Happily Never After

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What if you’re sent to assassinate someone that hold your happily ever after? What if you’re truly the target? Want short story with a gripping plot twist?

Action / Thriller
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Happily Never After

“Open your mouth!”

The guard glared at my opened mouth, inspecting it.

“Raise your tongue” She ordered, not taking her eyes from my mouth.

I almost rolled my eyes. With the way she inspected my mouth, you’d think it was possible I hid a knife or worse, a sword there.

I obediently did all the female guard asked of me. I didn’t object as she violently spun me to my back and asked me to bend.

A very unpleasant retort was at the tip of my tongue as she inspected my back side. How absurd to actually think someone would hide a weapon in the anus. And If someone did-which prompted them to start checking- then that person was a dignified psychopath.

By the time the guard made the decision that i wasn’t hiding any weapon in weird places,making me less dangerous, I could already tell that I was seconds away from grabbing the pistol - tucked carelessly at her waist band- and hitting her face, giving her a broken nose or better still shoot her head away from her body.


Just like that.

But I wouldn’t do that, well not now.

Not when other female guards were stationed around, clutching machine guns like their lives depended on it. Any mistake from me or any of the woman that were being searched, we’d have a bullet hole the size of Canada in our heads.

And I was on a mission here, so I had to keep my head down until it was time for me to strike.

I was here for one thing alone, to kill someone that held the key to my happily ever after.

My reverie was cut short when a guard slammed my new brown uniform in my face.

Minutes later, I and other woman were lead deep into the halls of Hawkins women prison.


Luna, you called

Those were the words he said immediately he picked the call on the first ring. That night when I called him, he said those words like he knew I was going to call. As if he was waiting patiently by phone knowing I was going to crawl back.

I remember how I felt hot that night at the sound of his voice, even though the weather was so cold.

The scruffy, hard voice of Kamen Ferguson sounding relaxed and smug.

How are you?

He asked next. I remember wanting to scoff and scream. I wanted to ask him how he expected me to be. I wanted to shout at him for ruining my life. For turning me into a monster that people got scared of. Even my parents, especially my mom takes a protective step forward anytime she sees me with my baby brother.

For making my best friend hate me and blame me for ruining her family. For making people treat me like a time bomb about to explode. And also for the name people called me at the neighborhood. ‘The girl who died and returned’

Instead, I told Kamen that I was fine and I wanted us to meet. My plan initially was to kill him immediately we meet but when I saw his lean and tall body walking in long, confident strides towards me, I knew at the moment that I wanted more. I wanted him to beg for his life as I twist a long knife in his gut and watch life leave his eyes.

And to do all that, I had to make him trust me again. I needed him to believe that I was back, that I couldn’t cope with being a normal girl.

And to prove my loyalty to him, he asked me to do what I could do best.

That same thing he trained me for after kidnapping me and snatching my normal life from me.

Be his killing machine. Kill someone for him.

And that was why I was here. Hawkins women prison located at what seemed like the end of the world. It housed dangerous female criminals, ranking from serial killers to spree murderers.

When Kamen handed me to the guard that sneaked me in with new inmates, his instructions were simple.

Find Esma lought, she has some codes with her. Get it and kill her.

After doing that he told me that I was going to be locked in a special cell, then the guard that worked for him will come get me.

Then we’ll celebrate your return

I responded to the last words he told me with a smirk. To him that smirk might meant that I was gamed. Ready to join his team again. But what my smirk meant was me thinking of how I’d kill him.

Kill the man that turned me from a normal happy going girl to a monstrous young adult.

And when I kill him, everyone that was once scared of me will celebrate me.

Welcome me back with open arms because I killed the real monster.

Then I’ll be the victim that turned to a hero.

Now I had to accomplish my task. I needed to find who ever this Esma Lought was.

And even though I don’t have a plan on how I’d get some code from a stranger that I wanted dead, all i knew was that I was going to kill Esma.


A hard tap on my arm got my attention from the plate that was before me. The plate contained something like poo that was meant to be porridge.

“What are you here for?”

My lips parted as I blinked slowly at the woman that asked the question. Her black hair was in a neat and tight bun, making her heart shaped face point and sharp.

“Can you talk kid?” She asked.

My mouth formed a straight line as I trailed my eyes to the other inmates that sat at the table. We were seven in total and I could tell that few -if not all-were new here.

I looked back at the woman who now had a brow raised at me.

“Manslaughter” i replied and looked at my scary looking food.

