was nice meeting you, both of you. Then, see you at my next fan fair.”

“Thank you sir for your kind gesture and also sorry for make you late.”

Emi apologize.

" Thank you, and sorry Mr. Author...Sorry. Mr. Hill.“Aoife apologizes as well.

Then Emi bow (it’s a gesture to greet people in Japan.)

After that, they both bet goodbye and went to their direction.

The following schedule was to meet Rax in the medical clinic. As they were running late Andrey drove themselves to the hospital with his talented driving skill.

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