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~My Boy.~

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The Pick Up & First Two Days

I sat in my corral, looking at all the other horses around me. I notice a Tall man and Young lady come over to my pen, I struck back in the corner nervously.

“These here are the 3-5 year old Geldings”

The man pointed out all the horses then pointed at me, I saw a flicker in the girls eyes.

“That is a Purebred Lusitano Gelding, 4 years old, Probably the most stubborn horse here.”

`` I want that one.`` She pointed dead at me.

" Ma’am A-are you sure?-”

``Very.`` She Said and smiled at me.

Before I knew it our pen door opened and slowly they sorted horses, pinning me into a different area, Alone. A loud box like thing backed up and I was pushed into the shoot where my number came off and and a halter was put on. The shoot door opens and I rush into the box like thing. I turn around swiftly to find the door closed and locked.

Throughout the ride I have gotten small scratches and bruises from the Box thing, That I soon learned was a Trailer. But before I knew it The movement stopped and the door swung open. Of course without thinking I bolted out into a Pen attached to a Quarantine barn. I trotted around impatiently as the girl who pointed at me watched me from afar. I soon went into the small stable and was pleasantly surprised to find fresh water and bedding, along with a hay net fill to the brim with Alfalfa, a Type of hay. I immediately Munched on the hay. I savored the sweet salty flavor of it. I watched a boy walk in and pull out the tray in my stall door, He poured something in it and pushed it back in, walking off.

After a Moment I walked over to sniff it. It was Sweet feed, a sweet flavored feed with important vitamins and minerals in it. Since I hadn't had a dental check the humans put water in the feed to make it easier on my teeth, I didn't mind as it was sweet feed. Something I hadn't had sense my first months of life.

After some time I fell asleep, When I woke I found new water more hay and the feed tray filled again. I realized after eating something that my halter was off. I Tossed my head gladly and trotted outside, I stopped in fear as I saw something inside my Pen...

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