Blessed Breath

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#2 of the CLJ series. Will Chelsea survive the upcoming events, secrets and drama?

Action / Drama
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St Catherine’s College. It was one of the wealthiest school’s in Sydney. The only school in Waverley, the suburb I lived in.

Every day up until now, I had no fear waltzing right in and interacting with the students but things were different now.

My first day was the fourth of February, Tuesday.

Today was the thirtieth of March, Wednesday.

Yesterday on the twelfth, I met someone I wish I never had.

They came to me first by text, claiming the name Baby. I thought nothing bad of it until the secrets and lies unravelled with my brother, James. Baby directly told me he was a rival to James, Gray and their gang. A gang in the dark world hiding in front of everyone.

I should have blocked Baby when James told me to.

I now wish that I had.


I blinked and looked away from A block of my college and to my boyfriend as he nudged my side gently, walking next to me. Big crystal blue eyes roamed over me quick enough for him to catch onto something.

“Look. You’ve been studying for this stupid test all week,” he started, running his hand down my arm to interlink his fingers with mine.

He knew I loved it when he did that.

I squeezed his hand slightly and tilted my head onto his shoulder as I glanced over everyone coming and going.

“You’ll pass, I’ve got no doubt,” Chase continued and I nodded softly, my eyes looking over at the corner of D block.

Around that corner, in between E and D block, I was led behind the building and revelled a face I wish I hadn’t seen.


He’d proven he was violent when he attempted to bash my brother, and when he pulled a gun out to my side yesterday. I hadn’t expected it. Any of it.

Baby was the bad guy.

I’d asked myself it that could be possible, asked Gray and he was right.

Baby was the bad guy all along and now he has me trapped.

“Tell anyone about me, us or anything and one by one you will lose your family,” he’d said and that was when I knew he was threatening me. He knew too well that I’d do anything for them.

I don’t know what he has planned and I don’t want to know but then I have to know. This is my life he’s toying with. He’s the one taking control, taking absolute control when he says it’s time.

I don’t know what that means but I know it won’t be good. When my chance at a good life ends, that’s when it’ll be time and he’ll come for me.

So, the big question here is how on earth do I survive at school when I have him in my head every time I look at that corner or see him or his friends walk around?

How am I supposed to live my life to the best while I’m living in a nightmare?

“You okay, Piggie? You look a little down today,” Chase narrowed his eyes as he stopped us from walking to hug me. I sighed into his chest, embraced him and relaxing in his arms as I felt his hands brush down my head and through my hair.

I took a small breath, closed my eyes, felt my mind calm down and my heart slow down. I have a feeling I’m going to be needing hugs like this all week, nonstop and that’s not just because of Roy.

“Everything okay?” Chase mumbled and I groaned softly.

“Easy answer, period week.”

“Oh,” he brushed my hair back from my face as he looked down at me again. “And the hard answer?”

“My brother’s think it’s fun to annoy me ten times more than usual,” I sighed, holding his hands as I glanced around, my eyes catching Caleb and the other boys together, talking.

“What are siblings for? Feel free to stay around after school,” Chase shrugged and kissed my cheek softly when I started pulling him towards my twin brother.

“Um, I can’t today. Peter’s got his showcase,” I answered and he groaned a little but swung his arm around my shoulders still when we joined the guys. “Morning all.”

“Good morning to you too, Chelsea,” Harry replied, smiling widely as I smiled in response.

I looked away and to Caleb while he stared at me casually, something I’ve seen him doing recently. It bugs me a little because he’s the only person in the world that knows me top to bottom and I can’t have him asking questions about what’s wrong because then I’ll get upset. If I get upset, then he’ll know there’s definitely something wrong.

And he can’t know what’s going on and what trouble I’m in. For his sake. For all of their sakes, I thought as I looked away and smiled a little at the others.

“How’s everyone?”




They said together, Gale and Tyson on the 'good', Harry with the 'great' and Kit looking like he was bored out of his mind.

“That’s good,” I answered, cringing at the small talk I just created when no one said anything after. I pierced my lips together and just turned to Chase for another hug because I honestly needed one again.

I closed my eyes and leaned into him when he wrapped his arms around me. I dropped my bag to the ground so I could hug him back, buried my face in his shoulder.

I don’t want this to end. I don’t want Roy destroying this.



It’s not fair. I never did anything to anyone, yet he’s coming after me just to get to the gang. Why’s he coming after me though? What’s so special about me?

“Everything okay?” Caleb asked eventually to break the silence.

“Yeah. She’s just sleepy today,” Chase replied for me, making me smile slightly as he tightened his arms around me.

“We need to get to class,” Caleb sighed. “It’s already quarter to nine.”

“Oh,” I groaned, frowned at Chase sleepily as he just stared back. “I need to go,” I mumbled, dropping my arms and waiting for him to let me go. But I waited for a few moments before I looked back up at him. “I need to go.”

“I don’t want you to,” he complained and I clenched my jaw for a moment and just hugged him again because I didn’t really want to go to Health studies either but I kind of had to.

“I’ll see you later,” I told him, pulling away before I leaned back in, tiptoed to peck his lips. He returned it but then pulled me back in for another kiss, deeper, longer and needed.

I kissed him back, nibbled his lip gently and stepped away with a small smile and blush as he smirked back, still holding my hand. I gave him a softly look and he paused before he slipped his hand from mine but after that, I picked up my bag, said ‘bye’ to the others and headed for class.


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