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Wishing all her life to go to space, Sparrow's dream finally came true...But not in the way she expected. Stuck deep in space with hardly any fuel left, sparrow's only hope of survival is her crew... a crazy scientist, her co-pilot who has major anger issues, an anxious mechanic and a sweet, cheese obsessed, fourteen year old boy who somehow got dragged along.

Action / Adventure
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Walking out of the cockpit, I hold onto anything I can to stabilize myself while Jeff fucks with the controls, I swear to the fucking underworld if he crashes us into an asteroid i'm gonna kill him if he isn't already dead.

Walking into the kitchen, I sit down at the six person table, putting my head in my hands I groan in frustration, my head snaps up as I hear someone open the iron doors, noticing that it was just Ciel, "Hello sparrow!", he cheerfully greets me while running up to the fridge, "hello Ciel, and if you eat all the cheese again, I will shoot you", I grumble into my hands, "Sparrow you don't have a gun", he giggles, "no, but jeff does", after that one line he stops giggling, "I'm joking kid, I'm joking", I chuckle as I ruffle his hair up, looking up at me he pouts and than goes back to rummaging in the fridge for cheese.

groaning, I stand up and make my way to mine and jeff's shared bedroom. Opening the heavy iron door I crash down onto my bed, with my face buried in the sheets I feel around me for my pillow, grabbing my pillow I push my face into it and scream as loud as I can.

Rolling over, I look towards the door and see Jeff laughing softly, ''what ?'', I grumble out, ''nothin'', "sure". Rolling over to face the wall I feel a dip in the bed, "what Jeff", " I can tell somethings bothering you, now tell me what's wrong or I'm gonna have to tickle you until you tell me", he states all mater of factly while doing dramatic hand movements, " I don't know, it's just I miss my mother... A lot", I sadly chuckle, " I know sparrow, we all miss our families... Well apart from me, my mother was an absolute bitch", he says giving a little chuckle at the end, rolling onto my back i look up at the ceiling, "why are we here Jeff?, why us, why did poor Ciel get dragged into this as well?, he never asked for this, it's my fault that we're living such a horrible life out here in space, now get some sleep we're getting up early".





"who are you?"

Groaning I sit up and reach beside my bed to grab my baseball bat, tightening my grip on it i hit my alarm clock with it multiple times, stupid things. Standing up, still in my pajamas, I walk to the cockpit, surprised to see Jeff there not fucking with the controls, "wow Jeffery, didn't know you were capable of not fucking with the controls", I say with a smirk, " Yeah well i might fuck with you tonight, just saying", he chuckles, " Jeff you know how much my body hurts afterwards, I am NOT having a pillow fight tonight, anyways lets go", I reply grimacing at the thought of having a pillow fight with the stone hard pillows, plus Jeff hits hard.

Sitting down in my chair I grab the intercom and speak into it, "alright just a warning, you might want to hold onto something soon because we, my friends are getting out of here", placing the speaker back in its original place I turn my head to look at Jeff, "Alright buddy, you know what to do", smiling he grabs his part of the controls and presses every pilots worst fear, the red button.

You know, jumping through hyper-space isn't as bad as people make it out to be like yeah it's fast and you might fall over but still it's fun. Hearing the distant giggles of Ciel and Mars I immediately knew they fell over, pressing the blue button we stop in a new place, "alright Jeff, where are we?", I question my unusually pale friend, "uhm, it seems like we're in segment seventy two", he replies.

Confusion washed over my face, "I thought they put a barrier around segment seventy two?", I inquire, "yeah i thought so too", he replies trailing off at the end, "I wonder why we were able to get in?".

"CIEL, CIEL WHERE ARE YOU?!", jesus that kid is a pain to find, "CIEL I HAVE YOUR CHEESE!", "YOU WOULDN'T!", he yells back, pocking his head out from under Alex's bed, "Why were, no you know what i'm not gonna ask, come on there's something you'd wanna see", i tell him, getting out from under the bed, he walks with me to the bridge.

Pushing the thick glass doors open, we enter the bridge, "look at the sky", I softly whisper, laying down on my back I look up at the glass dome, the swirls of pinks and purples, blues and greens even some yellows and oranges, the beautiful specks of light littering the canvas of colours like accidental paint splatters, but gorgeous none the less, the planets looking as if they were the work of Da Vinci, this is where i want to be for the rest of my life, an outlaw with the beautiful canvas of art we call the sky in segment seventy two.