To her It might been ashamed or scared but truly, I just didn’t want to be asked another question. I didn’t even want to make friends, I was going to be here for just forty eight hours and each minute I spent answering questions, Esma was walking around with some code I had to get.

“How old are you?”

Another woman asked me. A little bit in the plump side. round face. Blonde hair with a Pixie cut. She was sitting at my right.

I eyed her up.

“Don’t worry, you don’t need to answer that but you don’t look anything more than seventeen” pixie said.

I gritted my teeth but didn’t say anything.

“But why are you here if it’s just manslaughter?” The heart faced woman asked “This place is for extremely dangerous women, you should be at some minimum security prison not here. You don’t even look like someone who could hurt a fly”

I looked down. I wanted to roll my eyes. This someone is a nineteen year old girl that is a trained Assassin and gun slinger.

A girl that has killed politicians, businessmen, and whatnot.

Those deaths always caused media uproar. The killing style, the intractable killer was always something that was talked about, not even people that I killed got that much attention.

All who Kamen sent his assassins to kill deserved it.

“Well the law ain’t always fair to our skin color”

I looked at the owner of the new voice. A black woman at the end of the seat.

I gave a glimpse of a smile. She had given me a new facade. The little black girl that suffers at the hand of a corrupt law.

That was the facade I was willing to claim for the next forty eight hours.

I tuned out of the conversation on the table and mentally scolded myself. I had been so eager to get this task done that I’d forgotten to collect the picture of my target from Kamen. Damn you Kamen. How was I supposed to look for a faceless stranger.

I allowed my eyes study the prison cafeteria. It was exactly how I’d pictured it to be. Just like how it looked like in movies. Everyone sat fine in groups and the ones that say alone made sure they almost had their face to the plate. A ploy to remain invisible.

I noticed that the new inmates on my table were talking about what brought them to Hawkins. I was again tuning out of the conversations when I ears caught something.

“.....you just have to keep your head down” The woman -who asked me why I was in prison whose name I earlier picked on as Sarah- concluded.

“You talk like you know so much about his prison, just because you’ve been to other prisons ain’t mean this one would be just like ‘em ” The black woman interjected.

Eyes turned to Sarah who had a small smile on her lips. “Darling this is my third time here”

I watched different expressions played on people’s face.

But I felt a giddy feeling in my stomach

“Hmmm, well what brought you the first two times?” The Black lady asked again.

Sarah sighed “Arson”

She looked around and say eager faces waiting for an explanation. I was also curious.

“My husband took his slut to our beach house thinking I wouldn’t know, but I did. So I flew down there, set fire to the house while there where inside. Unfortunately they escaped. So I was charged with arson and attempted murder. Got seven year but I was let out with a parole on the fourth year for good behavior” she explained like she was just telling a fairy tale.

“The second time” she leaned closer to the table “He filled for divorce immediately I got out prison,how could he do that? I was in because of him. And guess who he wanted to leave me for?” She asked no one in particular.

“That same bitch, I mean while I was in prison he was out screwing her and my daughter was already friends with her. My daughter was going to have another mummy” Sarah scoffed

“No way, so I went to the house my husband bought for her with our money and tried to pay her off. I’m a good person. I was going to pay my husband’s slut” she shook her head “But she tried to pull a stunt so BAM” she banged the table making pixie jump on her seat.

“I killed her. one less bitch in the world. Did a world a favor but the jury didn’t see Like that. I was charged for manslaughter. Did my complete term. Six years”

All the inmates on the table stared at her in disbelief. I was sure she had a pretty good lawyer. Just looking at her in prison uniform, she looked like someone sitting on a pile of money.

“So this time?” Pixie asked. She was leaning forward quite enjoying the story.

Infact, every one at the table, kind of leaned forward. And when I caught myself doing the same, I cleared my throat and sat back.

“Well I killed him” she looked at everyone at the table “finally, I had to nerve to gun him down”

Pixie asked “why?”

Sarah leaned on her chair and shrugged “Did him a favor, he was going to die in few years anyway due to the how he smokes....and the question should be why hadn’t I killed him since. The bastard had it coming” she sighed dramatically

“When I got out of prison, he already divorced me from prison, so I had no where to stay. I begged and begged for me to at least spend my first night out with my daughter but he ignored my pleas. That night, I stayed in an hotel. Unknowing to me....he had turned my child against me” she gave a sad smile. A little tug of the mouth to the left and folded her arms on her chest.

