The Huntress

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Angel Santez


I throw my drink back, the alcohol burning my throat.

"Another." I croak out to the bartender, who bades by my words and pours me another glass. I take a sip and twirl the ice around in my cup, seeming bored to others who were watching me, but in reality I was trying to find my target, the one I was sent to kill. I down the rest of my whiskey, and give the bartender a wink as he takes my glass, cleaning it and putting it away as it had never been used. That was a nice perk of the job I suppose, one look at the black high client card and anything I needed would be provided. But like any job, it also had it's downfalls, like having to commit murder on a daily basis. I raise up out of my chair, fixing my rising skin tight dress to how it was before. I could practically feel their gaze as I walk, none of the men in their group being secretive at all, I hated men like these, thinking they could look at any woman and get what they wanted. Just as I reach the doorway I hear them all get up, ready to pursue me in hopes of a good night. Looks like I've found who I'm looking for. I close the door behind me and walk into the alleyway next to the bar, pulling out my gun and loading it. I hike my dress up so my left leg is bare, and you can see the lace of my underwear, and tuck the gun there. I pull my dress back down in satisfaction. I lean against the brick wall and pull out a cigarette from my purse and use my finger to light the cigarette, blowing on my finger to make the flame disappear. The tingles from using my power even for a small task ring throughout my body, giving me the adrenaline the seven glasses of whiskey couldn't. I hear stumbling and laughs ring out through the quiet night and immediately know who they are.

"Seems our little friends are ready to play." I mutter to myself as I take a drag of my cig, pretending to not notice the men stumbling down the alley in my direction.

I glance at them from my peripheral vision as they're a few paces away, my body tensing in anticipation, eager for a fight it knew we would win.

"Hey! Pre- uhlp- pretty laydeeyyy." One man calls out, burping through the middle of his shout, obviously drunk off his rockers.

I turn, pretending they just caught my attention. I wave my right hand, with red manicured nails in prestige condition, reminding me of the sight of blood I'm craving for.

"Hi!" I say with a giggle as I push off the wall, meeting them in the middle of the alleyway, appearing as calm as a butterfly.

"What's a purty laydee like yuu doin out ere?" The man asks with his slurred accent, not sober enough to pronounce his words correctly. The other men behind him laugh as they realize their friend is off the deep end, laughing at his slurred words as if they were the funniest jokes to ever be told.

"Oh, why thank you for the compliment. I was just feeling lonely and decided to calm myself down with a cig. What can I do for you boys?" I ask as I take a drag, their gazes going to my red lips with grins slowly turning into smirks.

"Oh, I'm sure we can help you out with that, besides it'll be our pleasure." One of the men practically purrs out, seeming sober enough to speak an entire sentence with ease. Looks like I've found my target, this was too easy, much too easy.

I let out my puff of smoke, and tilt my head. I take my cigarette and put it out on the brick wall beside me, flicking it to the ground. They made me waste a cigarette, now I'm pissed.

I turn to them with a smirk, my dimples coming out to play, and flutter my eyelashes as I try not to gag at their faces. Why am I doing this again? Oh right, it's part of the job.

I almost roll my eyes as their faces realize what my body language is insinuating.

"Why don't we go somewhere more private?" I purr out in a honey like voice, reeling them in to a false sense of security. Oh the things I'm going to do with you lot. I lick my lips at the thought of it, my magic humming beneath my skin, ready to play.

I've prolonged this quite enough, no more playing around.

I lean against the brick wall and one of the men come up to me and grabs a lock of my hair, pushing himself up on me. It takes everything in me not to snap his neck right here right now, but I resist. Looks like I'm doing it in the alleyway.

He puts his head on my neck and his hand on my thigh, running it up and down my dress, his hand soon goes under my dress and up my bare thigh, and then his fingers land on my gun.

His face contorts into confusion, and before he can say anything, I've already put a bullet through his skull. His body falls back and the rest of the men's smirks fall off their faces in a blink. It wasn't my plan to kill the other men, other than my target, but he was a little too close for comfort, and he wasn't my type.

Their eyes turn to me in shock.

"What the hell?" My target mutters as another one of the men in the back starts to stumble away, clearly not wanting to die.

I would have let him run, I wouldn't have killed him, but he had the same plans as the rest of the men, they truly were vile plans, ready to take me even if I didn't consent. It's a pity really, he is kinda cute, but that thought flies out the window as the sound of my gun goes off again and the man falls, a pool of his own blood starting to seep out of him. By now, the danger starts to seep into their thoughts. They realize that I have just killed two of their friends, and they could possibly die here tonight as well. With the loud music next to us, their screams and the sound of my gun will go unnoticed, for now. Which is why I have to speed this up. They weren't the only people on my hit list tonight.

I twirl my gun in my hand as the men look from their dead friends to me, trying to figure a way out of this.

"So, do you still wanna play?" I ask with a fake giggle as I point the gun back at them. They freeze and look at each other, as if asking, 'you got a way out of this?'

"So, are any of you going to at least try and put up a fight, or are you going to be nice and let me give you a quick death?" I ask seriously as I kick off my heels, ready to let loose. They glance at each other and I see one of the guys stumble to the side, trying to stay grounded but failing miserably.

"I'll fight ya! What's a pr- pretty gurl like ya gunna do anyways?" He asks as he hiccups. Great, I'm fighting the drunkest one first.

"Alright, seems as if it's about time someone knocked some sense into you. Also, is pretty the only word you know to call a woman?" I ask as I point the gun in every direction as I talk with my hands, spooking them on purpose.

After no response I nod my head.

"Alrighty, not much of a talker when you get called out are you?" I say with a smirk and before I can blink a fist is thrown into my face.

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