Dolls for Rent

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Chapter 4 - Cruel Persona and Woof

I signed the contract. Afterward everything happened too fast. All of a sudden fhe Dux who is a total mystery for me, put me in a limousine. With my dress and that car, who would think I was the same Edith from this morning? Even my father couldn't be sure if I was his real daughter and would try to find a way to confirm my identity. Even my house would came to life and told me I'm not belong him and kick me out. Okay I will just... I will just stop there, before start to blowing the coals.

I couldn't see limo driver's face because of the cloak between us. I opened my legs broadly and found a position which gives me comfort. Driver couldn't see me anyway so I could do anything I want in this luxurious back part of this Cadillac.

I chilled quietly with some dance moves but not more. Well, it seems there was not much to do in a limousine for me.

I'd glad if I could watch outside but windows were covered in back. I stayed still, thinking about what I was doing and if it is right thing to do. Suddenly we stopped. I even didn't know how much time had passed in that point but I was kinda happy for passing the next thing to do. My blood gained speed and my veins tingled.

I left the car with my lim driver's directions and it happened to be I was in a deserted palace which makes me feel alone more than ever and wild like a hungry bear is standing next to me and we are about to fight. Fear and exicitement, both hunted me at the same time, goes from slightly to intensely.

After fixing my dress I walked to the center of two cars. One of was the one I left and other was even bigger and somehow more scary than it looks luxurious. Matte black colour of the car was so beautiful that I even called into doubt about if I was carsexual secretly. A big, fat, secret that even myself couldn't understand it until my seventeen which year is I met this car as love of my live and my soul mate and...

Shut up Edith.

If it was not a serious incident I would slap myself. Damn Edith, stay focused. Please!

I took a deep breath and gave myself a second to focus on what I am doing and it worked.

At least I hoped for it.

The men in Grey suits got out of the big car and met me at the center.

I used a character from one of my roles I played in my high school years which passed as pleasured as ever through me being a part of the drama club and I said, "Gentlemans." I rolled my eyes to them and curled one side of my mouth up. I put a little cunningish effect to my glance since it would damage my pride to be a girl who is seen weak littlle baby from others' eyes. Besides that I would not want to die since I was the weak link in the chain. As I understand from my talk with Jessica and the Dux, I was that and no more. My inner voice added, for now. I accompany her laughing. I laughed inside of course.

My gift which is given by god to me didn't affect to big boys with grey jackets so I didn't countinue to belabour.

They showed car to me and I followed them.

A moment later I was in that will-looking car and with that, another trip in roads started.

We actually arrived quicker than I expected. When car stopped I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and made myself ready.

It will be easy Edith. Kristen promised that it will not be a dangerous job.

When I opened my eyes, I backed to acting in no time. Enticing and ıntellectual woman that I became was more than me. More confident, more clever, more funny, more witty, more attractive...

I walked the long, stone alley entirely and a giant gate welcomed me and when I passed it, even more giant mansion appeared right front of the dawn color horizon. There was weighty distance between that masterpiece and me. Still I didn't even blink and stayed in my role pretending not interested or impressed.

There was a lot of tree and a great amount of flower type which are from expensive familias.

Riot of colors glittered and I just sighed. Actual people were living that life and I was so much poor that my breath were stinking. Do I overdo? Who knows? I'd never tell the truth about a subject like that. I mean in the end everything is about the how you marketin yourself. Truth comes after. Always.

I walked and walked and walked and in the end arrived to the mansion. Some of men were accompanying to me quietly to the door. I ringed and in shot time it was opened by a girl who wears a maid uniform.

"Come in, madam." She reached to me and toom my fur when I let her. Feeling the power over someone, being treated like a queen... It was so satisfying that I actually nearly started to like that job even before I started. But it was too son. "Enjoy your night madam." She disappeared from my sight in a moment and another one came to my near.

"My name is Alysa, I'm at your service tonight, madam." She was not looking to my eyes, bowed her head and actually waiting for my command.

"You will be my personal maid?" I needed to ask that because I wanted to confirm this so bad. If I was mistaken it could be a disaster, I could do something unproper.

She nodded, "I will do whatever you want madam."

"Whatever I want?"

"Yes, madam."

I smiled slightly, "Turn around yourself and woof."

She raised her head and looked to me with her shocked face. "Yes, madam?"

I put my hand on my chin. Made my look darker and facial expression disappointed. It was the persona I created for that job and since I don't be affected things like that it would not be a remorse afterward.

And I want to add, I probably made things worse than that and worked at jobs the worsts already. So I will just countinue that cruel persona as I want and I am gonna feel the power at once in my life.

"I thought you said everything. I should have misheard."

A shouldered, wide breated, muscled man was going down the stairs saying, "Do the thing your master said."

His arched nose was too big but it was perfectly harmanious with his long, sharp face. Low eyebrows were dark as night like his middle-long, well-shaped hair. His very brunette skin was not smooth and that was even another plus to his charisma level somehow.

His white, open collared shirt was a great fit because of the contrast he used everything he wears and even his natural look was composing so well that actually it would be impossible not to admire him. His dark, striped carduroy and leather clock and that pointed shoes... Everything was so much lux that I wouldn't probably earn their money if I even selled myself.

Oh wait... It was the reason why I renting myself.

I turned to the reality when Alysa started wolfing while turning around. I hid my laugh succesfully.

The man was looking to me directly. He seemed he has no interest to a maid woofs and it was not funny or awkward to him.

May be he was doing more with them when nobody is around.

And Edith's brain goes to wrong places, again.

He asked, "Are you satisfied and happy now?" He was looking to my eyes deeply.

I slightly nodded, "Very."

"Then my little happy doll, start woofing."

I raised one of my eyebrow, "You said what now?"

He smiled devilishly.

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