The Gods Among Us

By QuickShot1445 All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Other


After finding himself waking up in a pile of trash in a dark alley, a young teenage boy discovered he has power. Many, many powers in facts; the power to shoot ice and fire from his hand, the power to teleport anywhere in the world, the power to move things with his mind. And yet, even with all he can do, there is one thing he can't do. He can't remember who he. However, as the years pass, he find a group of people who is willing to trust him and who is willing to help him remember who he really is. Or what he really is.

Prologue: Waking Up

"ooooooaaaaaa“, I slowly moan, placing my hand on my head. “oooaaaa....what---where---Where the heck am I?”

Trying my hardest to open my shut eyes, I had to close them once again after begin temporary blinded by this unbelievable, bright light, it shining almost as bright and as burning as the sun.

"AAAAHHHH!!!“, I scream, bringing up my hand to shield myself from the burning, bright light. However, as I brought up my hands, something strange happen.

At first, it felt like as if something had just crawl out from my hands.

It wasn’t like a “ripping” feeling, like as if that something had just pull apart my skin and crawl through it, but more like as if it just quickly pass through my hand, without so much as leaving a mark. As it pass through my hand, whatever it is, it shot off like a gun, launching me back and destroying the bright light in front of me, it turning out to be nothing more than a simple light hanging above a rusted, green door, the glass from the light shattering and falling everywhere.

WHOA!!!”, I scream, falling back and landing into something smooth and stretchy, but also ice-cold. “What the---?!?!

Gasping for air now, I started looking at my hands.

What the heck was that?!?!”, I scream, my voice echoing all over. Quickly pushing myself up, I started taking a look around to see just where I am.

With the light destroyed, I could now see. For some reasons, I’m in a dark, damp, narrow alley. Almost as narrow and as thin as a simple No. 2 pencil, the alleyway is absolutely littered with raven-black, trash-covered trash bags; some of them still in one piece, most of them broken and with even more disgusting trash falling out from them. In fact, what I accidentally landed in when I was shot back was a trash bags not broken. Lucky for me I guess. And if the trash bags only wasn’t enough, there were almost puddles of filthy water everywhere. Scatter throughout the lightless passageway are small pools of brown and black water, almost every single one of them with a piece of garbage in them.

Now confuse even more, as to what possible reasons I would have for begin in such a horrifying, disgusted place, I started thinking, trying to remember what it was. Maybe by remembering what I’m suppose to be doing here, I can also remember who I am, and maybe learn more about this “ability” I have.

As I started to try and think about my past, I also started to get this really, really strong headache. At first, it didn’t really bother me, the feeling like a tiny, black, buzzing fly trying desperately to annoy a giant, mighty, grey elephant. However, as I continue to try and remember anything about my past, the headache started to get worse and worse. Eventually, the pain in my head brought me down to my knee.

Aaaaahhhhhh…..”, I groan, grinding my teeth together and slamming my hands against my head. “What--What’s going on!?! What’s is this?!?! AAAAHHHHH!!! MAKE IT STOP!!! PLEASE!!!

Yet, even with my plead, the headache continue to grow, the annoying buzzing fly turning into a hungry, roaring, winged lion, biting at the flesh of the once, mighty elephant. The pain, the headache, it was too much for me to handle. Already, I fell to my knee, landing directly into a brown puddle. Now, I smashing my head and my hands against the ground, hoping that that would somehow shake it off.


As the headache continue to grow in pain, I started losing the energy to stay up. Barely begin able to keep both my eyes open, I stop smashing my fists and head against, the cold, damp, alleyway’s ground. By now, I’m on the verge of fainting, or maybe even dying.

“............“, I quietly and slowly moan, laying completely on the ground now, the left side of my face in a nearby, cold puddle. Surprisingly, it didn’t feeling that bad.

Blinking every now and then, just to make sure I’m still breathing, I was more than ecstatic when the headache started to die down. In fact, in only about a few seconds, the pain-stalking, killing headache that had made me wish for death had just suddenly disappear, almost like as if it was never there to began with.

“aaahhhh...“, I groan, shaking my head and trying to get up. However, as I try to stand back up, I instantly fell back down, my knee giving way.

