Death Bed

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Chapter 6: Screaming

Emi and Aoife were best friends from childhood. They used to go to school together, and their favorite activity was dancing. They were neighbors in a reputed and rich neighborhood. Aoife is a carefree, fun-loving young lady who likes to talk. One can’t feel bored having her company, on the other hand, Emi is an extremely introverted person. She terrified easily and afraid of outsiders. The two of them are currently last year undergrad students. Emi is brilliant with studies and accomplishing software engineering in a prestigious school while Aoife went to an art school as she is excellent at dancing and wants to be a belly dancer. The two of them are currently mature enough to carry on with their alone life. As they grew up the two of them became separated a little or probably an incident made them separated from one another.

One night she came home after having a group study which was just with Aoife. She was in high school, as she arrived home unusually front entryway was open and guards were mysteriously absent. She ran towards the front entryway with a confusing look all over. Peculiarly her father’s vehicle was left in the canter of the garden which was truly surprising. She needed to get a closer look as her father was out of the country for two whole months. It was the longest time that she remained separated from her father. All she knew that her father went on a trip for business work and once he retunes they will take a vacation to Japan, that what she had promised by her father. She showed up before the vehicle which was half crashed and different pieces of the vehicle were broken. A Garden full of her favorite white rose has already destroyed. There was nobody inside the vehicle however judging by the condition she ran towards the house as she was terrified. She realized that her father was facing a tough time with his business, stressed eyes caused her to understand that her father is making a decent attempt to place a grin before her. Her father regularly inquired as to whether she is all right at school if she doubting and frightened of being followed or someone upsetting her with no explanation. These irregular inquiries began irritated her as that inquiry was unexpectedly increased with time. In any case, in the most recent couple of months, she noticed that her father wasn’t on his typical self. Her father had a major programming organization although she didn’t think a lot about it however she knew that it is something to do with cash, a huge amount of cash. Out of interest, she looked on the web however it has no record of her father’s business. After her mom died at the age of six years, she and her father moved to America as migrants. For a few months, they lived in a 1bhk apartment yet one day her father took her to a rich neighborhood and moved into a luxurious house. Although she was rich, still she was a outsider at her school because of her physic. Her small body, pale skin, and Asian look made her different and a target for bullies. One day she was being tormented in the women’s toilet. They were filming her while stripping her clothes, at that point, Aoife seemed to appear in front of them like a superwoman and rescue her, from that day on words Aoife and Emi became companions and in the end, turned out to be best friends. Out of the blue from that day, everybody quit harassing her, later she discovered Aoife had Warned everybody not to bother her. Everyone obeyed her as she was the hottest girl in the school and teachers favored her cause her father is notable in media.

She pushed the entryway with a booming sound ’BANG!’, she was stunned when she saw the picture of her home, its chaotic, broken furniture, everything was destroyed. She thought somebody robbed them yet confused by her father’s vehicle. She began shaking and breathing frequently while she shouted with her full voice “Dad?... Dad are you home?“Her eyes were roaming around the house but froze on the couch as she saw a hand was hanging outside from it “Dad?... is that you?...are you asleep?.... Dad?” no answer came, with shaking legs and shuddering body she took small steps towards the lounge area, it took her more time to reach there yet froze to death as she saw her father was lying on the sofa, a gun was in his other hand smoothly lying on his chest, blood was all over his body, the white rug is stunned in the blood which transformed rose-red in color. His eyes were wide open as it appears to pop out from his face and tongue was out from his mouth like somebody pulled it out forcibly. This horrifying image made her lose her mind as she screamed as loud as possible while her eyes burst out with tears. She was hyperventilating and shaking vigorously. Her mind went blank and couldn’t move an inch or could express a word as she was crying intensely with a high peach, in the end, she went out of breath and collapsed.

Next thing she remembered she was her father’s funeral, that house was not her home anymore, there was no father any longer, there was nobody to adore her like her father, nobody to stress over her, nobody to welcome her when she gets back, no one to call family. She is all alone in this world. She cried like a crazy person, soon enough she was adopted by Aoife’s family. It’s been four years of that incident, after graduating from high school she moved out and began living alone, close to her college. She works two part-time jobs that cover her college charges, accommodation, and everyday costs. Even though Aoife’s father wanted to help her with money however she declined as she was at that point paying off debts. Aoife knew Emi’s nature as she knew that Emi won’t request anything from them. Emi likes to read books and admire writer Mark Hill. when Aoife found news regarding the fan fair ceremony, she mentioned her father to give her a VVIP pass for two individuals. Aoife’s dad is a notable politician, Mr. Edward Collins. He is famous in high society as he attains some high-class occasions, so it wasn’t hard for him to brought two passes for his girl. Continuously nagging Emi for an entire week, at last, she agreed to visit fan fair with Aoife, they get the chance to meet Mr. Hill yet tragically it didn’t go how they would have wanted.

“I told you, coming here would be a bad idea.” Emi angrily spook out. “oh! Come on... on the list, they will remember us and in the future as well. Next time...” Emi cut Aoife ” there will be no next time Appy!... simply Forget it.” “yes, yes, there will be next time, there has to be next time. You see! I got my eyes on that handsome bodyguard.” Aoife grinned. ” Seriously! You will never change.“Emi singed. “No! I won’t. So accompany me next time.” Aoife nagged. “Do I have a choice.” Emi singed. “No, you don’t.” Aoife laughed out loud as they went home.

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