The Shadow of the Moon and the Pain of the Sun

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Chapter 2: Changes

When I woke up, I realized it was the middle of the night. I didn’t feel tired, so I decided to explore. Mr. Gray never said any rules on where not to go yet, so I guessed I could go anywhere I liked. As I walked through the door after door I realized how big this place was. On the outside, it looked so small. For some reason, I felt an impulse to go to the backyard. When I opened the door, I was surprised a what I saw. I saw there, sitting on a stump, the little girl with the red hair and the black raincoat. She must have heard me approaching because she turned her head around. Her eyes were the most beautiful light blue. She had a small nose and a small

smile on her face. What I didn’t realize until that moment were her ears. They were red and pointed at the top. Her hair seemed to be alive. It swayed so gently with the wind like. I looked around to see if anyone else was around and no one was there. By the time I turned around to talk to her, she disappeared. The wind then picked up, then dispersed. It felt as if she was still watching me. Then I heard someone yelling, “HELP! HELP ME,”.

I ran as fast as I could, and without thinking, sprinted through the woods to find the direction of the pleading. I ran in the direction at top speed. I eventually slowed down from exhaustion. I found the source of the pleads for help. If I had not stopped in time, I would have drowned in a raging river. In the river, there was a little boy, hanging on by just a single tree branch. He was crying and yelling some more for help. Once he saw me he said, “ I can’t hold on for much longer.”

I first had to see where the river led to. I found myself staring a the waterfall after walking about 36 yards. As I headed back, I looked around for something that I could use to save him. I picked off the ground a sturdy branch and tried to get it to the boy. It was too short by a foot. After several attempts with different objects, I started too loose hope. “Hurry, I am slipping!” the boy yelled.

I panicked as he was only holding on by 3 fingers. 2 fingers. Then only one finger. He lost his grip and started down the river struggling. I ran to keep up. Just as he was about to spill over the waterfall, I had a sharp pain in my shoulder-blades and heard a tear. Not thinking, I jumped to try to catch him as he fell down the waterfall. I caught him and braced myself for impact, but it didn’t come.

As I opened my eyes I realized I was mysteriously hovering. I felt a strain in my shoulder-blades. I was hurting in places I didn’t know I had. Literally! I looked up, with the boy still in my arms, and saw wings that were 6 feet across. They looked like bat wings but they were blue and silver. They almost perfectly blended in with the night sky. I wondered for a while if they were mine. They must have been because there was nothing holding me up. I then realized that the boy had fainted from shock. I felt wobbly as I tried to not plummet into the waters below while descending. I shakily started toward the edge of the now calm river. It took all of my concentration to not fall.

I was so concentrated, that I didn’t realize that bats were coming straight at me. One wing slapped me in the face and another in the eye. Luckily I was only a few feet above the ground when I free fell and landed into a bush. My eye started to bleed. I was worried I would never be able to see from that eye again. Out of some miracle, the pain started to fade. The blood slowly started to stop flowing and I started to see light in the eye that was hit. After about 10 minutes my eye was healed. I limped to the water to see my reflection. My hair turned almost totally silver. It had some dark highlights. The wings that were protruding from my back were beautiful. They looked like something out of pure imagination. I had a long majestic tail that reacted mid-calf. Aslo 2 black horns have grown on my head. I tried to pull them off to see if the wings, tail and horns were fake. They were not. I kept on looking back at my reflection, thinking it was probably an illusion. A very real illusion. Every time I looked back at my reflection the same thing stared back at me. It was like an upgrade from a video game. “ What is going on?!” I exclaimed.

Then realized I had totally forgotten about the little boy! Luckily he was still out cold. I thought ‘I have to get him somewhere safe,’. I looked around to see where I was. Tried to find my way back to the orphanage where he would be the safest. After almost half an hour I found it just in time. The boy was starting to stir. I quickly placed him on the back porch and I realized there was no longer any place I could stay. “Back to the creepy forest, I guess,” I mumbled to myself. I ran back into the woods hoping I could find someplace to sleep. After a while I found a decent size tree to sleep in. all that went on whore me out. I felt like I could sleep a million years. I found a huge leaf that I used as a blanket because it was freezing. I quickly went to sleep after climbing to a big enough tree branch.


When I woke up, the horns and the wings were gone. I tried to sit up but I turned too much and fell. I landed hard on the ground. The pain went away faster than it should have. I just decided to first figure out what is happening and then I would worry about what I had become. I slowly got up, still feeling sleepy.

I decided to see where the river led. After about 20 minutes, I reach the end of the river which opened up to a huge lake. As I walked toward the edge, I was afraid of what I might see. I was relieved to see that I still looked a little like myself. Though, it looked like I had dyed my hair, had contacts in. ‘So it wasn’t a dream!’ I thought to myself. I quickly washed my face in what I hope was semi-clean water. As I sat down at the waterside, I tried to think of where to go. I no longer had anywhere to stay. I doubt I would be able to go back to the orphanage. I sat there for a long time. I wished I bought a watch and money. I decided I would go south.


After around an hour, it started to pour rain. Luckily I found a nearby cave and decided to wait out the storm. I quickly started a fire. All I could do was wait. As I leaned on one of the walls, it moved to reveal a secret tunnel. I used a long stick as a torch as I descended down mysterious steps. I could almost hear the insects crawling and it felt like spiders were all over me. If there is one thing I am afraid of it is spiders. I don’t know why. They just creep me out with their ever-staring eyes and their hairy legs. Ugh. even the thought of them makes me shiver. Anyways, as I kept walking I had a gut feeling that something was going to happen. The torch was dying when I saw a small light about the size of a medium sized book. I could only fit one hand through. Luckily the rock surrounding it was sandstone so it crumbles easily. After a few minutes of digging. It was big enough for me to crawl through.

As I went head first into the hole, I was amazed. I was no longer in a dark eerie forest, but in an abundant forest, with flowers everywhere. The sky was the brightest of blue and had not a single cloud in the sky. I suddenly spotted an animal that I first thought was a deer, until I realized it had wings and scales. I was almost scared when it approached me. By the time I had gotten off the ground, it was almost straight in front of me. It was so close I could touch it. I held out my hand to show that I wasn’t a threat to it. To my surprise, it slowly placed its face on my hand, as if to show it means no harm either. It felt like that moment lasted for a long time. Then suddenly, I heard a growl. The strange creature ran away as I slowly turned around.

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