Dolls for Rent

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Chapter 2 - The Way of Mystery

It was a very small room that you would think it had designed for a pet. At least I have a bedroom so I don't have to look these tumbledown walls of my parlor-like room. There was four or five furnitures which are as ratty as remaining parts. Mostly beige you could see in walls and furnitures. They were white once... May be in sixties.

I went to my room, my favorite room of house. Actually only room I should say. After all my kitchen and dining room and lounge are unified.

I glanced over my room sighing and reached the wardrobe that made of nylon fabric. It is not best but works and it is enough.

Lowered the zipper, look at the four may be three clothes I have there, choose the one looks clean comparing the others even if for a little bit.

A cycle it is. Cliche, monoton, humdrum, common, customory... Okay, stop Edith. You are being annoying.

I came back to the living-dining-cooking room with my clothes laying on my arms and a pair of shoes. My matte, black shoes were old but heeled and that is what I need so I'm trying not to see it's odds. Furthermore being old doesn't means it is bad, sometimes every age they passed make things more precious.

P.S. I'm not telling this just to defend my old shoes. They are old-timer, antique, prior- Ugh, I should stop here.

I changed my working clothes -white tshirt over a dark fabric jean- to bluish, overbuttoned shirt and a black pencil skirt. Dirty clothes goes to double couch that is all covered with rips and spots. I took my bag and walked to the door buttoning. Why there was that much button in first place?

I sweared in so many ways on my way to the bus stop and I only stopped when I finnished my job with buttons. It was like a very religious mommy of an innocent, beautiful girl; bought this shirt to her daughter thence boys would be bored as they are not peeling a woman but doing laundry so he give up on her and in that way religious mohter's daughter remains virgin till forever. Who would buy a shirt like this if it is not a situation like I mentioned. Ew, wait. I did. Because it was cheap! Very cheap shirt from a thrift shop.

I went to the place Kristen told me to go by bus in almost a hour. Too much time I was giving and if Job is not as fine as I heard it would be such a disappointment plus even bigger time waste.

When I arrive the place my key phone ringed. Good Timing Kristen, very suspicously good timing.

I opened the phone and heard a familiar sugar voice which makes boys with fetishes financial slave easily and the owner of that voice was not Kristen the queen of shrill. I wrinkled my all face with reflex.

"Hey Jessica. Why you are on Kristen's Phone?" I rubbed my elbow while prying it will be a short call.

"She drives car, honey. We almost- Oh wait! I saw you, heey do you see me as well? Dark green Lexus."

"Is it your car?" I said whistling.


"Can I give a drive too?"

"Of course not. I'd not give my baby boy to filthy Kristen if my ankles weren't in such a pain."

Kristen's voice raised, "Filthy? Do you wanna I crush this boy or you will shut up?"

"What happened them?" I asked like I care.

"Nothing important honey. Thank you for asking. It was a hard job."

"Is this same job I'm leading to now? I love my ankles..."

"Not exactly same. I'm a C class doll eventually. And I should say that it worths till the end. I just bought this baby with money of my last week's missions."

"Am I hearing right?" I saw the car and went to near of it. I got in the car turning of the phone and I continued to my sentence, "Did you buy this car with just one week's salary? I thought it was a gift from one of you toy boys."

"I haven't got toy boys since my early twenties."

Jessica fixed her sunglassess and smiled to me on the mirror. I gave a lower one back to her and I disconnected our eyes.

While unknown makes me even more exicited in every minute passes I decided examine what surrounds me. A lot of tree, surprisingly, were bind the ridgeway we are taking. Where we were going? I felt unsure if it is okay what I am doing right now.

"Thrill girl, it's an easy job I promise." Kristen was trying to cheer me and I don't want to kill the mode so I relaxed my face.

Jessica supported Kristen, "We are going to doll you up." She winked and laughed to her own pun.

She had a fake beauty. Classic blonde with hazel eyes and a good figure. Never stays back from showing her body. This way she had all that fans and she again didn't stay back and exploited all of fans which are dying for her to their underwears.

I don't like her. Kristen introduced us to each other three years ago right after my father died and I met Kristen in a Dannish Supporting Group that gives some money to poor, underage Dannishs. After we met we appealed all grants we found but only a few give us a call back. Dark days they were. I know nothing about Denmark and being Dannish but my father were useful to me for first time in his entire life as being dead and Dannish.

Lets get back to the subject that my dislike on Jessica. She told me I'm actually beautiful and that is fine and sweet until there but it went dark so fast when she said, a lot of man would like to be with me and pay a lot of money just for the body and face I have and she could arrange a meeting for me with a thirty years old man who's actually pretty handsome. The problem is I was newly fifteen and broke as hell with all debts I had to carry in my back and I actually could accept that offer and it would be awful.

I never wanted to sell myself and I never will.

My inner voice laughed loudly to my thoughts saying, Right Edith, renting is diffrent from selling.

Oh dear...

"We arrived." Kristen said.

I raised my head and saw the biggest mansion I've ever seen in my life even in magazines.

And I pryed for my own safety on the way of mystery.

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