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Second book of the duology. Picks up three months from what happened in Teller in Flames and finally putting an end to Spencer.

Action / Scifi
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Chapter 1

Hero worshiping comes in many shapes and sizes, to those of self deserving and none of the members of Vulture felt that they were heroes. They hadn’t won any wars and nothing would be made in their honor.

They were no closer to understanding how the sacred Flames functioned, how and why Spencer can utelize the Flames so easily. What the Flames will do to the universe and Earth.

Thankfully, McKinley knew how to research them with Alice, a Berserker and the latest member of Vulture, every morning she would open her front compartment that houses the single Flame and they would study it as a team.

Her as the machine with a human heart housing it and the tall woman with the decade long experience to comprehend what it could possibly do.

This was her order as second in command for Moche (Miles) now that he had been made Captain due to her mistakes.

A better fit honestly, he was getting things done quicker than she would’ve thought to accomplish and he had the background and leadership knowledge to keep the crew afloat, she was running a mile a minute trying to stay sane.

She couldn’t think of anything else but getting this new project off the ground and focusing on the next movements of their superior officers.


Fatima worked well using the leftover fuel from the last battle and mutually avoiding McKinley all in the same root, which was understandable, one would love to focus on work and not emotions in a time of crisis.

Unfortunately, Tinabrey and Vulture were shuttled together and the coordinates signaled to Earth, so having a soulmate and hiding being a cyborg was a task. One they should work out together.

The mess hall was overcrowded and with mix company, Ryan stood up thanking Severen for passing the coffee mug and every head turned in her direction. Tired and hungry faces wanting to know the next moves already and how to handle Spencer, now that everyone knows she’s going to Earth.

“Now I know we’ve lost some people in our first siege against Spencer, but thanks to Keller’s Intel we know she has set course to Earth and she isn’t alone,” Devyn was with her.

The original boy, she had killed the clone. Among many secrets their resident leader had hidden from them, a voice rose up from the heated murmuring.

“You won’t us to trust the ‘information’ of a Tavvax?! Their swine aren’t good about keeping their word,” The last thing this room needed was a brawl or grudges against rivaling factions.

“Does it matter? They are informants, yes? He informed, so now we must do what we can to get ahead, I see no difference upon who’s mouth it came out of,” Alice, a little taller among most of the men, responded leaving everyone silenced.

Guess when the scholar speaks, everyone shuts up.


“The Flames weren’t made for large scale assault, they are a collective conscious entity that adapts to whoever they latch onto and what alignment they fall under,” A few of the people Spencer influenced were Cosmos.

Course the records swiped that notable discovery.

McKinley and Alice were giving the day reports of their findings on the Flames, to those in power and a well armored and deeply masked man stood.

“North, intermediate for the people of Cosmos, you would have me believe a cyborg and a Berserker would know of the transcribes it took years for my people to translate-”

“Cosmos are fighters, loyalists, individuals who adore their pride, you weren’t created to know or understand, but she was designed - Alice points to McKinley - and I am a scholar, I lived a lot longer than any of you in this room, to know the Flames.”

Again silence fell right after she had spoke and Severen leaned forward gazing into McKinley’s abdomen.

“I am a Birm and I know as much as my tutors allowed me to. These Flames are dangerous North, least know we know how they function and with more research we will find a weakness, you two are dismissed,” Cade nor Taz Keller were in the war room to discuss this.

Were they not so important to listen in or observe as Mr. Skeleton is?

McKinley’s abdomen shut as the door did behind them and Alice sunk to the floor exhausted, the minute she came on Vulture she was cautious around others.

Humans. Isolation and years of knowing more than others will do that to you; she didn’t trust herself to speak the way humans do, so she chose to speak in third person.

An outsider to this new universe after decades by herself, the last Berserker. McKinley supposed she was the same, as a cyborg anyway.Start writing here…

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