The Shadow of the Moon and the Pain of the Sun

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Chapter 3

Standing there, was a huge wolf. It was the most beautiful white. It had patches of red and black. I almost had an impulse to hug it because of how fluffy it looked. It was adorable. I was so distracted about how beautiful it was, I let my guard down. It slowly started to cautiously step towards me. It stopped growling but as it got closer I realized how big it was. The wolf was about two times bigger than regular wolves are. For some reason, I felt like it was not a threat to me. Eventually it so close I could touch it. Then the wolf did the most surprising thing. It sat down and started wagging its tail, like a dog. It showed its throat in surrender. Suddenly, red smoke circled around the wolf out of nowhere. When the smoke dispersed, I didn’t see a wolf, but a human. Her eyes were reddish and her hair was almost black. Her skin was pale like snow. I could stand there forever wondering what and who she was. “It is rude to stare,” she said in a matter of factly way. I didn’t realize I was!

“ Sorry,” I said quietly. I didn’t realize I was staring.

“I have never seen a werewolf before,” I said trying to stay calm.

“I prefer the term ‘Guardian’, you may want to remember that,” she said in a not so friendly voice.

In my head I thought ‘Ok, misses grumpy face’. “What is your name?” she asked in a stern voice.

“Raven,” I said simply. “And yours…” I asked.

“If you knew my name, it would only spell bad things for you,” she said mysteriously.


“Just kidding. My name is Aleara,” she replied.

“ So where do you come from?”

“ Earth,”

She had a confused look on her face. “ How do you spell that?”

“ E-A-R-T-H,” I said spelling it out not believing that she didn’t even know a major planet’s name.

She paused for a very long time before simply saying, “Nope, Never heard of it.”

“ I live in Slanako,” Aleara said

“ Never heard of it,” I said plainly.

“ So where are you headin’ to?” she asks after a few moments of awkward silence.

“ Don’t have the slightest clue. Where are you going?”

“ Moonshine Valley. I have to deliver an important letter to the Eclipse Pack,” she said

“ Pack?” I said in confusion.

“ Remember… Half wolf… ,”

“ Oh,” I slowly said catching on to what she was talking about.

“ So that really happened and I wasn’t dreaming?” I asked, confused.

She responded by shifting into a wolf and back again.

“ Do you know what I am because I have no idea,” I said.

Her jaw nearly touched the ground. “ So, you mean to tell me you have no idea what you are?!

Have you been living under a rock your entire life!!!” she loudly exclaimed.

“ No, I have not, and could you please tell me why you are so surprised,” I asked trying not to yell at her.

“ Dragon shifter prince,” Aleara said quietly.

“ What?”

“ That is what you are. A dragon shifter prince. You are only the most recognizable one too.” she loudly exclaimed.

“ I don’t even know that that deer-like animal you scared away was called, much less what I am! I am so confused it is hard to think straight! What planet even is this?!” I shouted back.

“ We are on planet Jedenact, that animal you were talking about is called a Jelen, and calm down for goodness sake! ” she said sounding a little annoyed.

“ Thank you. And I am sorry that I am ranting on. I just am the most confused I have ever been.” I said apologetically. I suddenly remembered the so-called “note”. I checked every pocket, worrying it had fallen out due to earlier events. I found it in the last pocket that I checked. I was happy to see it was not completely destroyed. “Do you know what this says,” I said while giving her the piece of paper. “ It sounds like a prophecy. It says ‘your mission is not clear, it may be impossible to leer, but as you slowly fall another will stand tall, together you shall be the greatest of all’. Okay, I have to say this. This is the world’s worst prophecy. The rhymes aren’t even that good.” She said. I must had a confused look on my face because she then asked, “ if you cant read this, i can fix that.” She placed one finger on my head. A gasp slipped from between her lips and her eyes look pained. I suddenly felt a burst of energy and a wave of nausea washed over me. When it all eventually passed, a dull headache ran its course. I then looked at the piece of paper and was able to read it perfectly.

“Woah, how did you do that!?” I exclaimed.

“It is nothing, I just rewired your brain,”she plainly and expressionlessly.

“You say that like it is no big deal!” I said.

“If you think that is abnormal, wait until you see the troples,” Aleara said with a mischievous look. Then she looked at the setting sun.

“Shoot! I have to go so that I will get there in time. Come with me for the time being.” she said.

So I followed her wolf through the thick forest.

(A/N- sorry this is such a short chapter!

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