Death Bed

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Chapter 5: A Horrifying Night

Haziness was gulping the night when an abundant half-destroyed warehouse was hunting a deserted place, located far across the city. A half-exposed man, soaked with blood was unwittingly holding tight to the corner while his legs and hands were tied up with a thick rope to an old pillar. The sound of dripping blood from his body was breaking the awful silence of horror. A small table, a couple of booze, and four people were playing cards outside of the warehouse. The fog was intensely pierced by the smoke of cigarettes.

“Stop cheating Fucker....” One of them shouted then another man with a scar on his face shouted back “Yaaa! Mother Fucker. I don’t call it a Cheating. I call it Self Defence...SELF DEFENCE. ” A bearded man took an intense satisfiable smoke and exhale from his nose while leaning back on his chare. His delightful face heated up and busted out into anger “yaaa! Bastards always spoil my mood.” When a bulky looking man with two of his silver teeth stood up and tried to stop their fighting.

The full moon was giving a killing vibe yet everything shattered by the sound of a gunshot. An SUV halted before them, An enormous person came out and walked direct towards the victim. His hazel white eyes with rage and large body made him a demon who appeared from hell, out for hunting. Without a word he grabbed his throat by his left hand and pulled him forcefully against the rope while his right knee kicked his stomach so hard that made casualty’s body groans in pain, he immediately vomited blood and coughed vigorously. Without any rest, a hand flew over and punched him on the face that causes four of his side teeth to fall out that made him wailed in agony and moaned.

“Please! Spare me....” victim pleaded. “Bo...Boo...Boss, he is the leader of the Purl gang.... most of his men are taken care of and some of them have escaped however he is the head, we discovered him while he was covering himself in his bungalow.” Andrey gave a side look to his followers as they all alarmed by that look and began trembling. One of them stood up while four of them gulped by the dreadful look of Andrey’s that made them shudder immediately. “Bo... Boss we will found the rest of them...soo...soon...” Then Andrey’s eye went back to the victim’s face “Purl gang, you state! Then you must be Mr. Benjamin. Look at your face, hahaha! It is difficult to recognize you”. “An...dy...Andy please you resemble my child you can’t do this to....” The victim cried out heavily but couldn’t utter a word and became stiffed when his eyes mate Andray’s . “you...You can’t kill a politician..... Please!..... Please!....”

“I won’t” Andrey announced. This word made the Victim grin, however not long enough he’s grinning vanished by profound overwhelming voice. “As you are aware of your deed you.....” The victim cut his sentence and spoke while panicking “ I didn’t mean to kill him...It just happened... forgive me ..Please!.... I will do anything... Please!.” “Very well. How about a dog. I needed a pet and I just found one”. Andrey smirked, “what.... what0 do you mean?” Victim enquired confusingly. “Isn’t it pretty simple. Be my dog.” Andrey asserted. “what did you say....are you insane!” he shouts severely however it didn’t keep going long as it transform into fear when Andrey glare at him as his frown line got more crooked “I assume you are aware of your position.” The victim turned into pale and started groaning. “You have a daughter, right? your wife is a member of my gym club and indeed she is very fond of me”. Andrey informed. “No...No you... don’t you dear to do anything to them!” he began wailing vigorously. Andrey then pulled out a knife from his back pocket and place it on the casualty’s ring finger “NO... Please! NO Aaaghhhgg!.....” blood... more blood fulfilled the horrifying night. “I will deliver this to your beloved wife”. Andrey laughed out loud. “Now talk” He glares at the victim “I ......I will follow your order I will be your”.His shaking voice gasping while breathing intensely, couldn’t bear the torture anymore and passed out in pain. Andrey’s voice vibrate the entire region when he stated “you know what to do next.”As his sharp eye looked at his four followers “ Yes, Boss ....we will take care of the rest.” Sweat running down from their head even though it was winter and the temperature was quite low. He then left while cleaning his knife with a white handkerchief.

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