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It's the year 2100. The energy crisis is over. There are flying cars and flying hoverboards. There is no such thing as world hunger and all illnesses are a minor inconvenience at best. But there is another kind of illness breeding underneath the surface of this future society. One that can turn human minds into horrendous monstrosities with an unthinkable craving for human flesh. Sky and Jay try to cope with their rapidly changing society. But will it be too much for them? Can they ultimately survive?

Action / Romance
Mare Midnight
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It’s the year 2099.

Everyone believes they live in a world where problems finally don’t exist. Instead, it’s a world full of possibilities. Flying cars, cities that never sleep, lights and electricity wherever you go. Technology and architecture beyond anything we’ve ever dreamed of. Money, medicine, food, jobs, and homes for everyone. We have it all.

Everything except immortality. Unending life. Because it’s never enough when it comes to humans. Nothing ever seems to satisfy their greed, their want.

The year 2100 starts, along with the creation of a liquid substance that can give the consumer strength, speed, heightened senses, and most importantly, immortality. The creators of the substance call it EverLast. For when the drink is consumed, the consumer will have everlasting life.

But it never goes well when humans try to play as God.

When the drink is consumed, it gives the consumer everything it was supposed to but takes something away, too. Your mind. Your ability to think clearly. You start to hallucinate, no longer in control of yourself. Your logical thinking is replaced with a sudden craving for human flesh.

What was supposed to be a blessing becomes a curse. The immortality drink becomes a destructive virus, turning humans against each other. Despite having a cure for almost everything, the virus was unstoppable. It took out more than half of human-kind faster than anyone could react to.

Now zombie-like creatures take humankind’s place, extremely deadly thanks to their genetic enhancements. Unlike the usual slow, moaning zombies, these zombies are fast, strong, and have incredibly heightened senses.

But like all zombies, they have the endless craving for human flesh.

Now only those lucky enough to survive the are left, still human. They call themselves the Others. Why or how they are still alive, they don’t know.

But their main goal is to survive, not only the zombies and trials they will face, but each other, too.

But at this point, is it a gift or a curse to survive when almost all of humanity didn’t?

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