Liethfull Fakey Friends

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I'm Grace Lever the most popular girl in school and the richest girl in the city

Action / Drama
Emmaly Camanity
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The popular girl

Hello Im Grace Lever The richest girl in the city ,the most popular girl in town , the most beautiful girl .

Im 18 years old and I got two best friends Ava and Luciana.

Im a hot and Blondie every guy wants to date me oviously.

Im the hottest and baddest bitch .

Every girl wants to be me and every guy wants to date me .

And to make it better I can get all the boys I like .

All the boys ask for my number but I say what no " duh ".

Every girl wants to be my friend but its not every person that gets to be my friend and sit with me in the same table and the same chair .

I m always the queen everywhere I go everyone knows me If you dont know me than I dont care because Im the daughter of one of the most richest millionairs .

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