Death Bed

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Chapter 7: Fanfare Ceremony

One month passed away way too fast and now it is the time for the fan fair ceremony. Aoife got two VVIP tickets from her father. This time she managed and left with no work on that very day. Emi was waiting for Aoife at their usual cafe at 4 p.m. as the occasion will be held at night. Aoife rushed, as usual, she was late.

“Hey!.. sorry did you wait long,” Aoife asked as she was gasping hard from running. “Not long enough....just 35 minutes..” Emi replied. ” We can still make it....we should be going.” Aoife said. “on account of certain someone that I need to run now.” Emi annoyingly looked at Aoife. At that point, the two of them snickered.

The entertaining world is surely beautiful and having two VVIP tickets help them to keep away from crowed. It was not so difficult to recognize Emi and Aoife because of Aoife’s look, a bright red dress with a red hairband resembling a Valentine young lady while Emi with her common school look, round neck white T-shirt and blue jeans which made her look like a pizza delivery girl.

“Andy! your Hamster has arrived.” Mark informed. ” My hamster!...indeed, she will be mine soon... Hahahaha! That little creature will be bang by me tonight.” Andrey laughed ” you are so persistent however I am standing by to see your face once you got rejected.” Mark chuckled while saying this.” reject! in your dreams....ya! damn Author! and learn.“Andrey announced.

When the ceremony started everyone was in a rush to meet their favorite Authors and Aoife was rushing towards Mark while holding Emi’s hand tightly. “So we meet again..... as you have two VVIP tickets Let me lead you to Mr.Hill,” Andrey spoke out of the blue. “Goodness! hi! Mr security...manager... Body...guard, sorry I don’t know what to call you.” Aoife hesitated. “everybody calls me Brown.” Andrey delicately smiled. ” Alright! Mr.Brown!.” Aoife blushed. Andrey, who was wearing a navy blue suit and a white shirt underneath. His blue strike tie made him so attractive that made Aoife a little redden as she blushed.

“Good evening Miss. Sato.” Andrew wished. “Good evening.” Emi wished back. ” Please follow me,” Andrey mentioned.

They obediently followed him. Andrey leads them towards Mark who was wearing a sky collard suit with a dark tie yet he was looking nothing unusual, unlike his bodyguard. He was busy chatting with different creators and fans. ” We mate again Miss Sato.” Mark smiled. “Hi! Mr. Author! we mate once again.” Aoife enthusiastically said. Mark didn’t react as he got irritated by her she couldn’t remember his name. “Hello! Mr. Hill...good evening...May is ask you a few questions if possible.” Emi asked. “Go ahead.” Mark gestured. ” what happened to Bella’s dad? you didn’t inform anything about it. Will there be a second book on it? Will Bella end up with Jackson? I mean he is a lost cause.” Emi excitedly spoke out her thoughts in a single breath.” well I am considering writing a book as next series however I am not sure enough for other answers and for that you need to be patient.” Mark answered.“I see...I will be waiting, anyway, love your books, Sir!... I am happy to meet you. ” Emi said. “I am happy that you are happy,” Mark commented.

At that point, they talk somewhat more, meet different Authors, and befriended a few fans. When they are done and going to live however halted by Andrey “Hello!... we were thinking, if you want to join us for dinner.”

This unexpected offer surprised them. Emi never liked this person from starting. Before Aoife could state anything she declined him.” No thanks.... we better get moving else we will be late .”

“All right. Don’t worry about it! I will inform Mr. Hill that you refused his invitation.” Andrey informed. ” Wait! Wait! Mr. Hill invited us.” Emi shockingly inquired.

" Indeed, it was him, or were you expecting me rather than Mr.Hill.” Andrey grind. His grin made Emi irritated yet Aoife reddened as she was staring Andrey so vividly. “We have some time. I think we can make it.” Aoife expressed. ” Are you sure cause your friend seems to be not so friendly.” Andrey smiled at Emi.

This sentence made her angry that her face transformed into red like cherry while Aoife was mesmerized by Andrey’s look and was daydreaming and couldn’t see what was coming. Andrey was observing Emi and once he discovered the right moment he made his move and lean over on Emi, his lips were so close to Emi’s ear that she could hear his hot breath.“If you don’t want Mr. Hill, we could have the night for us... just you and me.” Andray whispered in her ears then he moved back to his old position. This made Emi’s head spin with rage and felt extremely disrespectful. Without saying anything she took one step closer to Andray that made Andray grin then she remained on her toe and slap!

It took a couple of moments to understand the incident. Aoife was stunned as she put her hand on her mouth, now Andrey was loaded with rage he grabbed Emi by her shoulder with his two enormous hands which frightened Emi a bit, his face was so close to Emi that she leaned back a little. “you are surprisingly more daring then you look.” Andrey grinned tenderly. His grin made Aoife loosened up somewhat then he let her go and approached Aoife.” we couldn’t imagine anything better than to eat with you, both of you... then next time Miss Collins.“Andrey sophisticatedly said that made Aoife redden, with no reasoning she said “Its Appy. You can call me Appy.” With a quiet grin, Andrey took out his business card and place it on Aoife’s hand .“Call me whenever... Miss Appy...ok Miss then see you soon... You also Miss Emi.” Andrey grinned at Emi and left.

It is the first time in Andrey’s life that he got slapped by an individual and top of that it’s a lady. A small woman who can’t even reach half of his height. He was controlling his anger while informed Mark that he won’t be going back with him tonight.

“Why did you do that?” Aoife asked confusingly while walking towards Emi’s apartment. “I don’t want to discuss it now, anyway what would you like to have for dinner ?” Emi asked. Aoife didn’t pressure Emi as she knew it won’t work to open her mouth instead discomfort her. “I will have some sushi. What about you?” Aoife asked, “I will choose on the spot. You go ahead, I will be back soon with the food.” Ami expressed then she gave her apartment key to Aoife.” It’s late will be alright?” Aoife anxiously asked, “Don’t stress I will be back soon .”

Aoife then went ahead while Emi took a long thin Alley as she needed to be separated from everyone else. The allay was dark with some dim light posts to the corner. out of nowhere Emi felt a sudden chill on her back, she looked back and assured herself that there was nothing to be afraid over an empty allay, she singed relived and turn around however frizzed as she saw Andrey was standing before her. He got closer to Emi as she began shaking. Andrey grinned, ” You shout and face the consequences or you can follow me quietly .” Ami panicked and screamed that made Andrey smiled more as he already knew what would occur. He Immediately pressed a handkerchief on her nose and soon enough she dropped unconsciously on Andrey, he took her on his shoulder and put her into an SUV and drove off.

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