"-arrow, SPARROW, wake up", "what's going on, why are you slapping me?", I groggily question Alex, who for some reason was slapping me, "so you would wake up, anyway there's something you should see", she nervously responds while pushing up her black rimmed glasses, "hmm alright", I respond tiredly.

Walking with Alex to the control room I notice that everyone is there looking really nervous, well everyone other than Ciel who just looked really confused, "okay, whats going on?", "it's better if you watch it", Jeff replies. Alex turns on the screen and presses something which causes a video to show up on the screen, 'Sparrow, ciel, yes i know your names, it has come to my attention that you and your little friends are galavanting around in my segment, now this may come as a bit of a shock but I am the leader of the government here in space, now you may think that you are fully human, but that is not the case, I come from planet Xenu, now i'm going to get to the point, i'm your father, yes of both of you", after that excruciatingly long speech Alex clicks off the video, walking over to Ciel I put my my arm around his shoulder, "guess you're my little brother than Ciel", "mhm, we're gonna cause a lot more trouble together now", he smirks "oh god", Jeff whispers to himself causing us all to laugh.

Walking out of mine and Jeffs bedroom and onto the bridge, I notice a tuft of ash blond hair, walking up to them I realise that it's Ciel, "hey squirt, you out here thinking about what happened earlier as well?", I question the blond haired boy, turning to face me i notice that his once sparkling, bright green eyes were now red and puffy, he had tear stains on his cheeks and kept letting out little sniffs, cupping his cheeks in my hands i lift his face to mine, "hey, it's going to be okay, i promise you that once all this is over we can go back to earth and you can go back home to your mother alright", I say as I gently kiss his forehead, "but that's the thing sparrow!, my mothers dead!, I was there that night because my step father killed my mother!", he shouts out in broken sentences through sobs, it pained me to see the once cheerful Ciel so broken and distraught, "hey, it's okay, calm down, i'm here, when we get back to earth you can come live with me alright?, now you can come sleep with me tonight", I gently reply to his outburst, he nods slowly as I pick him up.

walking into my room i notice that jeff is awake and sitting criss cross on his bed, "where were you and why is he here?", Jeff questions in his scratchy voice, shaking my head i switch off the light switch, the light bulb giving off a green glow in the dark room, lowering Ciel onto my bed, i slip in next to him and pull the covers over us. slowly drifting off to sleep i notice Ciels grip on my arms loosen indicating he had fallen asleep.

Waking up, i immediately became mindful of the empty space next to me, bolting up i scan the room around me and see a note, thinking the worst i immediately snatch it off the cream coloured desk, not even reading it i run out of the room and around the entire ship yelling out to Ciel, running into the kitchen screaming out his name, i see the familiar ash blond hair, "CIEL! Why the fuck would you leave without waking me up!", i start, "chill sis chill, didn't you read the note?", "the note?, oh right the note!, no i didn't read it, why?", "because it explains that i've only gone to hog all the cheese", he deadpans, "oh".

After hogging all the cheese with Ciel, i decided it was time that we find a planet to land on and hopefully find a planet to land on and re fill our fuel tank. Gathering the others i have Jeff set the coordinates for planet Xenu. Placing Mars at the main engines in case they malfunction while we hyper-jump to Xenu.


Stepping out of our rusty ship and onto the surprisingly grassy ground of planet Xenu, Ciel immediately running up to some strange looking people, presumably the citizens of planet Xenu, once they noticed the rest of us the group ran up to us and bowed, "prinţesă Sparrow, prinţ Ciel and cunoștință, rege Constantin Ilie has been expecting you, please come this way", deciding to follow them we took a track through a marvelous forest, we reached a Giant Victorian era styled palace, made of slabs of white marble and black marble edgings, red wood decorated the window sills, the front doors were huge and made of dark oak and had Onyx and Topaz handles, the windows were huge and stained with the gods Freyja and Heimdallr.

Walking up the marble steps and banging the Dokkalfar shaped door knocker, who I'm assuming Is one of my father's maids answered the door, "Oh, hello! I'm guessing you're rege Constantin Ilie's children, prinţesă Sparrow and prinţ Ciel, please do come in", motioning for us to come inside, she leads us to a magnificent dining room, a rather large fire place took up most of the back wall, pots and pans lined the ceiling close to the kitchen doors, a series of baskets full of different berries and fruits were placed on the unnecessarily big dining table, tea cups and saucers were sat beside every chair, there were a few copper kettles on the table as well, plates of toast and and stacks of pancakes were scattered around the the table, wooden tubs of butter and pots of honey were placed beside every plate of toast and pancakes.

