The Shadow of the Moon and the Pain of the Sun

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Raven if extremely injured and passes out from blood loss. He wakes up in a hospital. Once he is almost fully healed he is transported to a sketchy and dark orphanage. He goes to sleep but wakes up in the middle of the nigh with a sudden urge to go into the forest. What will happen next? Is there something waiting there for him? well that is for you to find out. (sorry i suck at summarys)Raven if extremely injured and passes out from blood loss. He wakes up in a hospital. Once he is almost fully healed he is transported to a sketchy and dark orphanage. He goes to sleep but wakes up in the middle of the nigh with a sudden urge to go into the forest. What will happen next? Is there something waiting there for him? well that is for you to find out. (sorry i suck at summarys)

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1: Hunt

Blood. Streaming down my face and making my eyes sting. The taste of iron strong in my mouth. I ran faster as I felt myself slowly becoming weaker. The edge of my vision got blurry. The last thing I remember, before everything went black, was a little girl with bright red hair in a black raincoat that covered her ears.


I woke up to see a bright light. At that moment 4 faces stared down at me. My skin was very itchy and my back and tailbone hurt like hell. My hearing was fuzzy but I could hear the quiet beep of a heart monitor. I thought I heard them say, “He should be dead right now. His heart is way fast and he is bleeding far too much for an average teenager.”

When I coughed weakly, they all had a giant look of surprise on there face. They immediately asked if I could speak. My voice sounded as if I had come out of the grave. “Yes,” I said in a very raspy voice which for a second, I thought wasn’t mine.

They then, all at once, asked, “What is your name?”

“How old are you?”

“Where do you live?”

“ M-My name is R-Raven. I a-am 17. I don’t want to go b-back. I h-h-have no family.” I replied weakly.

“ Do you know what happened or how you got to be in this current position?” someone asked. I could tell he was calmer than the rest of them.

“ No, everything is fuzzy. I don’t remember anything that has happened for the past 2 days.”

“ 10 days. That’s how long you were asleep,” the more calm doctor said.

“ Then let’s make it 12 days then,” I replied. He chuckled slightly with a warm smile spreading across his face.

“You should rest some more before you do anything, kiddo,” he said. He was right. It was for the best so I could not object. After closing my eyes for what felt like forever, I fell into a deep sleep


When I woke up I felt restless and I quickly sat up. As soon as I did, my shoulder blades burned like they were on fire. I looked around and saw that I was in a hospital bed. I saw my reflection in a mirror across from where I was sitting. My usual short, jet black hair turned silver at the tips and had grown a little. My face had turned thinner and paler. My usual dark brown eyes had turned amber. I almost thought I was staring a totally different person.

“Ah, you are awake,” said a deep, calm voice.

“I am Dr. Greenwood. We are at the Greenwood Hospital in North Carolina. We found you lying there on the steps of the entrance with a note on top of you. Here,” he said as he passed me a piece of paper.

The “note” was no more than a few random symbols. “ What does it say,” I said.

“I don’t know. We were hoping you would know,” Dr. Greenwood replied.

I folded the note into my pocket. “Once you get better, we will have to send you to the orphanage since you said you have no family. I am sorry,” he said

I did not reply. As he walked away, I wanted him to tell me that there was nothing wrong with me, even though it obviously a lie. After Greenwood left I laid back down in my bed and tried to figure out what the symbols on the note meant.

For the next few days, all I did was sit around doing nothing. The only reason I wasn’t bored to death was because of the screaming pain in my head. It felt like I was being whipped repeatedly. As soon as they said I was physically better, they told me to get in a black van. Yeah, I know you are thinking ‘did they lure you into it with a dog, candy, or Wi-Fi?’ The answer is no. I was simply being taken to hell on earth. ‘Yay for me’ I said sarcastically inside my head.

My head still hurt alot. It hurt so much that it felt like by the end of the year my head would be deformed. Right now I physically have no deformities or disabilities. But I do have dyslexia and ADHD. ‘ Another Percy Jackson huh? Is he another demigod?’ is probably what you are thinking. Well, I am sorry but I am pretty sure I am not a demigod. Plus I would never tell you a story that you have heard of the same situations with different names multiple times. (authors note- i actually love percy jackson but i thought this is what his character sounds like.)

Anyway, when we reached the orphanage, I could almost hear the crows cawing and the vultures looking for a dead carcass. The place was practically falling apart. The front gate was hanging off its hinges and the welcome mat looked like it had been thrown into a pit of vipers. There was a tower that was literally falling apart. Some of the roof was missing. For a second I thought ’ At least I am alive,”. We walked through the broken down door. A strange man was sitting in a small study behind a desk covered in papers. He wore a suit and a top hat that was about to fall off. You could see the rings of weariness around his eyes. It had looked like he had crawled to hell and back. Dr. Greenwood suddenly said, “ This is Mr. Gray. he is the owner of this establishment. He is, from now until you are adopted, your legal guardian.”

He showed no emotion. It kind of scared me. It felt weird when I shook his hand. It made me want to hide and cry. It felt like there was an aura of darkness surrounding him, making every insect around him to die.

I probably showed a bit of how I felt ’cause he gave me a slight smile that creeped me out even more. “You are in room 13,” he said in a graveling voice.

I simply answered, “ Ok,”.

As we walked on the stairs, every step looked like it was going to break. They groaned and creaked as if they were alive. In the background, I could hear the yelling and laughing of children. After Mr. Gray showed me my room, Dr.b Greenwood decided it was the best time to take his leave. I almost wanted to crawl to him, pleading for me to not stay here with this scary man. But I didn’t. Despite the time, all I wanted to do was to sleep. It took awhile but when I did, I had no dreams or nightmares.

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