Death Bed

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Chapter 8: Kidnapped

A bright white light showed up, everything was hazy and to clear the haziness she blinked two or multiple times. A ceiling fan over her head and a table lamp on the left corner with a glass of water on it, on her right side an enormous see-through window from where she could see the entire city. she at that point looked around the bed and tried to recall what happened. She began breathing frequently and when her memory came back, she jumped out of the bed however fell on her face on the floor, as her legs were shaking out of strength .“Take it easy ... Hamster! there is no reason to hurry. The night is still young.” A voice came from the opposite side of the room, Emi looked around to locate the voice however frozen when her eyes meet with Andrey’s. He was resting on a couch. The room was truly extravagant, it was giving a rich picture from each side of it. The room additionally contained a sitting zone an enormous see-through washroom. She stared at Andrey out of confusion while Andrey Smirked and strolled towards her. Emi began shuddering, at the same time crawling back until she bumped on the wall. Andrey approached her by getting down on her. All of sudden yet unexpectedly pushed his two fingers from his right hand inside her mouth.

“BREATH.” Andrey frowned at Emi, who was out to breathe as her face was so red and soon she began coughing and breathing heavily. Once she came back to her sense, she noticed that Andrey was unbearably close to her. She immediately tried to push him back which didn’t made any effect on Andrey rather she fell back. ” Why I am here? I should be with Aoife. She must be really worried.” Emi started, “I sent her a message from your mobile that you won’t be joining her as you have an Urgent Collage work to attain, well, You didn’t care to put a lock on your screen so I helped myself.” Andrey smirked. “You kidnapped me, you cheap monster!” Emi burst out in anger and kicked him furiously that made Andrey laughed which shocked Emi. “Well seems like you are back to your youthful self as you Are Alright, now shall we begin the main course.” Then he got her by her hand and pulled her, His face was so close to her that she could feel his breath near her cheeks.” I warned you before, “you shout and face the consequences “, remember!” At this point, Emi couldn’t avoid and blast out with tears as she recognized what was coming for her. He then licked her lips and put his tongue forcefully inside her as she was struggling hard to push him back. He began sucking her lips and tongue, Emi was got herself away from him as she bit his lower lip, Andrey hauled his tongue out of her mouth as his mouth field with blood .“Go away! you... disgusting

Animal! ” Emi shouted. “You slapped me without any reason and now you bite me and called me disgusting, let me show you what disgusting look like!” his rage went out of control, then he aggressively pulled her by her arms and threw her onto the bed.

He took off his suit and loosened his tie. Emi began stumbling as Andrey was stripping her cloth aggressively. She was resisting and struggling which was frustrating his doing so he held her hand up on the bed and holds it firmly together. She was shuddering and crying as she realized that there is no way to escape. He then spread her legs and press it on the bed with his knees as he put his hand inside her pant and rubbed her vagina. “you are wet Hamster... seem like your body is more honest...I will take the responsibility to pleasure you.” Andrey grinned. He then undid his belt and pulled down his suit pant, a gigantic penis came outstanding, with no time he shoved it inside her. A thunder torment went through her body as she only could hear a beep sound, the first shake made her scream in pain “Agggh...Naah Aaah .....Aaah!.....”

He began moving back and forth as she went out of breath and the extraordinary agony was too much that made her shout stronger than previously. She was dazed and terrified by the circumstance. She was unable to utter a word in torment. He leaned on her and licked her nipples, bite her soft neck firmly. He then flipped her around and made her stood on her knees while pushing her upper part of the body down on the bed while keeping his arms around her chest as his hand squeezed her breast to such an extent that made her scream in high peach in pain. She squeezed the bed sheet as tightly as possible and shoved her face into the bed. Andrey thrust her frequently, non-Stop, quicker than he couldn’t notice she was bleeding. ” you see !my pride is on the line, it had to be you and it had to be tonight, the more you struggle the more pain you face .” she was unable to state anything as she was consistently wailing. When no answer came Andrey flipped her over, her face was completely red and drenched with tears.” Your crying face is turning me more, are you doing it on purpose!” Andrey smirked. “NO! ... no more... it hurts.. please!..ugh! ugh!.....” Emi wailed and pleaded that amazed Andrey. ” That look on your face begging me to do you more” Andrey smirked however he stopped when he saw that she was bleeding “you are a virgin! Hahaha!... there is a ton of blood. You dirty the white sheet.” Emi was crying in pain, shuddering, and painting frequently as she squeezed her legs to her chest like hiding into an investable hole. Andrey got up and went to the washroom within a few seconds he came out with some tissue paper, he wiped her up and cleaned himself.

“You see I haven’t cum yet! ” he started to unbutton his white shirt and tossed it on the floor. By observing these Emi gasped “ please.”

“I know you are enjoying it, too much that made you cry.” Andrey then pulled her head by her hair and put her face before his penis. He forced it into her mouth, thrusting back and forth against her as she gasped in pain. She holds his wrist to drive it away yet it was no use rather it made the position reasonable, she holds surely made Andrey aroused more as he thrust her quicker than before soon hold her mouth against his penis firmly, a low moan came out from his mouth as he cum somewhere inside her throat. ” Nah..... no more... it hurts... Please!.... Stop.” She sobbed while coughing and gasping vigorously as she dropped on the bed.

She was panting profoundly cause of the torture and soon her brain went blank as her view narrowed and blurred by each blink and soon enough she shut her eyes and passed out.” Oi! are you dead ?“Andre tapped on her face. Then he checked her breath which was quite intense, he covered her with a white blanket which was shocked with blood. He then went to the washroom. He took a shower with cold water, soon his anger sank and realize what he had done. It was his first time that he forced himself on to somebody out of rage and also it was his the first time that he took a virgin. Andrey is extremely self-centered and arrogant, he chuckled pride fully while seeing Emi’s face. Her body was lying on the bed like a corpse, covered with brushes while her face all reddened with a pair of fluffy eyes. Andrey then dressed himself up and left with a confident charming smile.

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