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"I want to see your face one more last time" that's what I said on 1916 September 12th, at 03:15 PM. While I was laying in the middle of my friends dead bodies, it smelt so badly, all the dead bodies with the shooting noise, my right hand was completely destroyed, I didn't feel my legs, that made me think that they're broken. Hardly I managed to reach my pocket, picked up your picture out of it. I looked at your beautiful smile for a last good bye but the look on your eyes didn't let me to give up, I don't want to die now, not before spending 30 year on your side. My lovely Maria you kept me alive.

Action / Romance
Imad Ramdani
Age Rating:

The Birth

1897 February 3rd, 07:30 AM.

Dukinfield a small town in the UK, in a small apartment, Maria street. Apartment 158 a 28 years old woman (Jennifer Wisconsin, 162 cm tall, 56 kg weight, blue eyes, white skin, red lips and blond hair)

starts to scream "Jack ! Jack ! Jaaaaack ! It's happening let's go now" and Jack Wisconsin(30 years old British man, 183 cm tall, green eyes, with Brown hair and white skin, 76 kg weight) comes running towards her and tells her to relax "hey honey I'm here just try to breath slowly" and he walks with her out.

Jack screams "Bryan come now, we need a ride to the hospital" (Bryan is Jack's best friend he is a 29 years old man, who is a taxi driver) Bryan gets his car ready for Jack and his wife to go to the hospital.

1897 February 3rd, 11:15 AM. Jennifer gives her first and last birth to a boy. White skin, green eyes and brown hair. When the nurse gave the baby to his mom he smiled to her "that's a very very rare moment when we see a 30 minutes old boy smiles" the nurse says to Jennifer and she smiles to Jack and whispers "what are we gonna name him babe" he moves his happiness tears and picks his son and says "we will name him Peter as your great grandpa's name honey" and says to the boy "little Peter promise me to be a great good boy in the future"

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