Death Bed

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Chapter 9: The Next Day

Emi blinked, the same roof, same room, same bed, one thing that has changed is herself. Her life changed, the white bed changed into red and the night transformed into day. Emi attempted to get up however couldn’t move an inch. She was too weak to get up as she was lying on the bed, bare. A bloodstain secured half of her body. She glances around and discovered that it’s afternoon, the room was vacant. The silence broke by the sound of Emi’s phone. She attempted to get herself up which took more than 10 minutes. She sat on the bed as it was excessively difficult. Her wrist was harming awfully as she began shuddering. Her fluffy eyes couldn’t open appropriately as her view was hazy. She removed the cover and saw blood was all over her vagina and on the bed. She gradually attempted to get off the bed yet the first attempt was poor as a thunder torment in lighting speed experienced her body. The second attempt was a lot simpler than previously yet she fizzled. Third attain took longer, longer than 10 minutes. She gradually put her one leg out of the bed as she felt a sharp torment however oppose while holding the bedsheet firmly. At that point, she removed her second leg from the bed. She was too scared to think about putting her legs on the floor as she believed that she would collapse like previously. She took some time, took a deep breath, and gradually remained on her unstable legs. She was unable to stand straight yet she attempted her best to stand, it took a few seconds to catch her standing position with her body. She made a couple of baby steps however each progression made her body shaken. She went to the table to take her phone. 5 messages and 22 miscalls. Her eyes went all the way open when she saw Aoife’s miscalls, which was 16 and 6 from her part-time job. She looked at the time which was 4.07 P.M “what! How long I have been sleeping.” She opened her message box, Aoife sends her a message at 10.35 p.M last night, it says “alright! work hard on your project. Fighting!” with a smiling emoticon after that.


“Haaaa!” Emi sang as she mumbled “Fighting! yes! Fighting...ha..ha .....hahaha! indeed! Fighting!” as her eyes went watery while tears ran down from her cheeks. “hahahahah haaaaaaa!” she singed intensely once more. She took a glare at the window which was clear as the sun rays were coming through it. The excellence of last light which she always wanted to see, came to reality. She looked on the floor, her clothes were half-stripped, her undergarments were destroyed except her jeans, it was wearable. She needed to clean herself before going out. She went to the washroom, opened the shower, and stood under it. Coldwater running through her body that made her recall the last night. Her breath went heavy as she rubbed her body forcefully. She began panicking, shaking, and breathing vigorously. She pulled her hair, scrubbed her lips rapidly. Tears running down from her cheeks as she collapsed on the restroom floor. It took thirty minutes to get to herself. She put her clothes on, took her phone into her pocket, and hurried out of the hotel. She ran to her loft, it took like 20 minutes to reach. Once, she reached, she rushed inside and Bang! Close the entryway with a loud sound. Immediately collapsed on the floor as she was wailing and moaning heavily. Her filthy clothes made her more filthy, she took it off and threw it into the dustbin. Her cheeks were cherry red and her eyes ware all swallowed. She took out another pair of cloths and put it on as her throat went dry which required water. She pulled out a glass however flashed back the glass from the hotel, with no time she threw the glass away on the floor and drank water from a jug. Out of nowhere, everything began returning which she would prefer not to recall. She wanted to forget the previous night from her mind but Alas! How that disgusting man hold her, how he played with her body, how he forced her and torture her until the very end, how he made fun of her, licked and bite all over her, how she raped her, everything flashed back. She was unable to endure that and begun throwing things from her room. She wanted to forget him, wanted to forget the night. She wanted to kill him. As she imagined of killing him, made her calm down, and bring her back to sense. As her room was half destroyed, she began cleaning things. She was gasping and shuddering to such an extent, her eyes haven’t had rest from the previous night still now. In the long run, she began feeling unsteady and crumbled on the floor. She saw her father holding his two hands out for her. A gentle and peaceful smile on her lips appeared as she quit shuddering. Tears ran down from the edge of her eyes. She laid on her back on the floor and gradually she shut her eyes and went to a deep slumber.

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