Death Bed

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Chapter 4: Challenge accepted

Rax alerted himself by the sound of the entryway hook of his chamber. Mark and Andrey entered with the container of fruits.

“Aren’t’ you late. Visiting hour will end soon” Rax claimed.

“We were interrupted on our way by a hamster and her Chatterbox friend.” Andrey annoyingly stood up while mark made a snickered.

“I am sorry for being late. How are you feeling?” Rax didn’t answer Mark’s question rather stayed quiet.” Mark sighed. “ I am sorry for your loss yet happy that you are all right.”. “ How would you realize I am all right, you have no clue about what I am experiencing. You remain at home write, attain functions. FAN FAIR! MY FOOT.” Rax jabber out those words indignantly. At this point, he was unable to oppose and shaded tears. Looking Rax so miserable Mark calmly said “Yes you are correct. I don’t have any idea about your agony but I am glad that you are alive. I assume Haru might never want to see this side of you. He would prefer you to recover soon and proceed onward with your life.”

After hushing up for quite a while Andrey talked “didn’t you said to me that Haru wanted you to follow your dreams and have a healthy life.” Rax burst out with tears while grunting painfully. “ Make him proud and live your fullest. I promise you, those bastards will face consequences for their sinful act, now quit weeping. Jeez! you are such a cry baby.” These words made Rax relaxed a bit.

“Let me tell you about an entertaining occurrence that happened today. Andrey was speechless for the very first time in his life by a young lady who prevents him from making a scene.” Mark enthusiastically said. “ Then it must break news and can be a juicy gossip to everybody.” Rax gave an Evil grin to Andrey.

Andrey has a bias that ladies are gold diggers and incite men for their needs. ladies are for use and through, one can’t have a peaceful life with them even though they try their best. Women won’t satisfy easily and can be greedy to have more. Play with them a bit, once you are done, toss them into the garbage and move to the next one.

“It was an unfortunate encounter. That Damn Hamster! Next time I see her I will fuck her up that she won’t dear to come in front of me again in her life.” Andrey grind. “I bet, any lady would get terrified if they by chance hear you state this.” Mark declared. “What difference does it make? Ladies can’t escape my charm and my attractive face. A bit smile and they will drool On Me Like a dog.” Andrew smirked.

“I challenge you, Andrey ! you can’t cut down that little Japanese young lady.” Mark gave a sharp grin to Andray. “ Next fan fair ceremony and she will be in a hotel bed, under me, moaning with pleasure.” An evil grin came out from Andray.

“ you are so full of yourself,” Mark smirked. “wait! Is She Japanese!” Rax asked enthusiastically.

“ Indeed she is. Emi Sato. She was with her talkative friend Aoife Collins.” Mark declared.

One thing everyone Knows about Rax is that he is a huge fan of Japanese animations and Manga/comics. This is his chance to expand his gathering list by including a pure Japanese into his list. Judging by his bright face with hope and sparkling eyes, Mark and Andrey both knew what was coming. Before Rax could state anything Mark stood up “whatever you are thinking that aren’t going to happen.” “Why not! only a mobile number.” Rax cried.

“Don’t stress, I will get you her number on the following fan fair ceremony.”Andrey declared. Mark was going to state something yet halted by Andray’s phone ringtone. He went outside to get the call “Speak” Andrey profound voice shaken the other individual who was on the opposite side of the phone. “ Bo...Boo...Boss, we found the Gang Leader who killed Haru. We are at our usual spot.”

“I will be there within thirty minutes.” Andrey end the call and went back to the chamber to inform that he needs to leave because of some urgent business matter. Then a nurse came in and told that it is time for Rax’s medication. Then the two of them bet goodbye and left.

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