“oof”, I yell, falling back into the puddle. “ahhhh....”

Barely catching myself in time, I worrying look at my knee.

“The headache”, I thought, “It must have somehow weaken my knee.”

Now trying my hardest, and using the damp alleyway’s wall, I try to stand, my shaking knee weighting me down instead of supporting me.

“......Come on......”

Almost standing now, I once again look around the alleyway, only this time, I was looking for a way out of this wretched place. Spotting what look like a street near what could be the end of the alley, I slowly but steadily started walking toward it, gasping for breath the whole way through.

“......Finally”, I said, smiling. “Finally...”

Emerging out from the alley and onto the empty, dimly lit, street, I felt an unbelievable burst of joy and escape. Sadly though, that feeling of “joy and escape” didn’t last long.

Almost right after leaving the alleyway, I was struck in the stomach by something hard.

"Ooff!“, I yell, falling over and gripping my stomach.

Sliding down the wall of the alley I used as a support, I slowly sank back down to the ground. Wondering what it was that attack me, I quickly look up. There, standing above me, are two men, one of which is holding an iron pipe.

One of the men who attack me is a tall, thin man with shiny, sweat-covered skin, and dirty, uncombed, mud-brown hair. He’s wearing a torn, messy, dark green jacket with a pair of jet-black sweat pant with a hole in the left knee.

His friend, the one who had the iron pipe, is a medium-height, fat man who also has shiny, sweat-covered skin but instead is almost completely bald, with some light-brown hair growing on the back side of his head and a small stub under his mouth. Unlike his “pal”, he’s wearing a large, stain-filled, stripped, short-sleeves shirt paired with a pair of tan-color work short.

“Now who do we have here”, laugh the fat man, patting his left right with his weapon.

“If I had to guess”, reply the think man, putting his thumb and index finger to his chin. “I would said we have here some free money!"

“What...“, I groan, looking angrily at the two men.

Laughing loudly and annoyingly, the two of them give one another a big high-five, before looking back at me.

"Okay!“, scream the armed man. ”Listen up, you little brat! If you don’t want a crack skull, you’ll empty your pocket and give us whatever we want!"

"I would listen if I would you“, suggest the tall man, tilting his head. ”It been awhile since my friend here ate! And he get mighty grumpy when he’s hungry!"

Chuckling once more, that irritating, annoying chuckling, it started to make me mad. I don’t why, but for some reasons, I started seeing red. I started forgetting about my weak knee, and my bruise stomach, and only focus on the two idiots in front of me. All of a sudden, I begun to feel something flowing through me. Something... powerful.

Chuckling now, I look up at the two “men” in front of me. Once I started laughing, they stop.

“What’s so funny”, ask the thin man, a worry look replacing his happy one.

“Oh nothing”, I reply, still chuckling. “It’s just that...I don’t think you two will live to see the next sunrise.”

“Uh...“, said the two simultaneously, looking confusingly at each other.

While looking at each other, I smile an evil grin.

"Take this!“, I scream, shooting up like a rocket. Now standing proud and tall, I brought up my hands, toward the men, almost exactly like when I first woke up. And just like the light when I first woke up, I shot off something from my hands and blew the tall bastard away. He flew through the air for a few seconds, before landing back onto the street with a loud thud.

"What the-?!“, scream the fat man, dropping his weapon, the iron pipe bouncing up and down with a clinking sound effect.

Paralyzed by what just happen, the fat man could only stare at his down friend, with a horrifying look on his face.

Eventually snapping back into reality, he remember me and started to slowly turn around, taking it one turn at a time.

Sweating more, and practically choking on air, the man started to slowly back away from me.

Now, angry yet happy, I look at my hands before looking back at the fat man, who was running away by now. Not wanting to run after the fat bastard, I decided to try something. I carefully aim at my hand at the man, before firing off it off. Whatever shot off of my hand struck the man in the back and made him fall over. Causally walking over to the now crawling man, I stomp hard on the man’s stomach, causing him to scream out loud.

Kicking him over now, I steadily aim my hand at the man’s head.

“No...“, said the man, bringing up his hand. “Please...”

Remaining silently, I activate my “power” and ended it.

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