Spear Garden

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Chapter 52

Belarusian Power Plant

Astravets, Hrodna Voblast, Belarus

12:00 (09:00 GMT)

July 3rd

Adriana woke up and found herself surrounded in pitch black. She was groggy and her mind was lethargic from the drugs she was given. She didn’t realize her feet and hands were bound until she tried to move them. Her heart raced and her chest tightened. Fear rolled in like fog over a lake. She tried to scream but it was muted by the duct tape that was wrapped around her mouth and head.


The guard outside the door heard her rustling around. A quick glance at his watch revealed the time she awoke. He turned and started the long walk up and out of the plant to let Prime Minister Shorets know she had awakened.


Oleg was speaking to Minister Litwin about the ceremony that was to take place in just under two hours when he noticed the guard. He gave him a brief nod and continued his conversation.

“Everything seems to be in place, Minister. You’ve done very well. Now, please excuse me for a moment, I have some other business I need to attend to.”

Minister Litwin turned and walked away. Oleg motioned for the guard to come closer.

“What is it? Has she awakened?” Oleg asked.

“Yes, Sir. I could hear her stirring.”

“Alright. Let’s go have a chat with our guest.”

The line of light that poured into the room illuminated the woman on the floor. She squinted as her eyes adjusted to the light. Oleg stepped over to her.

“I know you are frightened, but listen to me and you may very well get out of here unharmed. In two hours and fifteen minutes, I have to deliver a speech to the people of Belarus. It will not be about this power plant, but of the horrific and unfortunate terrorist attack that is about to ensue in Minsk. I will be delivering that speech as the new President of Belarus.”

Adriana struggled to say something. Oleg motioned for the guard to remove her gag. As soon as he did, she spat out, “You son of a bitch! You don’t think that for a minute that you’re actually going to get away with this do you? I know someone and he will bring a team here to come and get me, and when he does, he’s going to kick your ass and your stupid plan will fall to pieces. Everyone will know about your plan.”

Oleg smiled and chuckled.

“What’s so funny, asshole?”

“Oh my dear, if you could just hear yourself. Your mumblings are so cliché of a bad American action movie, but this time, there will be no hero to the rescue.” He paused for a moment to allow her to process what he just said.

“Who are the people going to believe? Huh? Their new president….. or the daughter of the man who sold al Qaeda the weapon that was unleashed on the people of Belarus?”

Adriana just stared at Oleg with a dead look.

That’s right. Let that sink in for a moment.

Oleg enjoyed seeing the panic and confusion in her eyes. He let it fester for a few seconds more. “Yes, my dear. I know who you are. I know it was your father, General Hector Vasquez that sold the weapons to al Hamwi. I guess he just sent his daughter along to make sure they were delivered and you just got caught. All of al Hamwi’s men will have died in their gallant fight after the attack, but you my dear—you will be tried for your part in the assassination of President Solonovich and for terroristic acts against the people of Belarus. Each offense is punishable by death. And, unlike America, we carry out our sentences very quickly.”

“It doesn’t matter what you say. As soon as my friend gets here, he’ll stop your plans. The truth will come out.”

Oleg scoffed again. “Oh, yes—your friend. Mr. MacKay, I presume?”

Oleg leaned in to her and asked, “Did you not understand me earlier?”

Adriana turned her head.

Oleg glanced at his watch and said, “Oh well, no matter. My dear, I’m afraid that that little situation is not going to play out. You see, by now Mr. MacKay is probably rotting in a field somewhere.”

He could see the color drain from her face as he delivered the news. “What?”

“Yes. Do you honestly think I would keep someone as dangerous as Mr. MacKay alive? He would be a detriment to my plan and try to stop it. I gave the order to have him shot this morning. He’s been dead for hours.”

Her eyes burned into to him before dimming. When she must’ve realized he wasn’t lying, she blinked several times. Each time her eyes were wetter until a lone tear trickled down her cheek. Oleg motioned for his guard to come close. “You can keep the gag off of her for now, but if she starts to make noise, put it back on. After I give my speech, kill her. Take pictures as evidence and then dispose of the body in a forest somewhere on the way back to Minsk.”

The big man nodded. “Yes, sir.”

They left the room, closed the door and locked it. Oleg went back up to go over final preparations for the simulcast and to find out where Aleksandr was.

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