“I was furious. He made me look like the bad parent. I was a better one than him. When he was out carrying whores, I was with my daughter lying that her father was working late” she scoffed and shook her head.

All this time, I sat and listened. Noting how she had this nonchalant attitude. She seemed like someone that had once cared and finally blew up.

Sarah continued “Then I suddenly started feeling guilty for killing his mistress....I knew she didn’t deserve to die. Then I suddenly had the urge give my husband what he deserved. So I waited for my daughter to turn eighteen..you know, so she wouldn’t be thrown into the system. So when she became a young adult. I killed him” she has a proud smile on.

“I killed him on her birthday, probably the best gift she’d ever receive. He wasn’t any good for her” She said as if trying to point to us that ‘see?, I’m a good mother. Killed my daughter’s father because he was a jerk and i don’t regret it’

She had finished her story and no one had anything to say. Even pixie visibly shifted on her seat. Probably deciding that Sarah was a unrepentant killer.

I rolled my eyes. Look around you pixie. Everyone here is dangerous.

I waited for the perfect moment. Everyone’s attention was on their plate.

I leaned forward.

“Do you know Esma?” I asked Sarah


I nodded

“Where? Here?”

I nodded again

“How do you know someone here?”

Of course pixie was eavesdropping. I clutched my jaw.

I side eyed her “Someone in my neighborhood spent time here, so she told me to look for Esma. That she’d protect me or something” I ended the lie with shrug.

“Okay, you said Esma?”

I turned from pixie. Meaning I’d really appreciate it if she didn’t eavesdrop. I hope she got the message right.

“Well I don’t think I know whoever that is but that might be because only 20% of inmates go by their first name. Most people here go by their middle name, last name or nick....yeah, 60% go by nicknames...Does she have a nickname?”

I pretended to ponder on what she said “Not that no of”

“Middle name?”

I shook my head


“Lought. Esma lought”

“Weird name” pixie commented

“Doesn’t ring a bell, Are you sure she isn’t dead?...because they record death alm-“

I interjected “No” I didn’t want to think that. Kamen wouldn’t send me here if she was dead. Right?

“Well...” Sarah drawled “there’s only one person here who virtually knows all the inmates” she pointed to someone behind me.

I looked over my shoulder

“That’s villin. Not her real name , the most popular but definitely not the longest here. Doing time for killing bunch of high school students for bullying her son to suicide. I wouldn’t advice you asking her. She’s a real bitch. Her gang flocks around her like she’s the mother hen. For all we know she might be this Esma because she’s the only one that can protect you from prison bullies” Sarah explained “Not that she isn’t a bully herself but no one touched anyone in her gang”

I looked at villin. She looked middle age. Hard face. Looks Mixed race. She sat in the middle of other inmates that talked but she was silent. Often looking up then back to he plate.

“So I think you’d have to look for Esma yourself. You can only get to villin if you want to be stabbed. You just stay on your own. You don’t need any protection if you keep y......”

I already stood up. Walking from Sarah’s speech. I needed to speak to villin. If she was Esma, I had to watch her and if she’s not, I hoped she told me who Esma was. Without getting killed first of course.

“Where are you going?”

Sarah was looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Going to talk to Villin” I nodded my head to villin’s table.

“Oh honey, I don’t think that’s a good idea. You heard what Sarah said about her” pixie said in a motherly tone.

Pretty sure, pixie wouldn’t last in Hawkins.

“Yup bad idea” Sarah nodded.

I gave them a tight smile. Hope it passes ‘I don’t think I ask for your opinion.so I’ll appreciate it if you shove it in your behind’

I walked to villin’s table.

Instantly, the table grew silent. All eyes were on me. I could also fell eyes on my back. People were staring. A lady abruptly stoop up. She had good inches taller than me.

“What the hell do you want?” Her voice was hard like concrete.

I looked behind me like she was talking to someone else. I looked back at her with a gaped mouth.

She blocked my view of villin.

“I want to speak with someone” I said in a small voice. Hoping she saw me as an innocent girl who needed her mum.

“Who?” She Spittle. I looked down. To avoid more spit and to hide my grimace.

I replied “villin”

Someone landed on my nose. I felt my nose crack. A punch on the nose.

“Fuck” I dropped my facade and glared at her. I felt a metallic taste on my upper lip. Blood.

No one draws blood from me. I do that. Not the other way round.

