The badass fighter girl

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Ana Nicita Vice is simply just a girl. A girl with some badass hobbies. Her best friends and her family are the only people she cares about. As long as they are safe and happy she cared about nothing else. She has had serious responsibilities since the accident but she had to, for him, her brother. What happens when she moves and she draws attention? What happens when a group get intrested?

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1

I silently close the door behind me as I break back into my own home at 1.20 in the morning. Just as I slip off my slightly damp shoes a light is switched on causing me to jump. I slowly turn my head although I am not surprised at what I see. My gran sits there staring disappointedly at me from her favourite old flowery armchair.

"This is the last straw. I have caught you sneaking in and out this house one to many times since your parents... left you here on my doorstep. You can't stay here anymore. You and your filthy little brother. All you do is cause me trouble and make me spend extra money on food and clothes. You two no longer live here. I expect you both to be gone by the time I get back from bingo tomorrow evening!"

"But how am I supposed to find somewhere to live in a day?" I said playing along when I already predicted this would happen sooner or later, so I had already thought this through hence why I have a house ready for us to move into immediately . "I don't care if you have to sleep on the streets. You just better be gone!" My gran spat harshly at me. I just nodded gloomly.

I stomped up to my room slamming by bright yellow door behind me. I flopped down onto my queen sized bed and was glad. Not only that I was prepared for this, but also that I don't have to be as careful anymore.

My brother Aiden ryshed in to check on me. He looked just like my mum blonde hair icy blue eyes a clear olive skin. Whereas I looked more like my father, dark hair and big almost black eyes with a warmer skin tone.

"What did I tell you about waiting up for me" I asked. All he did was give me innocent eyes, and lay down beside me, drifting off. He'd heard the conversation with our gran and I could tell he was upset.

I lay beside, slipping into a sleep harrased with intrusive thoughts.

I will never understand how my own blood relative could be so mean, she didn't even buy food for me and Aiden, she kept all her food in a cupboard with a padlock on! Yes she actually locked the food away! Now kicking us out. What a bitch.


We finally had every thing with us after the fourth and final trip including all my cars and bikes. Thankfully I already had the house all set up with furniture. I had lots of help purchasing this house. I had enough money though.

I stood under the grey sky staring at my new home. It was a two story house in a nice yet remote neighbourhood. The best thing about the house is how big the garage is, I need plenty of space for my cars.

I decided to just order takeout because I hadn't been shopping yet and could not be bothered to. I made a mental reminder to do it after unpacking tomorrow. My brother needs a healthy fulfilling diet.

After we had pizza with some episodes of Friends sat on my leather sofa in a pjs. I decide to get some sleep... It is going to be a long weekened.

Sorry this is quite a short chapter. Others will be longer than this first one:)

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