Spear Garden

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Chapter 55

Minsk, Belarus

13:59:23 (10:59:23 GMT)

July 3rd

The clock on his instrument panel counted down the time. The EMP was at ninety-four percent. At this rate, he would have just seven seconds until the time when the Metal Storm weapons would unleash their rain of flying lead and grenades. Tick by tick he stared at the screen. “Come on!” He put his thumb on the button. The light turned green.

He mashed the button and moved the front of the aircraft in a sweeping motion for maximum spread.


KGB agents rushed the staged. People in the crowd started to panic. The president looked up again at the strange aircraft.

“Come, Mr. President. We need to get you to safety.”

“What’s going—”

A single shot flew silently through the air; fired from a building over one kilometer away, on the opposite side of Gorky Park. It ripped through the president’s chest and the body of the agent behind him. Both collapsed on the stage.

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