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First book of Class of the Elite. After a disease that made many ill. A class of teenagers recieve strange side effects after taking the vaccine.

Action / Mystery
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Chapter 1

The Deruca disease is what started it all..

Five months ago, a virus started spreading in the UK. Not long after, it spread to other countries and became a pandemic.

We were in Lockdown until our government for some reason decided to open secondary school again. So now I’m entering year 10 with restrictions.

Everything must be in one classroom, lunch, assembly and much more. Also, there, are only ten kids in each class. Five boys and five girls. My best friend Kayleigh is the only one that I’m friends with in my class. I’m happy that most of the mean popular girls are gone and that I won’t have to associate with them ever again..

However, all of this is strange. England has the most cases but we are the first to open up.. They haven’t said anything about finding a vaccine but I suppose it’s possible and that they’ll tell us soon.

Once summer ended, it was time for school. They said things would be different but I wasn’t sure what they meant by that. Our uniform was the same, a blue short sleeve blouse with a black skirt which had two white lines at the bottom of it.
I did my normal morning routine before putting on my clothes. I had breakfast and entered the car with my mum.

“Are you excited for school, Armani?” my mum asked me.

“Yeah,” I said with a smile.
And I actually wasn’t lying.

After being at home for so long, I actually can’t wait to see people and go somewhere..

We talked for a little bit and after ten minutes of driving, we finally arrived at Richwood Academy. For some reason, I was surprised to see that my school looked the exact same.. It was made up of five different buildings. I won’t lie, it looks pretty nice for a public school.

I waved goodbye to my mum and got out of the car. On each building there was a sign. The first building said group A and B, the second building said group C and D and so on. You were put into groups by who has similar medical information to you. For example, your blood type. Due to this, I was put in 10E.

I walked over to the third building and entered it. This was the music block.
As I was walking down the hallway looking for the room which said 10E on it, I spotted someone come out of the girl’s bathroom.


It was Kayleigh.

I ran up to her and said,

“I haven’t seen you in ages! What a coincidence we’re in the same group!”

“I know!” she replied, “but I looked in our class and saw that Sheila and her boyfriend Tyler is in our class too,”

“Boyfriend? They’re dating now?” I scoffed

“Mhm, they announced it on Instagram, clearly Sheila needs someone to look after her now her two minions are gone,”

I laughed at that. It was as if we’re in some American High school movie.

We walked to our classroom and sat down near some drums. I had seen everyone in my new class before but I hadn’t talked to most of them. I had only talked to one of the boy’s, Aaron, as we were in the same PE class last year and I had only talked to one of the girls, Yasmin, when we were science partners in year eight.

I looked at the other people in the room I hadn’t spoken to yet. They seemed friendly but I wasn’t ready to approach them yet. Instead, me and Kayleigh talked about quarantine and what we did during it.

After five minutes of chatting, a tall woman came in holding a folder. A man of the same height came in behind her.

“Hello students,” he said, “I’m Mr Alder and I’ll be your form tutor for the year,”

I had never seen him before, perhaps he was new..

This is Nurse Cohen,” he said signalling to the woman with a smile, “She’ll be giving you all the vaccine,”

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