“Why did you fucking hit me!? I exploded.

She took a step closer to me, bumping my chest with her stomach. “you want to call villin’s name? Put respect to it “

She looked back and I caught a glimpse of villin’s studying face. She was enjoying the cage fight.

“What..” I trailed at the absurdity of the reason why I received a punch.

I gritted my teeth.

My fingers curled into a tight punch. I have a swift punch on the ribs to my attacker making her double over. She wasn’t expecting it but I was in full fight mode.

I used my elbow to give her a hard blow at the back of her neck. Kicked her face with my knee and watched as she fell to the floor with a grunt.

I could fell more eyes on me.

Great job on not getting attention on yourself Luna.

Almost all the inmates at the table stood up. Ready to protect their mother hen.

I raised my hands. “Ion want trouble, I just want to speak with villin”


“What do you want” Asked a bored voice. Villin.

I geave a small smirk to those standing. They were eyeing me up like I was a piece of meat. I looked at villin not knowing what to say.

I didn’t want to alarm her if she was Esma. With how I fought now, I don’t think she’d be believe me if I told her I needed protection from her, so I really hoped she wasn’t.

“I’m looking for Esma lo-“

A scream ripped through my throat. A sickly pain shot through my left arm. I looked at it and saw a knife sticking from it. I didn’t have to look down to know that the inmate I took down earlier stabbed me.

I clenched my jaw together and drew out the knife. I grunted and turned back to my stabber She was already up.

Something hit my head suddenly. Felt like a chair. Think I saw stars. I couldn’t move.

Noise filled the cafeteria. And before my eyes kissed unconsciousness, I knew deep down that Esma was going to have a friend in after life.


I noticed darkness and of course I knew my eyes were closed, so when I tried peeling them opening, it felt like I had the whole world on my eyes lids.

I groaned and lifted my hand. Wrong move. With the way the pain shot through me, I could convince someone that the arm just encountered a spear. I grunted and used my Second arm. Better.

And used my good arm to touch my head and sighed. A felt a plaster by the side. I opened my eyes and my eyes skipped a beat. Not because I was sleeping in a unfamiliar bed that didn’t look like they belonged to a hospital but because someone was watching me. A Stranger who didn’t look like nurse, unless nurses wear prison uniforms too.

I was out cold and vulnerable to a lady I’ve never seen in my life.

“How long I’ve I been out?” I asked immediately as I sat up

She shrugged “Six hours more or less”

I studied her face. She was muscular. Someone spent hours in the prison courtyard lifting weights.

“You made a stupid move going to villin’s table, everyone avoiding her and the gang”

I didn’t respond. I already found out it was stupid move through the hard way. No use rubbing it in.

I looked at my harmed arm. A white bandage was wrapped round it. That bitch. My attacker. I was going to get her and kill her.

“No one was going to help you. Not even the guards, they were ready to let you bleed to death on the cafeteria floor. Helping you meant crossing villin and no one was ready to do especially for a girl stupid enough to beat up a gang member”

I eyed her up “Then why did you help me “ my voice was hoarse

“You were in the floor out cold for thirty minutes. I only saw you because I was on the cafeteria duty”


She gave a curt nod “you’re welcome”

I stood up. I felt woozy for few seconds

“Easy there” She stood up

I nodded and walked towards the cell gate

“Where are you going?”

I shrugged

“Looking for her?”

“Who? The bitch who stabbed me? Yes”

She scoffed “Good luck with that....well I was taking about the name you mentioned before you passed out”

I eyed her up

“Who are you?” She asked

“I should ask you that?”

“Well I’m asking you” she said

I gritted my teeth. I didn’t like her tone “Esma Lought, are you Esma?”

“Who’s asking?” She took a step towards me

My fingers went to my sleeve,searching for something

“You looking for this?” She had a knife dangling in my face. The same knife I got stabbed with, which I discreetly hid in my sleeve when I felt myself going down. I had it hidden for the lady who stabbed me and Esma.

I snapped “Give it back” I lunged forward

“The hell I will” She now had my back pressed to the bunk in bed with the knife pressed to my throat.

“You saved me to kill me?”

We stared at each other’s eyes in silence.


A small voice said. My eyes looked at my peripheral view. I couldn’t move my head. But I saw a young lady stepping out of a corner that I hadn’t notice.

“I’m Esma Lought”

When I first pictured my target, I viewed someone in her 30’s or maybe a badass middle age woman. Built, mean looking and vicious.