Running my fingers across the wooden table dust started to collect almost immediately underneath my extremely pale finger tip, as I was sitting down in one of the wooden chairs, the maid came back into the room with my father following behind her, I took a moment to Acknowledge his appearance, he had white, curly hair like mine, bright green eyes that seemed to glisten under the light, pale-almost as white as paper skin, a few freckles scattered around his face and a warm, welcoming look graced his facial features.

"Welcome home dear children of mine, please let floare lead you too your designated rooms, but before that, would you like something to eat? Or some tea?", he cheerfully smiles, offering me a tea cup and one of the copper kettles, "no thank you, Um we're here to discuss why we were able to get into the segment and our relations to you", "oh of course, well you see it started when i went to earth about twenty six years ago, i was walking around Washington DC and accidently bumped into a lovely lady, she soon became pregnant and due to how our culture is i had to come back here, than about roughly twelve years later i had returned to earth to visit you as i had completed the ritual, anyway that's when i met your mother Ciel, i had once again left earth and i was about to visit the both of you when i had heard you left earth and stole a shuttle, so i had opened up the barrier to let you inside", "ok, but if you don't mind me asking do you have any other children?", "No, unfortunately the males of our kind are only able to produce two children who will make it to full term".

Following floare to our rooms i got the feeling that something wasn't right, "Alex something doesn't feel right about this place, everyone's just so....", "friendly?", "yes!","mmm well i guess you do have a point, but there's no point in worrying your ass off just yet, i mean you and Jeff still need to get together and my ship will sale", "Alex don't get your hopes up, we all know that ain't happening, i mean he's loud, angry, annoying and plus i'm pretty sure he's gay", "hey! i heard that!", jeff calls out from his room which just so happened to be the first room in the hall, "well you do have a point but if he was gay he would've said something by now, and don't start with the whole 'but he could be scared of discrimination', bullshit because we both know that he isn't scared of anything and plus, would a gay guy really brag about all the women he's been with?", Alex argues, "Um well you know how he sleep talks?, well the other night i heard him talking about how sexy brendon urie's forehead was", "ok but it's jeff, he's weird like that", finishing the conversation i walk into my room that i had to share with Ciel, i have to admit it's going to be weird not sharing a room with jeff.

Flopping down on my black and gold framed, queen sized bed i let out a loud groan, "Um Arrow?, are you okay?", Ciel questions, "Well if you wanted honesty-", "nope we are not doing this today, i've had enough of your My Chemical Romance references", he immediately steps in putting a hand over my mouth, "fine, but don't expect them to stop anytime soon", "oh i'll make sure they stop". Laughing i pull the covers over my head, "Good night Ciel", "Goodnight Arrow, I-i love you", "I love you too".


Waking up to the bright light I groan and roll over so my face is hidden in my pillow, I look over to Ciel's bed and see he's already up. Deciding to start getting ready I lift my body up and out of the bed and walk to the wardrobe on the far side of the room.

Opening the door I realise its a walk in wardrobe and is filled with tins of dresses and other formal attire. After a while of looking around I finally see a pair of black jeans and a few graphic T-shirts, settling with the jeans and an Iron Maiden shirt, I pull on my black vans and walk out of the room leaving my bed unmade.

Making my way to the dining room I run into my pale friend, "Oh hey jeff",I let out along with a muffled yawn, "Heh hey sleepyhead", he responds and ruffles my hair, continuing on our walk in silence, after a minute or so Jeff slowly gets closer to me and eventually ends up right next to me and grabs my hand, "uhhh Jeff? What are you doing? " I question the taller male as I motion towards are conjoined hands, "Shut up ",he mumbles as he looks away.

Eventually we reach the dining room, it was still set up the same as yesterday except with fresh food, not hesitating I immediately grab a peice of toast, some Berries and a tea cup along with the copper kettle.

While pouring myself some tea I didn't notice someone sneaking behind me, "BOO!", a hoarse voice calls out, "AH FUCK I SPILT MY TEA YOU ASSHAT", I yell out in response causing everyone at the table to laugh, "What? It's not funny look at my hand, it's already blisteri-what the fuck?", I state confused, everyone looked down at my hand which had started to blister but was now healing, and quite fast at that.

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