Spear Garden

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Chapter 48

Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant

Astravets, Hrodna Voblast, Belarus

02:15 (8/24 23:15 GMT)

July 3rd Independence Day

Oleg’s car and entourage pulled up to the rear of the power plant. When they neared the guard house, a head snapped up, followed by fumbling to grab a rifle. The guard emerged, scrubbing his face before squaring his shoulders.

Oleg approached the night guard and said, “We’re here to pick up the truck. Open the gate.”

“Mr. Prime Minister, you’re here awfully late.”

“Don’t worry about it. Just open the gate so we can get the truck.”

“I’m sorry, sir, I do not know which truck you are speaking of.”

Oleg fought the urge to slap the incompetent idiot. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves. “Just do as you’re told!”

“Yes, sir. Of course.”

The guard fumbled with the electronic controls and opened the gate. When he reappeared out of the guardhouse Oleg asked, “Where is Doctor Sakevich?”

“I am not certain, but it is my understanding that he and his team are busy going through all of the pre-tests that are required to bring the reactors on-line.”

Oleg pointed toward the plant. “Is that garage door unlocked?”

“No, sir. I’ll have to open it with my key card.”

“Do it. Then I want you to personally go and get Dr. Sakevich. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

Oleg motioned to his entourage to follow them. The guard swiped his card, keyed in a six digit pin and the heavy steel door creaked upward. Once the door was open, the vehicles drove in. “Now, go get the Doctor. Have him meet me here.”

The guard turned to leave.



“Downstairs. There are some empty rooms. Are they locked?” Oleg asked.

The guard’s eyes drifted up in thought.

“Just give me your keys,” Oleg demanded.

The man nervously fumbled through the keys. His eyes lit up when he found the one he was looking for. “Here. This one will unlock all of the doors.”

The guard handed him the keys before turning to leave. As the guard turned out of sight, Oleg snapped his fingers at the first two men that exited the car. They hustled to the rear and opened the trunk. It had been a long time since he had drugged someone. He hoped that he got the dose right.

They removed Adriana’s limp body, checked her pulse and gave Oleg the nod that she was still alive.

“What do you want us to do with her?”

“Follow me.”

The red Not Operational sign across the front of the elevator added to Oleg’s frustration. Dammit! He opened a steel door that led to a staircase. They climbed down eight flights of stairs to a level still under construction. They scooted down a long hallway with doors on each side, every fifteen feet. At the third door, Oleg unlocked it.

“Put her in here.”

The rooms were made from poured concrete, lined with lead and were more than half a meter thick. The henchmen sat her down gently.

Oleg tossed a nylon rope on the floor. “Tie her up and gag her.”

They bound Adriana’s hands behind her back. “What do you want me to gag her with?” asked one of the men.

Oleg stepped out of the room and walked down to some scaffolding. He picked up a roll of duct tape and took it back to the room.

“Here.” He tossed the roll to the guard.

The ripping of the tape echoed in the tiny room as he wrapped it around her head. When he was satisfied with her binds, they closed the lead lined door behind them. The click of the lock could be heard throughout the hallway.

As they exited the stairwell, Oleg saw Dr. Sakevich waiting by the limousine. Thoughts raced through his mind of what to say. Having the guard retrieve him was the only way he could be assured no one would see them unload Adriana from the trunk.

“Ah, Doctor Sakevich, how are you?”

“I am fine sir, but with all due respect. We are extremely busy and are working hard to make sure that we can bring the reactors on-line in time for tomorrow’s ceremony. What can I do for you?”

Yes, I know that you idiot. “Yes, of course you are. I am very sorry to have bothered you. You’re doing a fine job here, Doctor. I just wanted to get a quick status update and you’ve just given it to me. I apologize. Please.”

Oleg extended his arm indicating that he could leave. The doctor thanked Oleg, briskly turned and jogged off.

The weapons truck had been covered in the back of the garage. The men Oleg had left behind had uncovered it and had it waiting at the front of the line to leave.

Oleg waved over the driver of the truck.

“You know what to do with the cargo, yes?”

“Yes, sir. We have the list of buildings and the placement locations within them.”

“Excellent. We must leave now. We don’t have much time.”

He handed the driver an envelope.

“The cards in there will grant you access to the different buildings.”

Oleg pulled out the keys and removed one. He handed it to the guard that put Adriana in her cell.

“Here. You stay here and make sure she stays quiet. Give her water once she wakes up, but that’s it. Understand?”

The guard took the key and nodded.

Oleg glanced at his watch. “Hurry. We have less than eleven hours before Solonovich gives his—final speech.”

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