I certainly don’t expect the person the lady standing before me. She was the exact opposite of the Esma Lought in my head.

She looked just few years older than me. Maybe five at most. She was petite. White. Her face was neutral. Not ugly but neither did she have a model face. She had a scarf tried on her hair but I could glimpse a strand of red hair.

“What the hell Esma? This wasn’t what we talked about...I confront her and find out why she’s asking for you before you come out”

The knife was pressing deep on my neck. I was even afraid to swallow spit.

Esma rolled her eyes “Billie, come on you won’t even allow her talk” she looked at me “you even have a knife on her throat”

Billie looked at the knife then to my face “Who are you? Why are you asking about for Esma? Who sent you?”

I squeaked “I’m a Friend” I felt embarrassed at how I sounded but I was scared. She looked like a maniac crazy for blood.

“Yeah?...aren’t you new...how c-“

“Billie stop it “ Billie whisper yelled “If any guard passes and see you, you’d be taken to that windowless cell” she threw a quick glance at the gate.

“Fine” Billie released neck

I let go a breath I dint know I was holding.

“Who are you?” Billie glared at me

“Billie I want to talk to her okay? You don’t have to protect me” Esma sighed

“I’m your sister, I should protect you” Billie added in a small voice “That’s the least I could do after what happened to you”

Esma’s shoulders slumped “Billie you don’t have to keep blaming yourself, I just trusted the wrong set of people and that’s on me”

They shared a look.

I stood awkwardly moving from foot to foot.

“Fine, I’ll go but be careful”

Esma shot me a look and smirked.”I think I can take care of myself”

I felt insulted. I felt small.

“Okay, I’m going to my cell, if she tries anything scream. You know I’m just two cells down” Billie looked at me “I’m holding on to this “

She clutched the knife and walked to the gate.

I stood in silence, watching as she took a pin from her hair and use it for the lock. The lock gave in.

She slowly opened the gate and silently closed the gate behind her. She tiptoed away.

Esma turned to me. She spread her arms and let it drop “Here I am, what do you want?”

I leans away from the bunk. A question had been bugging me. What did she have connected to a dangerous man like Kamen that he even wanted her dead.

“Why are you here?” I asked

She narrowed her eyes at me “I don’t think that’s any of your business”

I nodded “yeah, but I’m just curious. You do-“

“I’m here for having my own opinion against my boss” she told me

I frowned. But she was looking impatient

I sighed. I needed to say what I was here for.

“I need the codes” I deadpanned

The reaction I got from her was different from what I expected. I had expected denial. But she laughed.

“What codes?” She asked

I pressed my lips together. She was taunting me “I’m sure you know what I’m taking about”

She had a small smile on her lips.she walked closer to me making me take a involuntary step back.

Her eyes glinted with mockery. She sat on the lower bed of the bunk opposite me. I had noticed earlier that, four beds were in the cell but the only inmate here was Esma.

She said “you think you’d be the first person sent to come and get a code from me” her voice was dangerously low

“I don’t want any trouble, I just need the codes and I’ll be gone”

She smirked “you’re lying, I know that when you get these codes, you’ll kill me. That was your instruction. They all wanted to kill me so I know that you’re no difference”

She stood up her eyes trailing on me “Did whoever sent you tell you that you were coming on a suicide mission? Because all that was sent to kill me ends up dead. They show up like you. They don’t even ask around for me. They know what I look like already”

Anger bubbled in me. Kamen didn’t tell me that he had sent people before and a very angry at the fact that I I couldn’t get her picture.

I was pretty sure that if I had her picture, things would have played out differently.

A took a step close “So now that you know why I’m here, why don’t we cut to the chase. Give me the code and I’ll make your death fast and painless”

I absolutely didn’t know why I said that. I’ve always heard it in movies and it sounded cool but tine truthful, no death was painless.

Moreover, this was the first time my mission played out like this. I always attacked my target when they weren’t expecting it.

But she looked ready for whatever was coming her way. She wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

She also took a step closer “How about you leave and I’ll forget this ever happened. Go back to whoever sent you and tell them you failed”

She was close that I could feel her breath.

I raised an eyebrow “I never fail”

The instant the words left my mouth, I swung my fist on her left eye.

The attack surprised her as she took two steps back, widening her good eye and covering her attacked eye.

She gritted her teeth “you shouldn’t have done that”

She grunted and lunged. Her calm and relaxed expression has been swapped with a vicious expression.

