Spear Garden

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Chapter 12

Off the coast of Isle de la Juventud, Cuba

04:00 (09:00 GMT)

June 19th

Zahmir and Mustafa followed the other boats that contained the last of the weapons that they took from the warehouse. The silhouette of their ship was outlined in black in the dark morning sky as they approached.

Their ship was classified as a “handysize’. It was 180 meters in length and 20 meters wide. It had four cargo holds with three cranes of twenty-eight metric ton lifting capacity. One of the holds was already full of tobacco and other products that they purchased in the off chance that their ship was boarded and searched.

She was called the “Angel van de zee”, which loosely translated from Dutch meant “Angel of the sea”.

Both men steadied themselves as they stepped off the small boat and onto the ship’s landing platform. The chains attached to the crates on the other boat rattled before they were pulled taught by the crane. Zahmir smiled as he watched the crate rise up and disappear over the ship’s railing.

“This was very good that you thought of taking the other weapons, Zahmir,” Mustafa said.

“Yes. They will go a long way to help funding our cause. Ever since the infidel American’s murdered bin Laden, it has been quite difficult to raise funding and buy weapons. This will help considerably.” And I will be rewarded handsomely.

“Has the AIS been disabled?”

AIS, or Automatic Identification System, is used to track a ships location and destination via the Internet.

“Yes my brother. Nobody will know where we are.”

Zahmir placed his hand on his friends shoulder. “Come, let us go for some tea and re-estimate our time of arrival in Croatia. Loading our extra cargo has delayed our departure.”

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