Dolls for Rent

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Chapter 3 - Meeting the Dux

I looked to mirror, to myself. Theese blue eyes of mine had lost their light. My dark brown hair goes to my waist. I let Kristen comb and shape my hair while Jessica was looking a proper outfit for me. As it turns out my dress choice was lame.

My long but thin nose had faced with a lot of highlighter and bronzer and now is looking even smaller. Kristen made my makeup insomuch aggresively that I thought she was taking revenge from me because I was such an annoying friend from beginning.

Jessica came next to us whistling, grabbing a stiletto, a drees laying on her right shoulder and a fur on other.

"Will I wear that dress?"

Kristen winked to me, "Someone's being Disney princess dream comes true."

"Witch." I said rolling my eyes.

"Better than nun."

Rolling again.

"Change your clothes." Jessica said while passing dress to me. I took it and others she was holding and put them on fluffy sofa near me.

It was an empty, big room of this mansion and I have not seen anyone while coming to this dressin' room, surprisingly.

"Will you go out?" I asked, they were just standing there doing anything could be a move.

"No." Jessica anwered. She was like I asked something very stupid and answer was obvious. "Change your clothes while we are here. You should get used to it."

I became unsure very fast. "You two are sure that I am not selling myself, right?"

Jessica sighed, "Honey just change your clothes. Will you keep talking that much? I'm already bored from you. We should hope to Dux gonna love you."

"Who the hell is Dux?"

"He is our guide, leader of little team of us. We call him as Dux. There is a system like casteism we can say. Magnus Dux rules a bunch of Duxs and Summi Ducis rules Magnus Duxs. Deus is the great one, nothing beyonds him and some Prophetas organizes things for him."

"Is this an illegal organisation or something? I am kinda freaking out. Plus I did not understand a single thing."

Jessica's smile was devilish. "You are gonna learn it."


"Now undress."

"Riiight." I took off my shirt and skirt. My plain, white underwears were perfectly covering me and looking like a bikini more than a sexy fantasy bra and panties.

"You look very good." Jessica looked satisfied and came near me, very near of me. She held my boobies and wringed. I whimpered and pushed her.

"What the fuck are you doing weirdo?!"

Jessica commanded, "Take them off to."

"Like I'd."

"Do you want that job?"

"Why I need to do that?" I yelled but Jessica did not care so I turned to my friend. "Say something."

Kristen shruged. "We all did that. It is a control prosedure."

"What kind of prosedure it is?!"

"I will explain everything to you after your first job. Okay?"

I clenched my teeth and whispered, "Okay."

I took off everything. A light wind blowed from open window and I shuddered while wind howling to my ear. My naked breast tingled mostly on my nipples and they overhardened.

"You are so beautiful," Jessica said, she was like confirming something not praising or else. "Are they C cup?"


"Even better." Oh, guys look here, again, my eyes are rolling. It was unconsciously so it must be my reflex now. Jessica spoke turning back to me: "You can dress now." She exited room and I gave a deep breath that I didn't know I was holding.

"I will also wait you outside, we are gonna talk everything later. Okay?"

"You keep saying that. I hope it is for real."

"It is."

I firstly put my underwears on, it make me feel better already, then I tool the dress from sofa. It was a halter-top, satin, dark blue -like my eyes- dress which looks very expensive with that cut. I wore it and looked to myself. If this mirror wasn't broken I supposed to look like a Disney princess in real life too. I admired myself for a couple of minutes.

It has no decollete in front but on the other side there was a low-cut on my back which shows my hunky lines that start from my neck and follow to my shoulders and half of my back.

A pretty long dress it was so when I wore stiletto it looked even prettier to my eyes. Lastly I took fur on my shoulders and that was it. I was ready.

When I exited room, Kristen whistled. "You look breath-taking."

"Thank you."

Jessica said, "Not bad. Lets see the Dux."

I followed them. My heart was beating so fast that much I tried to focus on controlling my breaths.

We went upstairs by elevator and walked over all corridor and finally stopped in front of a door.

Kristen said, "Good luck."

I twinked, "You don't come with me?"

Jessica put her and on my naked back, "You are all alone, honey. Starting now." And she softly pushed me while opening the door.

A brownish, hexagon-shaped, victorian-style room; a young man sitting in his old-looking, intaglio chair and his hands on his desk which looks smilar to the chair greeted me.

So he was the Dux. He was so damn handsome.

Light green eyes and short, blonde hairs of him were fine. They were not the things make him so god-like. It was the shape of his face, nose, cheeks, neck, eyes and... The most good part of him was his too well shaped lips. They were looking so much kissable that I just wanted to hurl myself on him.

"I prefer you knock the door next time."

I said, "I am sorry." Even it wasn't my fault but Jessica's, I didn't want to bother that serious looking man with unimportant details.

"No problem. You will learn by time."

"Yes, I am a good student even I didn't complete the highschool. I think you should now that before hire me."

He smiled lightly, "I know that already. Have a seat."

I sat down to one of seats which are standing in front of the desk.

"How you know?" I asked.

"When Kristen mentioned you first time I searched you. She could tell anything about this job without my approval. To you or anyone."

"Then you know about me."

"A good bit."

"Then what should I do?"

"You look like a real doll and itself is enough for some of jobs but Edith Nelson... What do you want?"

"What do you mean by that?"

"What are you good at it? Tell me something I can't see in a CV, something I can't find with a superficial investigation."

"I was in theatre club and I was... Fine."

"Something else? Think wisely."

"I am sorry if I am being idiot by saying that but actually I am very good at mocking. I can easily make people angry. If you investigated me, you should know. I have nothing to lose. I don't even remember a time I became sad over an action or sentence in my life. Almost nothing effects me. You can consider me as a robot."

"It seems you found your strong part. I have great category for you."

I hold my breath. It was very diffrent what I was expecting.

"And it is..?"

"Would you want to go revenge jobs?"

"Can you open it a little?"

"Be a tool of our furious customers who wants to beat the ones made them broke."

"It sounds... Entertaining actually."

"But you must always remember our first and holy rule: Never talk about the job."

"I will forget what I saw after completed it."


"I accept."

"Think twice, there is no way back."

I leaned forward, "Lets talk about money."

He laughed but I was death serious. And in the other hand it could be enjoyable to help fallen souls when they took revenges.

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