Her hand wipes to smack my face but I blocked it. Her second hand gave me a surprise attack on my stomach. She gave me a false attack at first before giving me the real attack. A move I knew too well.

I was bent over but before I straightened, she moved fast and use her fist on my cheek.

My face has really suffered lately. First my nose now my poor cheek.

I looked up from my crunched position, she was smiling at me “you should have taken the offer to leave sweetie”

“Don’t call me that” I grunted and attacked. She expertly blocked my attacks. She was moving very fast. Making good use of her petite stature.

I’ve always looked how petite I looked, I always use that as an advantage of moving fast but now, I was the big one. Esma was the petite one now and it infuriated me.

Soon we were in the floor, rolling, grunting, giving blows and blocking. I was the one doing most of the blocking. I’ve found it hard to attack and I was getting tired.

Fortunately, her punches were fatal. I saw another fist coming my way. I quickly caught it and twisted it, giving me a leverage to turn and be the one on top.

Her face was unguarded so I gave her my most effective attack. A quick neck cut with the side of palm.

Her hands flew to her neck as she started choking with wide and watery eyes.

I quickly stood up and dragged her up, hitting her back on the nearest wall.

She had surprisingly recovered from the neck cut fast and she was swinging at me but I side stepped making me miss it.

I blocked, shifted my weight and gave her a smack to the head and punched her ribs swiftly.

The blow swayed her to the side, she glared at me as she held her ribs.

I shrugged “no hard feelings”

She attacked again. I stepped back, blocked the puck with my hand up, and used my leg to give her kick on the chin.

Blood splattered from her mouth as her head wiped to the side.

I smirked as I bounced in my steps “Give up already Esma and give me the damn code already”

She grinned showing her bloody teeth “you know” she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand “those that care before you, I didn’t manage to get the name of whosever sent them but I’ll get that from you before killing you”

“Then try harder old lady”

She ran towards me. Take note, no lady likes been called old.

She punched me in the jaw and gave me a kick in the head

“Haven’t you learned that you can’t win?” She asked

She came for an attack again. I stepped out of the line, slipping the punch, hooked the punch with my right arm, my left knee gave her a kick at the back of hers, my left hand came in and hyperextend the elbow making sure she felt like her elbows were about to give out.

She released a muffled scream but I wasn’t done with her yet.

I gave her a elbow blow at the rib, chop to the ribs with my palm and striked her head with a blow.

I leant this move from Kamen. He called it the killer move because it was fast and unexpected. It a move you give when you aren’t the first one to attack. It was very effective because Esma fell to her knee and looked at me with wide eyes

“How do you know that m-“

I dragged her hair and hit her head to the bunk. I lifted her up with her hair.

“Give me th-“

“Ahhhh” I shrieked.

She had pressed my knife wound. I couldn’t look at it because next thing, her fingers were around my neck. She was squeezing my neck.

Without thinking, I wrapped my own fingers around her neck. We had each other throats.

Her pale face was turning a deep shade of red and I was pretty sure that my face wasn’t any better but neither of us gave up.

Her hand started loosening around my neck, my hands were also weak and simultaneously like we had silently agreed on something, we left each other’s neck.

I coughed and the same time try getting enough air in my lungs. I massaged my bruised neck.

I needed a weapon. My bones were getting weak already. I needed to end this fast.

I saw the kick late, and soon I was on my knees clutching my stomach. My eyes went under the bed and I saw just what I needed.

A fork. I stretched my hand and clutched the fork

“What?” She asked “Too tired to stand up?!”

I closed my eyes and tried standing up but she kicked me back to the floor. I hit the floor in a loud thud

I wonder why no guard had showed up. We’d not be so discreet with out fight. Not that wanted any guard showing up now. I was close to getting what I wanted.

She grabbed my hair.

“Not the hair” I said through gritted teeth. My natural hair was 3D and I spent lot of time on the hair.

I expertly stabbed her on her side.

She released my hair which I patted down.

She looked at the bloody fork in surprise and held her side. A weak attempt to stop the bleeding.

“Y-y-you stabbed me”

I shrugged “you touched my hair”

I stood up straight.

I made a move to attack. She blocked move I had earlier used. I had expected that, I wanted her to make that move so that I’d close to her.

I stabbed her arms twice.

I moved away, leaning the fork dangling on her arm.

“Ahhh” She grunted as she tried blocking the two new bleeds. She also tried to remove the fork but she thought against it. She was in pain. Her face said it all. Who knew a fork could be this useful.

