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I've been fighting since I was 5, I've killed a lot of people to survive but I'm not complaining I did what had to be done. I'm called the devil around here but people forget, the devil was once an angel.

Action / Romance
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I'll take you somewhere safe I promise you'd never have to cry or beg for food again, you'd be treated like a princess, what's your name by the way the friendly woman asked; Dadaji ma'am I replied. You'll be called princess Dadaji from now on.

I woke up and checked the time it was only 2am I stretched and got down from the bed and headed to the bathroom, I never liked showering with people so I'd always wake up way early, I came here when I was two, well I was adopted by Mrs. Exrin the care taker and brought here and well let's just say this was far from what she had told me, I didn't beg for food because I fought and got it and crying was prohibited and I definitely wasn't treated like a princess either. Here in the dome, we are treated like savages, we are put against each other to fight to the death and if that's not bad enough we are bet on by the high elite who come to watch what goes down here, I started fighting when I was 5 in the children's section before I was moved out of there by the age of 15 to the adults which wasn't right because we graduated when we were 18 but I was a good fighter apparently and I've never lost a fight since then not like I had an option, it was either their life or mine and I wasn't ready to die yet. I finished my shower and walked over to the mirror, my brown eyes were dull they'd seen enough horrors my grey hair was cut short and I had a curvy body, the fighting kept me in shape, my dark skin always glowed thank goodness and my scars were not as noticeable I knew I was pretty but what was the use of being pretty trapped in a place like this. I dressed up and headed towards the cage, i had a fight this morning and I wasn't looking forward to it but did I have a choice, as I passed by I noticed people talking and it only irritated me the more, I was nicknamed the devil,why I had no idea but then again I didn't care I just wanted to get this done with, adding another body wasnt an achievement but people thought differently down here, for every one you killed a star would be placed under your name on the board which made me hate this place more than I already did, they had a twisted way of life and I don't know how much longer I could stay here before I became like them. As I arrived the cage I saw the board with my name on top I was the best after all, the stars underneath my name only made me feel sick, I was tired of this.

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