Spear Garden

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Chapter 33

Over the Atlantic

16:34 EST (21:34 GMT)

June 25th

Blake sat in the back of the plane with his seat reclined. His eyes were closed as he tapped his fingers on the armrest to the beat of the music coming through his headphones. His mind drifted to trying to connect all of the dots and make some sense out of everything he’d learned.

If al Hamwi came to Cuba to meet with Adriana’s father, there must be something that he missed; something that wasn’t in the intel that he’d taken. There has to be some kind of clue and Adriana was the only person that might be able to help him out. He tried to figure out a way to approach her and ask for her help. After all, he did just kill her father about a week ago. The first thing she’ll want to do is knock my head off. He would have to approach it delicately, to say the least.

His thoughts drifted him back to when he was undercover as David Saye, from Canada. He thought about how he helped her distribute food and medical supplies in one of the many villages she visited on a monthly basis.

He recalled an incident when she cut her palm with a box cutter. Instinctively, he grabbed her hand and led her over to the only supply of fresh water; a hand pump in the middle of the village. Water washed away the blood and grime as he cleaned her wound. While he bandaged her cut, he sensed her gaze at him.

When Blake looked up, he caught just how striking she was; her dark hair, green eyes and dark olive complexion. As thoughts often dance from one to another for no reason, he thought of Farishta and how he’d hoped that they had given her a proper funeral. He then realized how similar the two women looked, with their dark hair and exotic features.

Blake was thrown from his thoughts when the plane made a correction and changed directions. Curious, he got up gingerly, still sore from his battle scars, and went to the cockpit. “Why did we change direction?”

Chuck, who was piloting the plane looked over his shoulder and said, “Sorry buddy. I just got a direct order from Langley. We’re supposed to bring you back.”

“By who’s orders?”

“Director Slocum. She said that she wants you there ASAP,” Chuck said.

Blake thought about what to do for a few seconds. “Just hold on a minute, I’ll be right back.”

In the cabin, he paced up and down the aisle a few times. I can’t go back to Langley. I’ve got to get back to Cuba. What’s going on at Langley that has them forcing me back? He needed to find out more information about al Hamwi and that shipment. So far, his only possible lead had led him back to Cuba. Another day or two at home could have drastic consequences. Blake went back up to the cockpit and said, “Turn back toward Cuba. Do it now.”

Randy turned to Blake and said, “And disobey a direct order? I don’t think so. Sorry Blake, we’ve got to do what we’re told.”

“Do you guys trust me?” Blake asked.

“Well, yeah,” Randy said, “But this has nothing to do with trust. It has to do with us keeping our jobs.”

“Ok, tell them that I threatened you. Tell them that I put a gun to your head and forced you to go to Cuba. If I find out what I am hoping to find out, then this won’t be a problem. And neither of you will be held responsible.”

Both pilots gave a little chuckle. “HA! Nice one Blake. We’ve known you too long. You wouldn’t do anything like that?” Randy said.

Blake drew his Glock and pressed it to the back of Chucks head. “You mean like this?” Randy gave a wide eyed gaze at Blake and then the gun at the back of his partner’s head.

“Blake, what the fuck?”

“Now look, I will incapacitate you both and fly this plane myself. You know I can do it, so let’s just make this simple, ok?”

Randy nodded and Chuck just said, “Okay.” Randy then focused on the instrument panel and pointed to the EICAS and sarcastically said, “Oh look, it seems we’ve got a sudden drop in oil pressure. We’re going to need to land at the nearest base. Where is that Chuck?”

“I believe that is Guantanamo, Randy.”

Blake removed the gun from the back of Chuck’s head. “Thanks guys. I’ll take all the heat for this. If you don’t mind, I’ll just stay right here until we land at GITMO.”

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