I smiled and took out the fork in one swift movement.

She hissed “Bitch”

I smiled and stabbed her stomach and twisted it. She grinned my teeth as I did this.

She fell to the floor. She slowly moved away from me. She was crying.

I held her leg in place and crouched beside her face. I removed my weapon forcefully.


She smacked my face with the better hand.

Out of anger, I stabbed her chest but wasn’t deep.

I could already see fear in her eyes.

“Give me the codes Esma and I won’t push it deeper”

Blood was already flowing from the side of her mouth. I don’t understand why she fought so hard for what I wanted. Was the code that important?

She coughed out blood.

“End this pain Esma”

She opened her mouth. I leaned close to her mouth.

“F-f-fuck you”

I sighed “wrong answer” I pushed the fork deeper.

She made a choking sound while looking at me. I brought my mouth to her ear.

“Kamen, he sent me”

Her eyes widened just in time for me to see life leave her eyes.

“Damn it Esma” I said and stood up. I had to get the codes. I don’t even know how the codes looked like.

I don’t know if they’re numbers,English alphabets or Arabic.

I looked at the lifeless body “where did you give the codes sister”

There was no drawer. No table. I lifted up the bed but found nothing similar to codes. All I say where pictures. Papers and a pen.

I sat back on the bed in frustration and something clicked.

What’s the best place to hide something?

An obvious place. A place that’s opened where no one can actually suspect.

I quickly moved to esma’s body and hoped my hunch was right.

I lifted the sleeves and my mouth broke in a wide grin.

Something looking like codes were tattooed on her arm. They were alphabets clustered in five groups.

I quickly took us papar and pen I saw earlier and wrote them down.

“What’s going on here?”

The hair on my back stood up. I froze. I knew I had to be caught before I’d be taken to cell where I’d be picked. But this was a delicate stage.

The guard might think she’d be doing the prison a favor by shooting me.

I quickly tucked the paper in my waistband.

I raised my hands above my head and slowly turned.

The female guard already held a gun to her side.

She she saw the body beside me. She sighed angrily and shouted at someone at the end of the hall.

“Get the fuck up” she said through gritted teeth as she opened the gate

I slowly stood up. She entered the cell, pointing the gun at me.

My heart thundered. Any mistake and I’m gone.

Two more guards joined and when they saw the scene, one said.

“You just came today and you’re causing trouble”

“Face the fucking wall”

I was pushed to the wall. The two later guards dragged esma’s body up.

My eyes was on the lifeless body. My eyes caught a tattoo on esma’s lower back. My mouth fell open .


I paced i the windowless and horribly small cell with the paper clutch in my fist.

My heart was racing for two reasons. One, where the fuck was the guard that was supposed to get me out. I felt like hours since I got pushed into this cell.

Two, the tattoo on esma’s back. I stopped pacing and touched my back. I could still the pattern on my back. If I turned to a mirror, I’d be spotting a dagger tattoo on my lower back.

“All my girls have it, no one works for me and goes without this tattoo”

That was the words kamen said when I questioned him for the tattoo he was forcing me to get.

And I confirmed that all Kamen assassins has the tattoo. It was his sick way of branding us.

So Esma could only have it if she worked for Kamen.

I quickly shook my head, disputing the thought.

It was just a coincidence. But deep down, I knew it was too much a coincidence.

My mind went back to what Esma said about the reason why she was locked up.

I slid down on the floor and put my head on my knees.

A noise caught my attention, I quickly stood up when the tiny space on the iron door yanked open.

The face of the guard I had been expecting, appeared

“You took long enough”

“Well I heard about the fight in the cafeteria. I thought you were dead”

“Have you told Kamen that?” I snapped

He shook his head “No”

“Good because I have the codes and I killed her “ I told him

He asked “Okay, can I see them?”

I eyed him “ Hell no, I’m not releasing the codes until I get the hell out of here”

“Well Kamen said not to let you out until I confirm that you did your job...so the codes please”

“Jerk” I muttered

“Whatever you say princess”

I had in my head two groups of the codes. I had studied them because I had suspected that something like this was going to happen

I called out the two groups code

“Is that all?” He asked

I nodded “ Now get me the hell out here”

He crooked his head to the side, giving me a sly smile.

Heat rose on my back “Get me to Kamen”

He smirked “Kamen who?” He asked and yanked the small space close.

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