Dolls for Rent

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Chapter 5 - Game Behind the Gate

"Why the fuck do you think I will do something like that just because you told me to do?" I tried to look down on him.

He came closer and copped hold of my chin and raised by pushing his fingers that binded it, slowly. He was better than me at looking down on someone. Under his manly aura I couldn't make a move but melt inside and gulped.

He asked with a great diction ability and a touchy voice: "Who is your master right now?"

I blinked. It was obvious he had a touchy voice but where it was touching? To heart? For me, it was touching somewhere very under of heart. Somewhere near my pubic.

Don't be gross, Edith, come on. He is trying to dominate you. Will you allow him to do? With this tough persona you created...

I raised my hand and gripped somewhere between his chin and neck very harshly. "Are you my master?" I asked. "The one I see is just an ordinary customer."

His fingers slipped into my neck and then to my chest. A horny voice which is in my head, started to yelling me as, jump on him, ride him like a passionate cowboy, yeeha!

What the hell is wrong with you Edith? Focus!

He held my dress' collar and pulled me to himself. He whispered: "I rented you and I am your master till your time as rented ends. You will obey me. Do you want to make me educate you, my cute doll?"

"You rented me for a certain job. If my job is turning around and woof, I will do it perfectly but then my to do will be had came to the end and I will fuck off from here. But," I stopped and whispered to his ear: "If my job is something else, I will not do it just because you wanted. There is no need. Am I wrong or it means you are not my master, big boy?"

"That is somehow correct and at the same time wrong. I bought you for a certain job and it is not about woofing clearly. But in the other hand I bought your time and I can spend them however I want. If you understood your position, do what I said. If you don't, get out and prepare to pay tenfold to me as penalty for breaking the contract."


"Multiple ten the money that you will take from me today and be ready to pay."

After I gulped, a big smile was born on my mouth. I turned around myself woofing while my pride was shattering. My honour run away from me so fast that I even couldn't have a chance to hold and tell don't go, to it.

When I stopped, I couldn't raise my head but just bite my lips.

"Then... Shall we continue?" Against his mocking voice, all of I could do was, nod my head.

Alysa, the maid whom attended to me but not for real obviously since I couldn't want everything from her, was following us ten steps behind. She couldn't hear our talk if we don't speak aloud, I guessed. There was no need to shame myself more so it was better if I was right.

We passed a long corridor which is too gaudy for its own good. I mean it was so much richy thing that I was afraid if a big thief organization could try haunt here. Original looking oil paints were wrapped by gold-like frames and majestic red walls with gold embroided were a thing I even couldn't imagine to own someday.

I realized Alysa was closer to us and I couldn't helped but annoyed.

It'd be marvellous if I could get rid of her.

While the gorgeous man was talking I was tryring to find a way to make Alysa stay away from me.

We came to the end of hall and turn from corner to another hall which has multiply doors that are bigger than anyother I have ever seen since I was born. End of the hall there was the biggest one which about to plus of six ordinary door size.

"Did you understand me clearly?" he asked. I had no idea what he was telling so I just nodded.

What possibily could go wrong?

"Good," he said. Nodded his head like he was trying to be sure about himself or everything is gonna happen as the way they should.

Or I was mistaken. Well, I can't tell I was a perfect example for the ones who can see and undersrand other's mind and future with their sixth sense so it can be.

He said, "Here we go," breathing and put his hand on door.

I stopped him with a light touch. Her turned his eyes to me.

"What is there? Beyond the..." Door would be a swear for that one. "Gate..?"

He groaned. "What an ametour you are! You didn't even listen what I was telling you, did you?"

"I am sorry."

"We have no time to make you learn what you need to do. So, keep up with me."

"That is the exact thing I don't know how I can do."

He curled his that mouth of him that right under the devilish eyes up and said, "Figure it out," with a mocking voice.

I signed. I had no other choice but that anyway since there was no way I could afforf tenfold of my payment.

So he opened the gate-like door and light caught my eye instantly. I covered my eyes with back of my hand and tried to feel my role once again.

Yes, there is... Powerfull role I created for this job.

He held out his arm to me and I clinged to it as I put an elegant smile on my face.

Then we entered to grand halk of mansion.


...The game behind the gate had begun.

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