Dolls for Rent

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Edith Nelson was a poor girl with no living parents. Her father left her a high amount of debt. One day her friend makes an offer to her. An easy way to make money. For a juicy payment she must rent herself to strangers. Turn a doll and meet the customers. Go mysterious events and stay alive. Was it as easy as her friend told? She guessed no.

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1 – Poor and Mocking

Poverty, poorness, pauperism… There was like million words to describe how broke I was when it comes to wallet. Still I have no way to express deficiency of my life style.

Even I couldn’t say my life has a ‘style’. I’m almost sure I’m gonna die in my home which is rundown as much as I am. Homes matches with their owners, right?

So… My last thoughts will be something dark, probably. Ugh, I found it: No pennies and a wasted life.

“Hey, Edith are you with me?” That was my name which means riches and blessed. Not suitable for a pessimistic person like me.

I raised my head trembling and my eyes met with my friend’s. Somehow she sighed and enlarged her chocolate eyes at the same time. Goosebumps ran over my entire body. Jeez, she is always being too creepy for me when she made that expression with that king size eyes.

“What now?”

“You are daydreaming. Again!”

“So what?”

“We came here to talk. Em, and...”

“And what?”

“I swear on my honor I’m gonna tear off your teeth and make you eat them and laugh at your grave like a devil waiting for that moment ever since I was born if you say what one more fucking time.”

“Did you make that up right now or killing me is your lifetime goal?”

“You never know Edith. Never.”

“Will you tell me why you invited me? You know I work hard.”

“Ugh, yes. About that… Do you want to earn some money?”

“What is this, a BuzzFeed test? Will you tell me which color I should choose for my shroud upon how greedy I am?”

She exaggerated her artificial-shocked smile and said: “How could you know? What are you, a genius?”

I rolled my eyes, “Shut up.”

“Yes, seer the great. Whatever you want.”

“Shut up and come to the point. You are literally wasting my time.” I didn’t add as usual. Even if I did I’d be right but no, I don’t want to lose my only friend.

My friend, Kristen, put a doubtful smile on her face while open her mouth slightly. She was looking ensure and it rushed up my wonder.

The first thing you should know about Kristen is, she is always sure about herself. She acts godlike and smiles gloriously. People (who is not me) think she is a star of extremely rough debates. For me it doesn’t matter how much she trusts her arguments. They are wrong, again, usually.

“I’m sorry what was I saying?”

“You were saying… Nothing! You didn’t start the sentence.”

“Ugh, sorry.”


“Yes whatever.” She rounded her eyes. “There is a job,” she whispered. “An easy way to make some money.”

“What are you talking about? Is this one of my sweetest dreams?”

“No, silly. It’s for real. A job for people like us.”

“You mean poors?”


“What kind of job is that?”

“Pretty easy and fruitful one.”

“And why it suits us and not for a more qualified person? At this point you should know I’m not selling my legs.”

“It doesn’t require selling a leg.”

“And my kidneys are also important for me.”


“But if you insist I can give one for a proper price of course.”

“You are annoying.”

“Thank you, you are extra sweet today.”

Kristen put her head to her hands and sighed loudly. I couldn’t pass that expression and laughed even louder.

Something hit my head and I screamed aggressively, looked around and finally found the guilty. A boy with a high schooler appearance was looking at me frowning.

He snorted, “Lower you voice. I’m trying to study!”

I raised and throwed eraser back, “It’s a fucking shopping centre, you... Incubus!”

“A what?”

I took my tongue out and shook my head.

He made grimaces, “How old are you?”

I turned my face back to Kristen.

Barely eighteen. That was my age. Three years ago my father passed with a mouthful debt. I quit the school and found a job. To be honest, not a job, many jobs. Even now I’m working at three part time job and sometimes I go for daily jobs too. A lot of workplace which I went for a full time job, didn’t give me enough money for my house rent and bills and my father’s debts.

So here I am.

Tired, weary, jaded, exhausted, wonky… See? I started to count some random dark adjectives to describe my life and mood again. Welcome to my life.

“Edith? Edith? Edith?”

“Yes, in service.”


“Kristen… Sorry, I just… Immersed.”

“It’s not a problem. Lets split up, your shift will start in five minutes. I’m paying for meal, okay?”

“Thank you Kristen and you are right. I should go to store but before that… What were you saying? I mean before that stupid high schooler interrupt us.”

“It’s not important. Don’t need to heed.”

“What are you saying Kristen? It sounded important to me.”

That look came back. The unsure one. It’s just choking me see that look in Kristen’s eyes.

“Then I’m gonna tell you as much as I can in our limited time but no intervention, okay?”



“Yes, Kristen.”

“I wanna hear that word.”

I laughed slightly, “Promise.”

“Cool.” She fetched a deep sigh, “You know I’m better than the previous. It’s not like that times we dangled after grants and well payed jobs (comparing to others) and returned home like a dead. I found that job in a way I can’t tell you. Actually the job found me. You can’t just go and set an interview for it.”

“Kristen, I know I promised but… Is it legal? Because you are whispering and I am about to lose my shit.”

“Edith, please.”

“I’m sorry, go on.”

She brought her hand together and clicked them. “We are making deals. Our customers pays to our superiors and request a doll to meets the requirements.” She looked to deep of my eyes as she wants to be sure about I heard and understand her clearly. Sorry, Kristen I heard you but I can’t say I understand. But I didn’t interfere. She continued with even quieter voice, “We go and spend a night with them. In fact not for all night. Sometimes it’s just for hours. Depends on what kind of job it is.”

“Are you selling yourself?” I shouted silently. “Are you hooker?”

“Not like that!” She yelled.


“I said, it’s not like that. We don’t sex!”

I laughed hysterically, “What, you are doing just blowjob?”

“You are… Ugh! Disgusting. It’s not like that. I mean may be there is a face which includes that kind of things but you can choose a job whatever you desire. You determine what you will do.”



“Can I be a Disney Princess?”

“I have no more words for you.”

“Okay, I’m listening and I am a quiet little rabbit. Tell me, what are you doing for your customers while you are not suck them?”

“Suck you.”


She hit her cheeks while she was shaking her head. “Do you want to learn more or not?”

“Please tell me, nun.”

She rolled her eyes one more time. “There is jobs like accompany someone in an event and you are sealing a contract about you will stay quiet whatever you see. That’s it.”

“I will be quiet even they kill someone?”

“Theoretically yes but they are not doing things like this.”

“Amen again, nun.”

“Don’t call me nun.”


“Stop… Will you stop?” Sorry, Kirsten. I can’t stop my poor and mocking ass.

“I don’t know if I want a job like this.”

A dense, from the throat voice raised angrily, “You will need that job Edith because you are fired.” My chunky, bronze skin, baldy manager was standing on front of me and I just gulped.

“I am late.”


“Don’t fire me.”

“Too late.” He walked away grunting while he left me behind speechless, sad and even more broke.

I turned my friend and tried to smile. That noisy, big shopping center was cringing me for a long time. May be it was time to live an adventure.

“So Kristen, tell me more about the job. You call yourselves as..?” May be it was the right time for doing more dangerous and juicy things. You know? Taking risks and accompany strangers in mysterious events.

“Dolls for rent.”

Dolls for rent. It sounds like my new life.

Welcome to my new life.

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